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A Guide to Ornamental Fruit Trees

Ornamental Crabapple  (Malus x)

“The jewels of the landscape” offer four seasons of outstanding visual impact with a spectacular show of magnificent fragrant blooms that appear in mid-spring.  Though ornamental fruit trees often bear edible fruit, they are most often used for statement pieces making them a staple in landscape gardening.

Ornamental Cherry  (Prunus serrulata)

Flowering Cherry trees, though closely related to orchard cherry trees, are not grown for their fruit but for their exceptional springtime floral displays.  They are also notable for their wonderful fall colour of burnished shades of bronze & gold.  The fruit, too tart for human consumption, attracts a variety of birds.


This upright, broadly rounded sun lover shows highly fragrant, double rose-pink blossoms in spring. This tree is a thing of sheer beauty!

Ornamental Crabapple


A gorgeous, dark pink to red flowering Crabapple with truly outstanding ornamental features. This compact tree displays purple tinted leaves in summer.

Ornamental Crabapple


Very cold hardy flower buds burst open in early spring to masses of rose-red blossoms that mature to cherry red fruit in fall. Attractive disease resistant foliage.

Ornamental Crabapple


This flowering crab has bright red flowers and decorative red-purple fruit. Handsome red-brown bark accents spring and fall foliage. A showy landscape choice.

Ornamental Crabapple


A large & lovely Crabapple that produces large, edible fruit with a sweet-tart flavour to use in lemonades, jams & jellies. Works beautifully as a small ornamental.

Ornamental Crabapple


This newer ornamental is cold tolerant, low maintenance and can be grown in partial shade to full sun. White flowers in May followed by candy-like, retained fruit.

Ornamental Crabapple


Spring brings stunning fuchsia coloured flowers. Foliage is a copper tipped dark green that turns yellow in the autumn followed by clusters of dark red fruit.

Ornamental Crabapple


A small, hardy tree with a rounded, spreading habit. This attractive tree has purple foliage & delicate pink flowers in spring followed by small red fruit.

Ornamental Crabapple


One of the most famous and flamboyant of the ornamental cherry trees. A shapely, outstanding selection covered in showy double pink flowers in early spring before the leaves unfurl. This selection boasts stunning bronze bark & good fall colour.

Ornamental Cherry


A small narrowly columnar ornamental cherry boasting profuse semi-double, pale pink flowers on upright branches. Large saucer shaped blooms fade to white as they mature with a purplish heart just before dropping. Great for small gardens

Ornamental Cherry

Ornamental Pear

Chanticleer Pear is the most popular ornamental Pear tree and a very desirable ornamental landscape tree in general. They have a growth habit that is neat & tailored with a terrific, slender pyramid shape. But when the trees flower, they are dramatic and stunning with a dazzling profusion of white flowers in spring. Leaves transition in fall to a rich, plum color tinged with claret.

Ornamental Mulberry

Ornamental Mulberry are available in non-fruiting & fruiting varieties and is noted for its green or grayish-white branches of glossy green foliage. Weeping varieties, like the Chapparal, bring weeping Willow charm to smaller yards. Used quite often in front yards along driveways and in small gardens. Outstanding shape, texture and shiny foliage makes this a very good choice.

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