Ornamental Trees: Lilac

Lilac Tree Form – The prolific blooming shrub we are familiar with, but here we see it in tree form with a single trunk.  They are highly fragrant and offered in colours from pale lilac to a stunning deep purple.  Lilacs are beautiful and popular patio plants that are smothered in stunning panicles drawing droves […]

Ornamental Tree Form – Dappled Willow, Sandcherry, Viburnum, Weeping Pea Shrub & Wisteria

Sandcherry Tree Form (Prunus x cistena) – A very hardy standard/grafted tree with delicate, fragrant blooms that resemble those of a strawberry plant. The foliage is intensely reddish–purple all season and remains as such throughout the summer. Retains its best colour in full sun.  The fast-growing plant can be planted in early spring and is relatively […]

Ornamental Trees: Hibiscus Tree Form

Rose of Sharon Tree Form (Hibiscus syriacus)– Tree form plants are getting more popular and if you have ever seen a Rose of Sharon in bloom, then you know why.  Reminiscent of the tropics, you will see an explosion of hibiscus like blooms in colours of white, red, blue or purple.  Rose of Sharon is […]

A Guide to Ornamental Trees: Hazelnut & Hydrangeas Tree From

European Hazelnut Tree Form – Corylus avellana are often referred to as the European or common hazelnut.  European hazelnuts are often naturally a shrub but, in this case, has been trained to grow as trees. Contorted or corkscrew hazelnuts are known and loved for their twisting, spiral-like stems and take centre stage in winter when their […]

Ornamental Trees: Flowering Almond & Euronymus Tree Form

Standard or tree form plants feature a single stem, either grafted or trained with meticulous manicuring.  Standards come in many forms such as a flowering perennial or an elegant evergreen.  Whatever the selection, it will be an eye-catching statement piece. Flowering Almond Tree Form (Prunus triloba) – Grown for its gorgeous, springtime displays of pink, […]

A Guide to Ornamental Fruit Trees

Ornamental Crabapple  (Malus x) “The jewels of the landscape” offer four seasons of outstanding visual impact with a spectacular show of magnificent fragrant blooms that appear in mid-spring.  Though ornamental fruit trees often bear edible fruit, they are most often used for statement pieces making them a staple in landscape gardening. Ornamental Cherry  (Prunus serrulata) […]

A Guide to Japanese Maple Trees

Ornamental trees add an interesting focal point to any garden or landscape.  They are typically smaller than those of the larger shade trees and are generally shorter than 25’ with many being quite a bit shorter than that.  Ornamental trees are grown for their sheer aesthetic value and may include outstanding flowers, fragrance, shape, colour, […]

How to Add Colour, Shape and Texture to Your Yard with Ornamental Trees

Ornamental trees are small trees and create a focal point in your yard. Ornamental or flowering trees are smaller than shade trees, not growing more than 25 feet.  They usually flower, have attractive foliage or stand out in some way that would make them a focal point.  Some people call them window trees because you […]

A Guide to Flowering Ornamental Trees: Serviceberry, Japanese Lilac & Magnolia Trees

Serviceberry Serviceberry (Amelanchier spp.) also known as Juneberries or Saskatoon berries are large shrubs or single or multi-stemmed small trees.  They are used as specimen and key plants in landscapes as well as in group plantings in borders, as backdrops or screens.  Serviceberry provides year-round interest in white spring flowers, yellow to red fall foliage, smooth gray […]