Here's what just came in!

Just because summer is winding down, doesn't mean your garden has to.

Fall is fast approaching and of course yard clean up comes to mind, but it is also an excellent time to plant.  The more you accomplish in the fall, the less you have to do in your garden next spring.

Glen Echo Nurseries has plenty of inventory in the fall.  It is a prime time to plant new perennials, trees and shrubs or move those that you realize are out of place.  Planting in the fall has many benefits.

  1. Cool air makes it comfortable for planting and eliminates the threat of heat-stress on new plants.
  2. The warm soil promotes good root growth.
  3. Fall brings increased rain which help plants establish a stronger root system before winter hits.
  4. Many pests and diseases that plague gardens in spring and summer aren't as big as big a threat in the fall.

Fall brings a little more work, but your yard will thank you for it and in the spring you will be glad you did.   You will need to clean up your lawn and gardens from leaves and other debris.  Plant any new plants or bulbs and divide your perennials.  Protect any sensitive plants with mulch or coverings.  Trim your trees of any broken or diseased branches and don't forget to apply winter lawn fertilizer.

Our Summer Clearance Sale is on to make room for new fall products in the Gift Shop.