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Ornamental Trees: Flowering Almond & Euronymus Tree Form

Standard or tree form plants feature a single stem, either grafted or trained with meticulous manicuring.  Standards come in many forms such as a flowering perennial or an elegant evergreen.  Whatever the selection, it will be an eye-catching statement piece.

Flowering Almond Tree Form (Prunus triloba)Grown for its gorgeous, springtime displays of pink, bowl-shaped blossoms, here it is shown in standard form creating the perfect compact feature tree for any size garden or patio.  Add Flowering Almond to your landscape for the perfect burst of springtime colour.

Euonymus Tree Form – Euonymus, sometimes called a Lollipop, makes for a beautiful topiary standard tree due to its broadleaf foliage giving it year-round interest.  It has an average growth rate, so Euonymus topiary plants are easy to maintain and they only need to be trimmed once a year, around spring time.


This tree is reminiscent of cotton candy as the delicious, bright double flowers cover every available spot creating a bouquet of pink fluff in May before the leaves emerge.

Flowering Almond Tree Form


The true spectacle of this small tree is definitely in spring when it is covered in a profusion of double pink flowers before any leaves grace the branches. A shapely round shape atop a sturdy single stem.

Flowering Almond Tree Form

(Euonymus alatus) Compactus

Also known as the Compact Winged Burning Bush because of its luminous, fluorescent, fiery red fall foliage. The harvest gold branches are extremely showy and add significant winter interest. Red berries in fall.

Euonymus Tree Form

(Euonymus fortunei) Emerald Gold

A beautifully bright tree form of the cultivar, featuring stunning gold variegated evergreen leaves all season long. Creates a superb color accent for any garden or landscape application.

Euonymus Tree Form

(Euonymus fortunei) Canadale Gold

An attractive tree form featuring gold-variegated dark green foliage with hints of creamy white which emerges light green in spring. Leaves remain dark green throughout winter.

Euonymus Tree Form

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