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Ornamental Tree Form – Dappled Willow, Sandcherry, Viburnum, Weeping Pea Shrub & Wisteria

Sandcherry Tree Form (Prunus x cistena) – A very hardy standard/grafted tree with delicate, fragrant blooms that resemble those of a strawberry plant. The foliage is intensely reddishpurple all season and remains as such throughout the summer. Retains its best colour in full sun.  The fast-growing plant can be planted in early spring and is relatively easy to grow in most zones. Adapts to a variety of soil and sun conditions.

Viburnum Tree Form (Viburnum carlesii) Korean spice Viburnum has an abundance of rounded clusters of white flowers. These flower clusters are noted for their sweet fragrance.  A rounded form atop a standard with a thick, oval leaves & excellent red-purple fall color. Every landscape can benefit from having one of these in it.

Weeping Pea Shrub Tree Form (Caragana arborescens) – Also called the Siberian pea shrub, it is a deciduous shrub-like tree that has a fern-like, weeping form. This unique tree grows up to 8 feet tall & can be 6 feet wide, blooming with tiny, pea-shaped yellow flowers in late May. The weeping pea tree has satiny bark and delicate green leaves. They are extremely hardy, tolerating winter temperatures down to -45° F.

Dappled Willow Tree Form (Salix integra) Commonly called a Tricolour Willow, it is one of the showiest of shrubs for foliage color and is even more outstanding as a tree form.   Dappled Willow should be pruned every winter for maximum effect.  A fast growing ornamental that is tough and adaptable to many conditions.

Wisteria Tree Form – The spectacular beauty and astonishing vigor of Wisteria are best displayed by growing it in the form of a small tree, properly known as a standard.  Long flower clusters of fragrant June flowers drape down from soft green heads of foliage shaped by pruning and shift gently with every breeze. The effect is graceful and stately, and the compact head of a tree Wisteria looks sensational in a mixed border of perennials, bulbs, and annuals.

Purple-Leaf Sandcherry

Prunus x cistena STD - This standard is a purple leaved bush that has been grafted on a stem. This Sandcherry offers beautiful small, pale pinkish-white flowers in spring. Retains its purple leaf colour spring through fall then turns a stunning bronze-green.

Sandcherry Tree Form

Fragrant Viburnum Tree Form

A delightful ornamental tree which is smothered in stunning balls of fragrant white flowers at the ends of the branches in mid spring, which emerge from distinctive cherry red flower buds. It has dark green foliage throughout the season. The heart-shaped leaves turn an outstanding red in the fall.

Fragrant Viburnum Tree Form


An attractive and extremely cold hardy little tree that can also handle the heat. Grown both for its toughness, unmistakable shape and fine texture, it is obvious why it is one of the most well-known weepers around.

Weeping Pea Shrub Tree Form


An excellent selection with its finely cut, feathery foliage & attractive spring blooming flowers. In the autumn, it loses its feathery leaves, but the singular shape of the trunk and branches provides good winter interest.

Weeping Pea Shrub Tree Form

Hakuro Nishiki

A very ornamental tree with its striking shoots that emerge bright pink in spring then open to variegated lance shaped leaves of pink, creamy white and green. Leaves fade to green as the summer progresses

Dappled Willow Tree Form

They can grow at a rate of 2’- 3’ yearly, achieving their maximum growth of 10’ in just a few years. Once the tree reaches its maximum height, it achieves a lovely rounded shape.

Blue Moon (Wisteria macrostachya)

An absolutely stunning focal point from this blue Chinese wisteria that is surprisingly easy to grow. A knockout little accent tree is fast growing & quite spectacular.

Wisteria Tree Form

Pink Ice (Wisteria floribunda)

Wonderfully fragrant, this charming tree has very long, pendulous soft pink flowers that appear like pink champagne bubbling over. Perfect for smaller gardens.

Wisteria Tree Form

Domino (Wisteria floribunda)

An exotic variety that produces medium sized, compact, fragrant, flower clusters that are a combination of light mauve & deep violet with a yellow spot in the throat.

Wisteria Tree Form

Wisteria Fun Facts

Amazingly, there is a 1200 year old Wisteria tree in Japan today! Wisteria symbolizes long-life, immortality and wisdom.

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