Evergreens – Junipers

You will love this easy care, versatile Juniper.

What makes Junipers  so popular?  First, a little bit about this likeable evergreen.   Junipers are small evergreen trees or bushes that are members of the cypress family.  Approximately 30 species exist, all of which live in the Northern Hemisphere. This woody plant is widespread in Canada as well as northern Europe, Asia and Japan, Alaska, and Greenland.

Characterized by shapes, all junipers are considered small with most reaching no more than 30 feet high.  Junipers have short trunks with reddish-brown bark that cracks easily. Their leaves are short needles and range from gray-green to blue-green growing in whorls of three on woody twigs. When crushed, the leaves often smell like lemons or apples. Unlike most trees, junipers are dioecious, meaning that individual plants produce either male or female flowers.  They produce a small edible berry which starts off green and turns a bluish purple as they ripen.  Juniper berries are probably most noted for the flavour of gin.  They are also quite popular in cooking and the medicinal benefits have a rich history with Indigenous People who have used them for many health reasons.

As a landscape plant, they are a gem.  Their ability to grow in some pretty tough situations, with little care, makes junipers prized in gardens. They come in such a wide array of sizes, styles, textures and hues that they can be used in almost any landscape setting.  Junipers also need full sun for the best growth.  If they are planted in too shady a spot, it tends to result in loose, open growth, which reduces the plant’s appeal. Coloring on many of the blue/silver varieties may also be less vibrant in part shade.  You should also be aware that some of the gold foliage varieties need shelter from hot afternoon sun to prevent burning.

So many reasons to plant such a versatile evergreen with their four seasons of interest, tough demeanor and virtually carefree nature.

Chinese Juniper - (Juniperus chinensis)

Chinese Junipers are adaptable sun worshippers. In native settings it is cone shaped and can grow quite large - it can exceed 40 feet tall and 20 feet wide. Prickly, dark green needles remain attractive year-round and is attractive to birds as many varieties have berry-like fruit in the late summer and fall. It is a popular ornamental landscape shrub or tree with some pruned into pompoms to add visual interest to a garden.

Daub's Frosted Chinese Juniper

(Juniperus chinensis Daub's Frosted) Richly colorful, wide-spreading evergreen shrub featuring attractive finely textured blue-green foliage that emerges with a yellowish tint.

Chinese Juniper

Gold Lace Chinese Juniper

(Juniperus chinensis Gold Lace) Vibrant gold foliage is outstanding in all seasons, becoming brighter yellow in summer. Use as foundation planting or in shrub beds.

Chinese Juniper

Mountbatten Chinese Juniper

(Juniperus chinensis Mountbatten) An attractive upright, pyramidal form with bluish green to gray needle-like foliage. Powder-blue berries from late spring through winter.

Chinese Juniper

Old Gold Chinese Juniper

(Juniperus chinensis Old Gold) A stunning color on this accent landscape evergreen in striking gold with slightly droopy tips. It is a compact spreader with delicate arching branches.

Chinese Juniper

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Creeping Junipers

(Juniperus horizontalis) Low-growing, shrubby Junipers are popular as a ground cover, border, or foundation planting. The foliage is an attractive shade of blue-green hue through the spring and summer with a lovely fragrance. In the winter, it often takes on a purplish tint. Creeping Junipers are often used on rocky slopes where other plants struggle to survive, which also prevents soil erosion. Creeping Junipers thrive almost everywhere - it isn't too picky about its soil, isn't bothered by many pests or diseases, is drought tolerant and requires no pruning.

Andorra Compact Spreading Juniper

(Juniperus horizontalis Plumosa Andorra Compacta) A very hardy compact spreading, evergreen shrub that grows 1-2" high and 4'-6' wide and stays full in the center. Its blue-green foliage turns purple in winter.

Creeping Juniper

Blue Chip Creeping Juniper

(Juniperus horizontalis Blue Chip) A flat, sprawling, evergreen shrub that forms a soft, mounded carpet of feathery bright silver-blue needles. Effective as a specimen plant or ground cover that cascades nicely over walls.

Creeping Juniper

Blue Rug Creeping Juniper

(Juniperus horizontalis Blue Rug) This juniper has attractive silvery blue foliage with scale-like leaves which are highly ornamental and turn plum purple in fall. It produces blue berries from late spring to late winter.

Creeping Juniper

Icee Blue Creeping Juniper

(Juniperus horizontalis Icee Blue) Exhibits the best silver-blue color of the groundcover junipers with a full, dense crown of finely textured foliage, creating a solid cover in a short time. Winter foliage becomes plum-purple.

Creeping Juniper

Dwarf Garden Juniper

(Juniperus procumbens Nana) The Garden Juniper is a delightfully dwarf, compact, slow growing, mat-forming evergreen shrub with long trailing branches that grow in all directions. This very popular dwarf groundcover is densely covered with prickly, blue-green needles that hold their colour well through all four seasons.

Creeping Juniper

Calgary Carpet Juniper

(Juniperus procumbens Nana) A superior evergreen groundcover with a very low, spreading habit and attractive soft green foliage that drapes nicely over retaining walls. Tolerates heat, cold and drought.

Creeping Juniper

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Rocky Mountain Juniper

(Juniperus scopulorum) “Of the mountain” is the meaning of the botanical name for Juniperus scopulorum. They do love full sun, but it can also withstand very cold temperatures, making it the perfect tree for our northern climate.

Blue Arrow Rocky Mountain Juniper

(Juniperus scopulorum Blue Arrow) An improved selection with tight, bright blue foliage and a very narrow, upright form. Perfect as a tall, narrow screen where space is limited. Leaves keep their bluish color all year.

Rocky Mountain Juniper

Blue Haven Rocky Mountain Juniper

(Juniperus scopulorum Blue Haven) This evergreen selection forms a striking pyramidal column of intense blue foliage all year-round & is ideal for small garden spaces. Adaptable & tolerant of heat, drought and cold.

Rocky Mountain Juniper

Skyrocket Rocky Mountain Juniper

(Juniperus scopulorum Skyrocket) A narrow, columnar evergreen tree with a fast growth rate. This juniper has aromatic foliage with a bluish-green foliage color and scale-like texture. Silvery berries from late spring to late winter.

Rocky Mountain Juniper

Wichita Blue Rocky Mountain Juniper

(Juniperus scopulorum Wichita Blue) An upright, pyramidal evergreen growing into a tall conical shrub, with soft textured stunning blue foliage all season long and showy blue berries. An excellent choice for difficult landscapes.

Rocky Mountain Juniper

Blue Star Singleseed Juniper

(Juniperus squamata Blue Star) A slow-growing, compact, evergreen shrub with a mounding shape. Its silver blue foliage is attractive in all seasons. It gets its name from the blue, berry-like cones - each contain one seed.

Singleseed Juniper

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