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Ornamental Trees: Lilac

Lilac Tree FormThe prolific blooming shrub we are familiar with, but here we see it in tree form with a single trunk.  They are highly fragrant and offered in colours from pale lilac to a stunning deep purple.  Lilacs are beautiful and popular patio plants that are smothered in stunning panicles drawing droves of pollinators and butterflies!  Tree form Lilacs have a rounded form and they have been trained to grow in a small, tree-like shape, with the primary plant grafted high atop a standard (single trunk).  Blooming profusely at an early age, they are best used as a solitary accent or focal point in the garden.  Being a relatively low maintenance tree, it should only be pruned after flowering to avoid removing any of next season’s flowers.  

Lilacs are generally a forgiving bunch and thrive is most locations – it is why you may have seen the Ivory Silk Lilac lining the streets in newer subdivisions.


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Chinese Hybrid Lilac - Bloomerang STD (Standard) Tree Form

Intensely fragrant this gorgeous tree form lilac blooms twice a year, filling the air with the aroma of its rich purple-lilac, star-like flowers. Spring brings a stunning display, then rests until late summer when they rebloom until the first frost. Compact with a lovely round shape, this lilac tree is a perfect addition to any garden.

Chinese Hybrid Lilac - Bloomerang Dark Purple STD (Standard) Tree Form

Syringa x Bloomerang­® Dark Purple STD - It is an outstanding grafted tree form, elevated on a 36" standard. This tree form lilac with double the blooms is incredibly fragrant! Featuring returning fragrant flowers, reblooming constantly throughout the summer showing dazzling color until fall.

Common/French Lilac - Charles Joly STD (Standard) Tree Form

Syringa vulgaris Charles Joly STD - With a sweet, intoxicating scent this ornamental lilac tree will standout in your garden exuding reliable garden joy. Double flower panicles in rich, grape hues bloom for up to four weeks and reach a heights of 10-12 feet.

Common/French Lilac - Ludwig Spaeth STD (Standard) Tree Form

Syringa vulgaris Ludwig Spaeth STD - This intoxicating lilac was introduced as far back as 1883 and is still thought to be one of the best. Extend you blooming season with Ludwig Spaeth as the blossoms of rich, dark maroon purple blooms appear just a little later than most lilacs. Can reach 3-4m (9-12') in height and width.

Common/French Lilac - Madame Lemoine STD (Standard) Tree Form

Syringa vulgaris Madame Lemoine STD - Considered one of the best white lilacs, the gorgeous double white fragrant blooms are nectar-rich and last nearly a month! Extremely cold hardy, low maintenance and reliable, perfect for a prized spot in the garden.

Common/French Lilac - Marie Frances STD (Standard) Tree Form

Syringa vulgaris Marie Frances STD - Perhaps a lesser known lilac, this variety is fantastic for it's magnificent fragrant trusses of vibrant pink flowers, emerging from distinctive, rich pink buds in the spring on a compact form of bluish-green foliage. Easy to grow, versatile and reliable.

Common/French Lilac - Monge STD (Standard) Tree Form

Syringa vulgaris Monge STD - When it comes to drama, ‘Monge’ Lilac is an obvious front-runner. The showy, deep reddish purple flowers bloom in mid spring with an intense fragrance that will permeate its surroundings. The flowers are great a cut flowers in the spring season. This fabulous mid-season bloomer is both reliable and very hardy.

Common/French Lilac - Sensation STD (Standard) Tree Form

Syringa vulgaris Sensation STD - A sensational lilac for its unusual two-toned coloring, this lilac produces panicles of purple blooms with a white picotee edging on each floret. Lilac blooms are composed of hundreds of tiny florets. The florets cluster together in huge, fragrant panicles that rise from the branches in spring. Sensation trusses develop profusely across the entire tree. Simply Sensational!

Dwarf Korean Lilac - Palibin STD (Standard) Tree Form

Syringa meyeri Palibin STD - Palibin Lilac is a densely branched dwarf Korean lilac available in shrub-form or tree-form. This tree blooms with fragrant, lilac-purple flowers in compact trusses with glossy-green foliage. This tree is excellent as a specimen. This lilac variety blooms later than the hybrid French/Common lilacs.

Japanese Lilac - Ivory Silk STD (Standard) Tree Form

Syringa reticulata Ivory Silk STD - Large clusters of creamy to white flowers explode in early summer on most tree form lilacs with leaves that are oval and shiny. Trees may be single or multi-stemmed and max out at 30 feet in height.

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