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A Guide to Japanese Maple Trees

Ornamental trees add an interesting focal point to any garden or landscape.  They are typically smaller than those of the larger shade trees and are generally shorter than 25’ with many being quite a bit shorter than that.  Ornamental trees are grown for their sheer aesthetic value and may include outstanding flowers, fragrance, shape, colour, bark or a combination of these features.

Japanese Maples

The crown jewels of Ornamental Landscape trees.  Japanese maples are one of the most desirable ornamental trees in existence.  The wide variety of leaf forms, colors and tree shapes means Glen Echo Nurseries will have a Japanese Maple to suit your taste and space.  These stunning ornamental trees may be upright, weeping or cascading, with leaves of red, purple or green and many have remarkable fall colours.  Japanese Maples are thought to be hard to grow but with the proper choice of location and minimal care, they will thrive and live long, beautiful lives.  Here we have divided them in 2 sections by leaf type.  Acer palmatum – Acer in Latin means maple and palmatum means shaped like a hand.  Acer palmatum dissectum means that the leaves are deeply cut and quite often known as laceleaf or cutleaf.


Described as one of the best purple-leaf Japanese Maples, it emerges wine red to burgundy in spring and holds it colour nicely all summer until it turns crimson red in the fall.

Japanese Maple

Orange Dream

Constantly changing, it starts with orange-yellow leaves, edged in red. In summer, it is a cool combination of green & red tips. Then fall brings an explosive fireball of orange & umber.

Japanese Maple

Emperor 1

Ideal as an accent tree in a smaller garden, this Japanese Maple is a graceful form with black-red bark and dark red foliage that turns a brilliant scarlet in fall. Grows to 15 feet tall and wide.

Japanese Maple

Purple Ghost

A knockout, this small tree has magnificent, ruffled foliage and emerges deep purple-red in spring with prominent dark veins. In fall, it is transformed into vibrant orange & reds.

Japanese Maple


A wonderful specimen that emerges burgundy in spring. The small lobed palmate leaves are highly ornamental and turn outstanding shades of purple, scarlet and crimson in the fall.

Japanese Maple

Twombly’s Red Sentinel

An upright columnar form with changing foliage. Bright red in spring, it gradually changes to purple red to reddish green before turning brilliant red with orange hues in fall.

Japanese Maple

Crimson Queen

Attractive deep purple foliage which emerges crimson in spring. The deeply cut ferny palmate leaves are highly ornamental and turn outstanding shades of scarlet and orange in the fall.

Cutleaf Japanese Maple


A graceful, mounding, dwarf tree with waxy, deep red bark and cascading branches. Deeply lobed foliage is a beautiful purple-red throughout the summer and turns bright red in the fall.

Cutleaf Japanese Maple

Inaba Shadire

A visually stunning compact tree that is covered in feather-like gorgeous red leaves. New foliage comes in the spring as a deep reddish-purple that can appear almost black.

Cutleaf Japanese Maple


A colourful weeping dwarf tree that emerges a bright chartreuse colour in spring. Throughout the summer it creates a beautiful mound of green, transitioning to a mix of orange and yellow in fall.

Cutleaf Japanese Maple


Graceful arching display of colourful, deeply serrated leaves give this tree a wonderful lacy look. Foliage changes from green to purple and then a brilliant shade of orange-red in the fall.

Cutleaf Japanese Maple


This stunning laceleaf variety displays vibrant cascading branches with large, finely cut green leaves. In fall the magic happens when you are rewarded with hues of yellow, bronze, red & orange.

Cutleaf Japanese Maple

Red Dragon

This graceful, small tree creates a stunning focal point. Beautiful purple leaves produce an attractive lacy appearance. As temperatures cool, the foliage turns to a bright, apple red color.

Cutleaf Japanese Maple

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