All About Clematis Varieties

All About Clematis Varieties

Looking to learn more about clematis varieties and how they can add variety to your property? Clematis plants are among the most popular and attractive flowering vines grown in the home landscape.

Clematis vines are a fantastic group of plants offering unforgettable, bold seasonal colour that range from pure white to deep, dark purples and even bi-colour varieties. From the beautiful, large-flowered hybrids to the more subtle but equally stunning smaller flowered species, these plants have definitely earned their place in the spotlight. Bloom time ranges from late spring to fall, depending on the type & variety. If your garden is planned well, you could have clematis in bloom throughout the growing season. You may find these varieties or more when you visit the garden centre.

Check out our list below to learn more about them!


An exciting new look, this double flowered climber blooms profusely with a multitude of two-tone, magenta & pink flowers over a long period. Unique & robust.

Guernsey Cream

A magnificent large-flowered variety, produces such an abundance of luminous flowers, 5-6 in. across, that they cover the foliage entirely.

Cardinal Wyszynski

Spectacular free flowing, large 6”-8” cardinal red flowers produced on a vigorous vine. Plant in full sun & you will be rewarded with an awesome display.

Hagley Hybrid

Speckled subtle shell pink to pinky mauve becoming lighter as they age. A large, flowered variety of 5-6” bloom from June to September.

Dr. Ruppel

Durable & long-lived. Large-flowered variety, produces masses of very beautiful, delicately ruffled, pale pink flowers with lighter edges that are a whopping to 5”-8”.


Regarded as one of the biggest white clematis, it is a vigorous climber with huge 6-8”, luminous, pure white flowers. Blooms twice during the season.

Duchess of Edinburgh

This regal lady adds a touch of elegance to the garden. Luminous, pure white fully double flowers cover this vine. Blooms late spring & late summer.


Considered the best repeat blooming white clematis. Masses of medium sized, luminous, translucent, pearly white flowers from July to October

Elsa Spath

A beautiful, reliable selection that produces a profusion of blue flowers with lavender tones. Long flowering, it is a good choice for training on walls, trellises, etc.


An all-time favourite, this sun loving, vigorous yet compact vine sports spectacular deep purple flowers. A rapid grower, it blooms all summer long.

Ernest Markham

Vivid magenta-red blooms with gold anthers cover vigorous vines all summer long on current year’s growth. Blooms June - July then profusely from Aug. to Oct.

Jackmanii Superba

Showing flowers that are slightly broader and a deeper violet-purple than those of the ‘Jackmanii’ will cover the vine right into fall.

General Sikorski

Profuse, 6-8" across, dark lavender flowers with a tinge of red on the center & creamy stamens cover this vine in early summer & again later in summer.


Resembling Dahlias, the flamboyant flowers are regarded as one of the best pink doubles. Large, attractive pinkish mauve with fluffy centres.


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