All About Ivy & Wisteria Plants

All About Ivy & Wisteria Plants

Ivy and wisteria plants are very strong growers. Learn more about how they can add to your outdoor landscape.

There are many different types of Ivy plants and most are grown as climbers or groundcovers. We are used to seeing them indoors but there are many that are quite comfortable outdoors as well.  We find the most popular Ivies to grow outdoors in our climate to be English Ivy & Boston Ivy. They are generally fast growing & easy to grow.  The size shape and colour of the leaves depends on the variety though most Ivies are evergreens.  Please check with the Garden Centre on care & pruning.

English Ivy (Hedera helix)

English Ivy is a superb climber, clinging to almost any surface it touches.  Grows to be quite large, over time reaching 50’ or more in some cases.  It has glossy dark green leaves throughout the year.

Boston Ivy (Parthenocissus tricuspidata)

Boston Ivy has a pronounced presence in any landscape but is known for growing on Boston Universities – hence the name “Ivy League”.  This fast growing Ivy will take you on a colourful tour throughout the seasons.

Virginia Creeper  (Parthenocissus quinquefolia)

 Vigorous and fast-growing, this outstanding climber or ground cover will grow in nearly any soil and light situation.  Interesting five-pointed leaves are an average green colour turning a brilliant crimson in the fall.


Wisteria in any variety are showstoppers!  Exquisite chains in shades of white, pink & purple flowers cascading from the stems in spring.  A very vigorous vine, it can grow quite heavy and needs ample support.  Wisteria primarily blooms on old wood but there are some varieties that grow on new wood.  You should clarify which variety you have before pruning.


A vigorous, fast-growing ivy named for its long, dark green tear shaped leaves. It has prominent lighter green veining throughout the leaf.

English Ivy


A beautifully variegated form with noticeable creamy white veins on very large, lustrous, rich green leaves. It is a very hardy evergreen ivy.

English Ivy


Vietchii has a smaller leaf than is typical for most other types of Boston Ivy. It does have the notable 3 lobed leaves, though they are much shorter in this variety. New leaves emerge a bonze-purple in spring before turning to a medium to dark green throughout the summer. In fall this Ivy changes colour again to brilliant shades of crimson, scarlet & burgundy. A vigorous grower in sun to partial shade.

Boston Ivy


A popular, tough and hardy vine for screening, excellent along fences and arbors, up the sides of houses or climbing trees; features interesting five-lobed leaves emerge purple turning a deep green in summer. The show continues into fall when the leaves turn an intense bronze red. Small clusters of green-white flowers give way to black berries for the birds. They are self-clinging & extremely adaptable.

Virginia Creeper


An extremely beautiful white Chinese Wisteria with very long clusters of up to 24”. They appear in late spring or early summer when the leaves open & are very scented.


Blue Moon

Kentucky Wisteria known for its cold hardiness and stunning lavender blue trailing flowers. Looks amazing hanging down any vertical structure.


Amethyst Falls

Dense masses of cascading lilac to blue blooms with a unique yellow spot to contrast. Foliage emerges a lovely bronze, then green turning yellow in fall.


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