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Heuchera – Coral Bells (H to Z)

There are so many Heuchera to choose from, we have split them up.  Here you will find Heuchera with names that start from “H” to “Z”.

Heuchera, also commonly known as Coral Bells, is a very versatile, carefree plant that is noted for it’s array of attractive foliage.  Heuchera comes in a plethora of colours, shapes and textures and displays multi-seasonal interest. Foliage comes in nearly every color imaginable, from silver to nearly black. Leaves are patterned, ruffled, wavy or smooth. Tiny bell shaped flowers come in hues of coral, red, white or pink and offer varying bloom times.  Plus, most love the shade which is not always easy to find in a perennial.

Shade-loving plants are convenient because they can be planted under trees or in places where other plants cannot survive. Heuchera can do well in partial sun as well, though if they get too much sun, their colour may fade.  As a general rule, the darker the leaf, the more sun tolerant the plant tends to be. Coral Bells with very light leaves do not fair well in the sun but you could plant dark leaved varieties such as Black Pearl in direct sunlight.  In fact, the colour is enhanced to a rich black in full sun as opposed to a dark brown colour in half shade.  Another variety that does well in the sun is Obsidian. It also has large, textured, dark maroon-colored leaves. When planted in full sun it is almost black. Adds quite a bit of interest in the garden.

Coral Bells whose leaves are red or crimson are more sensitive to the sun. This type of Coral Bell is best planted where it will receive morning sun but shade in the afternoon when the sun can be quite damaging.  Heucheras adore a garden on the east side of the house.

The light green and yellow heucheras are the ones that thrive in shade.  They can tolerate only a couple of hours of sunlight, and many do very well in full shade.  A great way to brighten up a shade garden.  These Heuchera enjoy being planted under a large tree or on the north side of the house.

Planting & Care of  Easy to Grow Coral Bells

~  Pick your location and plant the Coral Bell that will be best suited for the light conditions in that area – from full sun to shade.  A Glen Echo associate will be happy to assist you with this.

~  Plant coral bells in spring or fall. Space plants 1-2 feet apart.

~  Coral Bells like a well drained soil with a pH of 5.5-7.0

~  It is best to fertilize Coral Bells in early Spring – March or April – use a slow release fertilizer or a thin layer of compost

~  Also in spring remove any dead leaves, trim back dilapidated foliage and general cleanup ~  Keep soil evenly moist but not soggy. Heuchera is somewhat drought-tolerant once established. Provide extra water during hot spells.

~  If you experience any fungal disease, they can be sprayed with a fungicide

~  Remove dead leaves in spring

~  Use horticultural oil to protect the plant from pests

Pots: Coral bells grow beautifully in containers. Just make sure there is a hole in the bottom where the excess water can drain from. Transplant into the landscape in early fall if you’d like them to come back again next year.

Glen Echo’s inventory changes quickly.  Please check to see what Heuchera varieties are currently available.

Harvest Lemon Chiffon

This Hybrid Heuchera is noted for it's bright yellow-green leaves. A standout Heuchera, that look fantastic when combined with other contrasting colors. Spires of light pink flowers softens this vibrant plant. Plant in part sun to shade in moist well drained soils.


A vigorous grower with outstanding foliage! This selection from Herbert Oudshoorn of The Netherlands could be grown for its fantastic evergreen foliage alone that is heavily marbled green and cream. It has the added appeal of producing deep scarlet red flowers in early to midsummer.

Lava Lamp

This new selection from Walters Gardens forms a large, billowy mass of very large, coppery purple leaves with deep purple undersides. The newest leaves emerge a bright copper orange color and then deepen to coppery purple as they age. This variety has large, flat, rounded leaves that are not deeply dissected. Deep purple scapes carry plump wands of closely spaced cream flowers in early summer.

Lemon Love

Brighten up your shady spot! You will love this new yellow Heuchera from Walter Gardens. Its best color is in part or filtered shade, where there almost no burning, a problem that plagues other varieties. Slightly ruffled, chartreuse leaves are produced on an especially vigorous habit and are more lime green in deeper shade. Cream flowers with hints of blush in the calyxes are produced above the foliage in early summer.

Lime Marmalade

A tasty lime foliage sport from TERRA NOVA®'s finest amber foliage Heuchera 'Marmalade'. Super vigorous and full of frills. Like 'Marmalade' it is a tough plant and performs well. Larger than 'Lime Rickey' & 'Lime Marmalade''. With ruffled lime colored leaves and a large mounding habit it is show. Easy to grow with good drainage.

Lime Rickey

A top selling Heuchera from TERRA NOVA®. Lime-green to chartreuse ruffled foliage provide multi-seasonal interest in both gardens and mixed containers. This refreshing color is the perfect contrast plant allowing it to play well with many purple-leaved plants. A vigorous grower which is topped with thousands of small pure white flowers in spring.

Lime Ruffles

TERRA NOVA® named it appropriately - looks just like the name! A vigorous mound features very large and ruffled lime green leaves with a frosty white overlay. 'Lime Ruffles' was bred using some Heuchera villosa and therefore it has larger leaves, should show more heat tolerance and can take full sun. Attractive white flowers in fall on medium spikes.

Little Cutie™ Blondie

This floriferous, petite, hybrid Coral Bells is from the LITTLE CUTIE™ Series and is a terrific choice for adding a touch of colour towards the front of a border. The leaves are caramel coloured with creamy-yellow flower spikes over a long period. Protect from hot afternoon sun to prevent leaf scorch. Remove any winter-burned leaves in the spring, otherwise no pruning is required. A Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc. of Oregon introduction.

Little Cutie™ Sweet Tart

A striking colour combination! Very tangy, lime coloured foliage are formed in a tight mound – that's the tart part. The sweet part is the amazing bi-colored cerise and hot pink colored flowers held on dark stems in wand-like clusters. A miniature that blooms all spring, summer, and fall. Part of the Little Cutie™ Series by Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc. of Oregon.


Like shiny, rich leather, this ruffled, mahogany-red beauty is a great garden performer. Wonderfully dense and shiny color year-round. Foliage changes from spring purple tones to summer red tones. Fabulous in combination containers. An excellent landscape plant. A Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc. of Oregon introduction.


Stands out with its rich, shiny, undulating foliage ranging in color from umber to deep sienna. Particular notice is paid by all to its hot pink undersides that make this plant shout, “Take me home!” Showy in all seasons, this vigorous plant has heavy substance standing up to inclement weather. A great landscape choice which performs well in both sun and shade. A Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc. of Oregon introduction.

Melting Fire

A new variety of Heuchera is named for the bright red color of its new foliage in spring. The mature foliage is deep maroon with heavily ruffled edges. Dark red stems carry a profusion of white flowers in late spring and early summer. Easy to grow and a companion plant that goes with most other perennials.

Midnight Bayou

TERRE NOVA® does it again with this Heuchera featuring large, evergreen, maple-like leaves of purple with black veins and light pink-flowers. The leaf color changes with the season from red purple to silvered purple giving great fall colour. The Heuchera villosa heritage adds to the appeal of this bayou-beauty.

Midnight Rose

A very interesting Heuchera with shiny, pink-spotted, almost black leaves and a vigorous rounded habit. An easy to grow variety that will grow just about anywhere - full sun to partial sun. Pink spotted leaves enlarge and brighten before lightening to cream as the season progresses.

Midnight Ruffles

Part of the TERRE NOVA® RUFFLES™ series have H. villosa breeding which gives them a larger leaf and plant size, better heat and humidity tolerance, as well as good cold-tolerance. Incredibly vigorous, 'Midnight Ruffles' has large, very ruffled, red brown to almost black leaves. The shiny foliage with its crisply ruffled leaves shows its purple backs, which are delightful to view. Great in full sun.

Nothern Exposure™ Amber

Love this colour! Clean lines for the landscape with clear amber, round leaves on a dense, medium size mound. In late spring to early summer, masses of small, bell-shaped greenish yellow flowers on slender stems, 18" above the eye-catching foliage. This showy garden plant looks good longer in the season than other Heuchera. Great rust resistance and longevity.

Nothern Exposure™ Black

Another winner from the Northern Exposure™ series by TERRE NOVA®. More clean lines for the landscape with rich black, round leaves on a medium large mound. Dainty spikes of white bell-shaped flowers rising above the foliage from mid spring to mid fall. This tough garden plant looks good longer in the season than other Heuchera and features great rust resistance and longevity.

Nothern Exposure™ Lime

A stunning colour combination by TERRE NOVA®. They sought out the most cold tolerant northern species from Canada for this hybrid. NORTHERN EXPOSURE™ Lime is a great, medium large, long-lived landscape plant with multiple crowns. Round, bright lime green leaves stay lime green all year. It forms a dense rounded mound and has narrow spikes of rust red flowers.

Nothern Exposure™ Red

The idea behind breeding the NORTHERN EXPOSURE™ Collection came from a need to increase the hardiness of TERRA NOVA®’s breeding to reach a wider audience in northern climates. Breeding in a species found in northern Saskatchewan, Canada; TERRA NOVA® achieved its goal and then some. Round leaves in clear, dark red adorn the dense, medium size mounds.


Ranked as one of the best Heuchera, TERRE NOVA® has produced the “Black Standard” which does NOT fade, even in full sun. Shiny, broad, rounded leaves are like black satin! Its richly colored foliage showcases all other colors in the garden. Vigor and consistent performance under a variety of garden conditions make this a fool-proof choice. Compare to other “blacks” on the market, especially in winter and you will see who shines.

Palace Purple

The original purple coral bells from Walters Gardens, it is perhaps the most well-recognized and widely planted variety of all heucheras. This selection has very large, shiny, and star-shaped leaves, ranging in color from deep olive green to purplish-bronze. Their undersides, which are quite visible in the loosely formed clumps, are a striking metallic amethyst purple. The 20 inch tall, leafed flower scapes bear an abundance of tiny cream flowers.


TERRE NOVA® makes it hot, hot, hot? Hardy Paprika has large, warm, glowing cherry-coral, gently ruffled foliage with so much tropical appeal. A compact, clump-forming, semi-evergreen perennial the color changes from a bright rose orange in the early spring to orange in the summer. In late spring to early summer, masses of small, bell-shaped white flowers bloom on 16" burgundy stems. 'Paprika' is a spicy favourite!


Lighting up the shade garden year-round, Heuchera 'Paris' is an outstanding re-blooming variety of Coral Bells. free-flowering cultivar produces a plethora of large, deep rose-pink flowers on 14 inch scapes beginning in late spring. his free-flowering Heuchera has white-veiled green leaves that give rise to continuous columns of large, deep rose-colored flowers. Repeat blooms until frost with a single bloom stem lasting for 2 months. Excellent in containers or the shade border. It lights up the shade garden year-round.

Peach Crisp

A visual marvel from TERRE NOVA®. With an extremely ruffled peach to amber leaf color, on a tight mound. It works well in a container, as an edger, or a textural color spot. Prefers full sun and good drainage. This clump-forming perennial forms basal mounds, up to 6 in. tall (15cm) with a spread of 14 in. (35 cm). A sturdy performer that is easy to grow with no maintenance.

Peach Flambé

An award winning variety from TERRE NOVA®. Bright peach-colored leaves that literally glow in spring, summer and fall, turning to plum in winter. Large, smooth leaves and flaming red infusions create drama in the garden. The color progression of 'Peach Flambé' thru the year provides multi-seasonal interest as a superb color companion with spring yellows, summer blues, and fall oranges. A vigorous, medium-sized plant that produces white flowers in spring on stems to 16″.

Pear Crisp

Take the warm yellow of sun-ripened pears and apply a crisp ruffle and you have 'Pear Crisp'. Mounds are quite tight and are a wonderful object of interest in a container or at the front of the border. A petite cultivar with small, deeply cut, chartreuse foliage that are more ruffled than any others, with leaves in amber and peach shades. Taller stems of small ivory bell flowers appear in late spring.

Pink Panther

Add an incredible splash of colour with this pinky perfection. In spring, semi-glossy leaves emerge metallic pink, maturing to a dark berry pink with darker veins as the season progresses. To bring out the best hue, plant in an area with filtered light or in shade to protect the lighter coloration. Dark rose calyxes hold light pink flowers on dark stems.

Plum Pudding

Walters Gardens tells us that this is not the typical burgundy color of some heucheras. This variety sports leaves that are truly plum purple with even darker purple veins. They are attractively ruffled and have bluntly pointed tips. The newer leaves are somewhat glossy, and all have deep purple undersides. This heuchera forms a spreading clump and makes a fantastic groundcover when planted en masse. The dainty cream flowers which appear on 26" scapes are an added bonus in early summer.

Primo® Black Pearl PW

Proven Winners does it again! Meet the standard in black Heuchera. ‘Black Pearl’ forms an incredibly dense habit of shiny, jet black leaves with scalloped, ruffled edges. Each 4-4½” leaf has rosy purple undersides, revealed with the intense ruffling of the leaves. Oldest leaves have a slight silver overlay. To top it off, ‘Black Pearl’ keeps its intense black color even in full sun, instead of bleaching to brown. White flowers with pink calyxes appear in midsummer.

Primo® Mahogany Monster PW

From the Proven Winners Primo® Series - The name says it all! Larger than the Dolce® Series, this Heuchera has massive glossy, mahogany red leaves form a substantial clump of foliage. Slightly ruffled leaves can grow up to 6" wide. The very thick, burgundy stems holds masses of light pink buds with cream flowers. Although the color is consistent throughout the season, older leaves become more coppery with age. PRIMO® Heuchera differ from the DOLCE® Series with larger, faster growing habits and a more substanial landscape presence.

Primo® Peachberry Ice PW

Looking for an orange foliage plant for your shade garden? You found it! Large 4½-5", apricot orange leaves have a silver overlay. Its beautifully pronounced ruffling reveals bright pink undersides of the leaves. The bright orange color is most pronounced in the spring with newly emerging foliage, over the warmer months the color mellows. Burgundy stems hold airy, cream flowers.

Primo® Wild Rose PW

From the Primo® Series by Proven Winners, it differs from the DOLCE® Series with larger, faster growing habits. Large leaves and bright, uniquely colored foliage features upright, dark burgundy rose flower scapes with matching dark buds that open to rosy pink flowers. It forms a dense habit of large, bright rosy purple leaves with deep charcoal gray veining. A great choice for shade & a perfect companion plant to the dark-leafed 'Black Pearl'.

Rave On

If your looking for flower power, this is one of TERRE NOVA®'s heaviest spring bloomers. Produces more flowers than any other with masses of pink flowers on tall stems above highly silvered foliage. The leaves are deep greenish purple with a very heavy silver overlay. Excellent in containers, en masse, or as a splendid specimen. This plant blooms the heaviest in late spring, with masses of deep pink flowers on tall stems that are perfect for cutting. They are a florist's delight!

Red Lightning

Electrifying dark red veins spark over huge gold leaves. The strong villosa hybrids are known for their tidy mounding habit and excellent heat and humidity tolerance. This selection features huge, bright gold leaves with attractive red veining that holds their colour well. . White flower sprays appear in late spring to early summer. Protect from hot afternoon sun to prevent leaf scorch. Part of the villosa Collection from Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc., Oregon. Part to full shade.

September Morn

'September Morn' is a chameleon, with wavy edged leaves that range from soft gold to reddish orange, with vibrant pink undersides. It's an excellent groundcover for dry shade, and is the perfect companion to other woodland plants like astilbe and bleeding hearts. Deer-resistant colour to brighten up the part shade garden. Mature size: 12-18in tall x 12-18in wide. Part sun to part shade - 3-4 hours of morning sun, filtered sun the rest of the day


Tight mounds of silvery-purple leaves set forth white flowers on dark stems. 'Shanghai' had the best foliage through the worst winter in the last 40 years at the TERRA NOVA® test gardens. Ice, snow and rain didn't faze it! As Shanghai is a beacon to China, so Heuchera 'Shanghai' can be an inviting beacon of metallic silver to your garden. Reblooms all summer.

Silver Scrolls

Such a pretty Heuchera with terrific foliage plant for adding a touch of colour towards the front of a shady garden. The rounded leaves are silver and burgundy in spring, deepening to silver and near black later in the season. Sprays of ivory-pink flowers appear in late spring, held on beet-red stems. Plants may tolerate full sun in cool summer regions. Excellent in the border, for edging, or in tubs and mixed containers. Trim off any withered or tired-looking leaves in spring. Evergreen.


Sunrise Coral Bells plays well with others by adding season long colour and texture. The unique leathery foliage emerges orange with red-pink veins. The show continues through fall when it matures to a pale yellow. Small white flowers appear on slender stalks in the summer to the delight of butterflies and hummingbirds. This easy to grow stunner will thrive for many years with little effort.

Twist of Lime

Get ready for a wild looking Heuchera that's perfect for brightening up your shade garden! Incredibly wavy, chartreuse yellow leaves beg to be noticed, and is perhaps one of our brightest yellow Heucheras. Ruffling becomes less pronounced as the foliage matures. For best yellow color, site in dappled shade or morning sun. Cream flowers appear in early summer. Thank you Walters Gardens!

Winter Joy

Winter Joy Coral Bells features dainty spikes of white bell-shaped flowers rising above the foliage from late spring to early summer. Its attractive large crinkled lobed leaves emerge buttery yellow in spring, turning lime green in colour the rest of the year. Amazing contrast to other plants creates amazing versatility. Keep soil moist in the heat of summer.


TERRE NOVA® says we will love this plant with its brightly colored, seriously ruffled leaves. 'Zipper' leaves are well-colored all year and change from orange in spring and fall to golden amber in summer and winter, always with its magenta backs showing. This ruffle was bred with H. villosa which gives the larger leaf size, better heat and humidity tolerance. The ruffle breeding gives the good cold tolerance.

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