Ornamental Evergreens & Topiaries

Modern or traditional, these healthy plants will provide long-lasting dependable style.

An evergreen is a tree, shrub or plant that continues to hold its lush green foliage year-round while requiring very little maintenance, making them outstanding landscape plants.  Take it up a notch with ornamental evergreens.  They are versatile, hardy and are an impressive addition to your landscape design.  Planted along sidewalks or driveways they add extra curb appeal.   Modern or traditional, these healthy plants will provide long lasting dependable style.

Boxwood (Buxus)

Boxwoods are used in all types of landscape design because they are evergreen, hardy and can take a vigorous pruning.  Topiary or spiral forms are a very good example of ornamental evergreens that have been pruned into elegant shapes.  Using a variety of outdoor topiaries is an excellent way to develop a balanced and striking visual approach to any entrance or garden. They frame gardens, provide privacy, and add detail to bare walls or walkways.  Their natural beauty helps filter the air while adding emphasis on the views around a property. 

Ornamental Tree Form Evergreens

Tree form ornamental evergreens are evergreen shrubs that have either been trained to develop a single trunk or have been grafted onto a single stem creating a delightful little tree.  Because of their formal, manicured appearance these impressive trees should be placed front and centre where they make a great first impression.

Green Mountain 2 Pom Poms

This is a great evergreen boxwood shaped into a pom pom. Some trimming will be required to keep its shape. Dark green leaves stay all winter making this pom pom a great addition to your landscape.


Green Mountain Spiral

A hybrid, broad-leaf evergreen that is clipped & maintained in an elegant spiral form. This very popular and hardy variety makes a great accent or garden detail plant. It will grow to a height of 6’ tall by 14” wide at maturity.


Green Mountain 3 Pom Poms

All the same wonderful attributes of the Green Mountain Boxwood but shaped into the terrific 3 ball topiary adds and elegance to a front or backyard garden. They are hardy plants requiring some pruning.


Apart from their ornamental beauty, small compact evergreen trees require very little maintenance throughout the year, making them ideal for small spaces.

Falsecypress Gold Mop STD (Chamaecyparis pisifera)

This memorable evergreen is truly mop like. Mounted high on a single stem with fine, highly ornamental stringy golden leaves all season. In fall, foliage turns lime green.


Siberian Cypress (Microbiota decussata)

Also called a Russian Cypress, it can be planted in sun or shade. Green scale like foliage drooping on a single stem giving this tree an almost tropical appearance. The foliage turns a coppery bronze in fall.


Daub’s Frosted STD (Juniperus chinensis)

A beautiful juniper, grows to be about 4’ tall. Its extremely fine, soft, delicate textured, blue-green foliage is accented by golden new growth. Outstanding used as a focal point in a sunny garden.


Blue Star STD (Juniperus squamata)

An excellent plant for single specimen use or anytime you have a small area that needs a little panache. Grows to 5' tall and 2.5' wide. It's a unique, slow growing Juniper with bright steel blue foliage.


Dwarf Eastern White Pine STD (Pinus strobus Nana STD)

A beautiful evergreen with soft, bluish green needles charmingly displayed on a sturdy trunk. A hardy miniature tree that is fast growing and thrives in all kinds of garden conditions.


Eastern White Pine Weeping (Pinus strobus pendula)

A very unique pine with long, graceful branches cascading down to the ground into a large, fluffy piece of art. It is a long lived, fast grower reaching a height of 10’ and about the same width.


Globe Blue Spruce STD (Picea pungens Globosa Glauca)

A compact, rounded evergreen with striking steel blue foliage that is grafted onto a single stem to form a blue lollipop. Highly ornamental foliage emerges an elegant silvery blue.


Montgomery Blue Spruce STD (Picea pungens Montgomery Glauca)

Also known as a Colorado Blue Spruce, grows to 6’ tall and 5’ wide at maturity. This blue lollipop tree has foliage that emerges silvery blue & stays quite blue all winter long.


Little Gem Norway Spruce STD (Picea abies Little Gem)

A slow growing spruce that increases in height just about 1ft in 10 years! It has a very tight, rounded habit with green foliage all year which emerges lime green in spring.


Dwarf Serbian Spruce STD (Picea omorika Nana STD)

A dwarf, dense conifer in a small tree form. It is a neat, compact evergreen ball with needles that are nicely colored. Quite adaptable, this tree makes an excellent choice for form and texture.


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