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Astilbe – The Shade Loving Flowering Perennial


We are constantly looking for attractive flowering plants to go in the shade garden.  You have hit the jackpot when it comes to Astilbes.  

Commonly known by False Goat’s Beard, False Spirea or Florist’s Spirea, Astilbes are long-lived perennials that are most comfortable when grown in rich soil and light shade to filtered sun.  Offered in hundreds of cultivars, Astilbes add height, texture and colour to shade gardens that can often be quite boring.  Paired with groundcovers, mounded or clumping perennials, Hostas for example, you can create an exciting perennial shade garden.  Add to that, the incredible range in flowering times, you will be able to extend blooming throughout the season. Once one variety starts to fade, the next variety will start blooming and take over.  In general, Astilbe japonica are the early blooming variety though there are many early blooming hybrids.  Astilbe chinensis blooms later in the season.

  ~  Hybrid Astilbe (Astilbe x) or (Astilbe × arendsii): Astilbe x arendsii are hybrids and are the result of crosses between Astilbe Chinensis, Astilbe Japonica, Astilbe thunbergii, and Astilbe astilboides.  This is by far the largest group of garden hybrids with over a hundred varieties. A stunning pyramidal clump with feathery plume-like spires above healthy foliage adding wonderful texture and color.  In spring, new foliage often emerges bright green with blushes of bronze. Most are early-season bloomers, emerging in late spring or early summer.

  ~  Chinese Astilbe (Astilbe chinensis): These fast-spreading, rhizomatous plants are often used as groundcovers as there are many dwarf varieties available. They bloom later than the arendsii hybrids and are more drought and heat tolerant.

  ~  Japanese Astilbe (Astilbe japonica): A clump forming summer flowering perennial with graceful form and beautiful foliage that thrives in moist, rich soils and full to partial shade. Flowers are feathery plumes extending above the foliage in shades of pink, red, or white and are early bloomers that appear in late spring and early summer.

  ~  Ostrich Plume Astilbe (Astilbe thunbergii):  A clump forming perennial featuring very large sprays of rich coral pink flowers in mid-summer.  The drapey flowers are found on tall, erect stems above fern-like bronze flushed leaves.  Loved by butterflies, these shade loving plants require very little maintenance and is quite trouble free.

  ~  Star Astilbe (Astilbe simplicifolia = translation “simple leaves”): As with all Astilbe, this is an attractive plant with showy plumes, but this one has unique, star-shaped flowers of pale rose-pink flowers that last for many weeks.  A slow-growing, compact plant with shiny leaves and like Astilbe chinensis, it blooms late in the season. Plant en masse in shaded beds and borders.

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Chinese Astilbe Amber Moon

(Astilbe chinensis Amber Moon) Brighten up the shade garden with foliage that emerges bright chartreuse yellow in spring with a tinge of red in the newest leaves. Very tall, strong, blush red stems carry rose pink flower panicles in mid-summer provides colour and texture. Grows 30" tall x 18" wide.

Chinese Astilbe Dark Side of the Moon

(Astilbe chinensis Dark Side of the Moon) The only dark leafed Astilbe with purple flowers. New leaves are yellow with a dark margin turning completely to a rich deep chocolate brown as they age. Raspberry buds open to rosy purple flowers. 24" tall with a spread of 24".

Chinese Astilbe Hot Pearls

(Astilbe chinensis Hot Pearls) A bold pop of colour against bright green foliage present a dashing display. Ideal for planting in lightly shaded spots with damp soil. The rosy-red, feathery plumes bloom in summer and the tall flowers and interesting foliage are great for cut flowers. 24" tall and 18" wide.

Chinese Astilbe Ivory Pearls

(Astilbe chinensis Ivory Pearls) A wonderful perennial known for its ivory-white plumes that are long lasting from mid-summer to early fall. Rich, deep green fern-like foliage is the perfect backdrop for the feathery flowers. They will grow from 12" to 24" with a spread of up to 18".

Chinese Astilbe Little Vision in Pink

(Astilbe chinensis Little Vision in Pink) A slowly spreading, clump-forming perennial with graceful, coarsely textured, blue-green leaves. It has light pink flower plumes that bloom from early to mid-summer on slender, upright stems. Prefers full to part shade. Grows 12" high and wide.

Chinese Astilbe Little Vision in Purple

(Astilbe chinensis Little Vision in Purple) This little beauty is a vigorous, compact, mound-forming, perennial. The upright panicles of red buds open to raspberry-purple flowers in summer. The elegant, lacy foliage is bronzy-green and forms a compact mound. A robust floriferous variety that tolerates sun and heat better than others. 14" to 16" tall and wide.

Chinese Astilbe Maggie Daley

(Astilbe chinensis Maggie Daley) This midsized selection produces plumes of deep rose-purple flowers are held on strong, upright stems appearing in mid-summer over a mound of lacy bronze leaves. The flower plumes turn a rich caramel colour adding winter interest. Up to 24" tall with a spread of 12" - 18" wide.

Chinese Astilbe Mighty Chocolate

(Astilbe chinensis Mighty Chocolate) This new introduction is a robust grower reaching heights of up to 1.2m (4 ft). Features showy, upright, velvety, red flower spikes on chocolate-red stems over boldly ferny, compound, dark green and chocolate brown to reddish foliage. Flowers mid to late summer and looks stunning when planted in groupings.

Chinese Astilbe Pumila

(Astilbe chinensis Pumila) Commonly known as Dwarf Chinese Astilbe, it forms a spreading clump with deeply cut green foliage. Stunning fluffy panicle spikes of pinky-purple flowers appear from May to October. They add a cheery brightness to the garden and particularly stand out in late summer when other plants are dying off. At just 8" - 10" tall and 12" - 18" wide, it makes a terrific ground cover.

Chinese Astilbe Purple Candles

(Astilbe chinensis Purple Candles) This colour changing Astilbe has dense, poker-like plumes which emerge in a rich violet-red, then lighten to a lovely lavender as they age. The foliage features a bold, dark green, often bronze-green in colour with a coarse texture. A tall variety that blooms in midsummer. It is considered a later blooming species, useful for extending the bloom season into late summer. 42" tall by 18" to 24".

Chinese Astilbe Veronica Klose

(Astilbe chinensis Maggie Daley) This is a compact selection, ideal for near the front of a border, or for edging. Plumes of deep rosy purple flowers appear in late summer over a low mound of lacy green leaves. Excellent for cutting. Seed heads may be removed, or left on the plant for winter interest. 16" to 18" tall by 12" to 18" wide.

Chinese Astilbe Vision Inferno

(Astilbe chinensis Visions Inferno) The large dense stalks of 'Vision Inferno' feature light pink flowers that rise above robust, deep green, divided foliage in early to mid July. As the flower stalk ages, the old flowers will become an attractive green. Height 1' to 2' with the same spread.

Chinese Astilbe Vision in Pink

(Astilbe chinensis Vision in Pink) A very unique Astilbe in that it blooms quite a bit later (about a month) than other cultivars. Some refer to it as an Autumn Astilbe. It is a smaller, clump forming Astilbe with pink-purple torch like flowers that appear in August, September and October. This bushy perennial is 1' to 2' high and wide.

Chinese Astilbe Vision in Red

(Astilbe chinensis Vision in Red) Perfect for small gardens, this Astilbe is a compact, clump-forming perennial boasting purple-red flowers that is a later blooming species, useful for extending the bloom season into late summer. Foliage is deeply incised, coarsely textured, and often bronze-green in color. Flowers are borne on narrow, branched panicles growing up to 15" tall and wide.

Chinese Astilbe Vision in White

(Astilbe chinensis Vision in White) A late bloomer - mid-summer to fall-Tall, feathery, white blooms above compact, deep bronze-green foliage. Valued for their airy quality, the flowers are excellent for cutting. Left in place, the dried seed heads add interest to the winter garden. A true gem for dappled shade gardens, this robust selection tolerates heat and dry periods. Moderate growing; reaches 2 ft. tall, 1 to 2 ft. wide.

Chinese Astilbe Visions

(Astilbe chinensis Visions) ‘Visions’ is a compact cultivar which features a foliage mound (to 9” tall) of bronze-green leaves and thick panicles of raspberry flowers on 12-15” tall stems in late spring to early summer. Showy plumed flower spikes of raspberry-pink adorn this outstanding bloomer. Its smaller stature is perfect for in clusters at the front of beds, in shade to dappled sun.

Japanese Astilbe Deutschland

(Astilbe japonica Deutschland) Very showy and very easy to care for makes this an excellent Astilbe variety that should be grown in all gardens. Features masses of luminous, pure white plumes are particularly lovely in the moonlight. Bright flowerheads play beautifully against the glossy green, mounding foliage. 18-20" tall , 18-24" wide.

Japanese Astilbe Montgomery

(Astilbe japonica Montgomery) Astilbe's early bloomers, this Japanese variety features dark magenta red, triangular shaped plumes, borne on darker red stems in midsummer. Glossy leaves emerge with a bronze-red tint in spring, then turn dark green. A stunning combination. Height: 20" - 24" and the same width.

Japanese Astilbe Peach Blossom

(Astilbe japonica Peach Blossom) With a little breeze, these wide panicled swaying plumes dance across the landscape. It features a fern-like foliage mound (to 18” tall) of vivid, medium green leaves and outstanding flowers of peach-pink atop stems typically rising to 24” tall in late spring. Compact in habit, it's perfect for small gardens.

Japanese Astilbe Red Sentinel

(Astilbe japonica Red Sentinel) Touted as one of the best red Astilbes, 'Red Sentinel' features vibrant crimson red flower plumes borne on beautiful, erect, mahogany-red stems. This selection features very full scarlet-red plumes, over a bushy mound of elegant, lacy green leaves. Up to 23" tall and wide.

Japanese Astilbe Rheinland

(Astilbe japonica Rheinland) This incredibly attractive Astilbe is both a vigorous grower and very floriferous providing lovely summer colour in the shade garden. Features an abundance of feathery, diamond shaped panicles with sparkling, clear rose-pink flower plumes borne on upright, reddish stems. Large, lush, mid-green leaves form a beautiful base for this perennial. Up to 2' tall and wide.

Japanese Astilbe Younique™ Carmine

(Astilbe japonica Younique™ Carmine) Part of the Younique™ series, recently bred in the Netherlands by Jan Verschoor. Carmine is a large variety with beautifully branching heads of fragrant, triangular, fuchsia-red plumes. The tall, feathery, blooms rise above the mound of lush green foliage, adding a light, airy quality. Find a shady spot needing some colour and enjoy everything this plant has to offer. Up o 20" high and wide.

Japanese Astilbe Younique™ Cerise

(Astilbe japonica Younique™ Cerise) Visually, this variety is extremely attractive and can be enjoyed in the garden or as a cutting. Masses of beautiful plumes of hot pink flowers appear at the ends of the stems from early to mid summer. Most effective when planted in groupings. Its ferny compound leaves remain green throughout the season. Up to 18" high and wide.

Japanese Astilbe Younique™ Lilac

(Astilbe japonica Younique™ Lilac) A summer bloomer, this selection as with most Astilbes, loves a shady area with a moist, rich soil. A low mound of lacy green foliage is topped by large, fluffy, fragrant, triangular, lavender-pink plumes. More compact and freely flowering than others, it is perfect for brightening a dappled shade garden. Grows to 16" tall and 18" wide.

Japanese Astilbe Younique™ Raspberry

(Astilbe japonica Younique™ Raspberry) We love this eye-catching magenta-red Astilbe that grows in abundance in the shade garden and is stunning as cut flowers. In the early summer they produce showy raspberry coloured plumes of flowers neatly held in tidy bunches. Attractive mounds of fern-like green foliage completes this plant. Grows up to 18" high and wide.

Japanese Astilbe Yonique™ Ruby Red

(Astilbe japonica Yonique™ Ruby Red) A more compact Astilbe, it is nearly perfect in proportion from the mounded, fern-like foliage to the showy plumes of fragrant, fluffy flower spikes. This variety emerges on slender, upright stems in mid-summer. Foliage reaches 12 to 16 in. tall, 14 to 18 in. wide; to 20 in. tall in bloom. This vibrant Astilbe is a standout selection.

Japanese Astilbe Younique™ Silvery Pink

(Astilbe japonica Younique™ Silvery Pink) Incredibly floriferous, Yonique™ series Astilbes often produce double the number of flowers compared to the older selections. This showy flower grows quickly to form a nice mound of petite foliage topped by bunches of fragrant, triangular, pale pink plumes in early to midsummer. Grows to 18" tall and wide.

Japanese Astilbe Younique™ White

(Astilbe japonica Younique™ White) Masses of clean white triangular plumes consume the lacy red stemmed foliage. Each fluffy bloom is made up of hundreds of tiny flowers opening from bottom to top from bright green pearl-shaped buds. A luminous white Astilbe that glows in the night landscape.

Dwarf Star Astilbe Eden's Phoenix

(Astilbe simplicifolia Eden's Phoenix) A hardy perennial plant with feathery clusters of short pink fluffy flowers that are formed on compact plants in mid-summer. Dense conical plumes of bright, rich pink plumes reach heights of 22" x 18" to 24" wide. A compact, clumping perennial features dense, finely divided, bright green fernlike foliage. Excellent as a cut flower or massed in a border or garden.

Dwarf Star Astilbe Eden's Twinkle

(Astilbe simplicifolia Eden's Twinkle) This perfect star positively twinkles in the night sky. An upright, compact astilbe with pure white blossoms held above the finely cut, vivid green foliage. Perfect for woodland gardens and partially shaded borders. 18" to 24" tall with a 15" spread.

Dwarf Star Astilbe Hennie Graafland

(Astilbe simplicifolia Graafland) As if the plumes aren't beautiful enough, this Dwarf Star variety has incredible foliage with delicate, deeply cut leaves that are impressive. The textured leaves are so glossy they look waxed and the tremendous foliage color is the deepest of deep green. A striking, showy June bloom stands above the foliage in big, light pink triangles that seem even more noticeable backed by the shiny foliage. A true star!

Dwarf Star Astilbe Key West

(Astilbe simplicifolia Key West) This Dwarf Star makes a statement as it emerges with maroon buds on reddish stems. Then the real show starts when they open up to showy, feathery, raspberry red flower plumes that age to a soft pink. Rich, color-changing foliage that starts off red and matures to bronze-green with red margins. Stunning in mass plantings. Mid to late summer bloomer - Moderate growing; reaches 12 to 14 in. tall, 15 to 18 in. wide.

Dwarf Star Astilbe Moulin Rouge

(Astilbe simplicifolia Moulin Rouge) Astilbes lend a refined grace to perennial borders, especially in the shade garden where we are always looking for colour. Lush deeply cut foliage is attractive for the entire season and is a compact mound of elegant, dark burgundy-brown leaves. A dwarf selection that features fluffy spikes of red-purple flower plumes last longer if they are planted to avoid the afternoon sun. 8" - 12" tall x 8" - 12" wide.

Dwarf Star Astilbe Pink Lightning

(Astilbe simplicifolia Pink Lightning) The thick, fluffy panicles of light to deep pink are comprised of tiny densely packed flowers which bloom in mid-summer. This is considered a dwarf to medium tall astilbe at 12" - 16" high with a compact, clump forming growth habit. The attractive foliage consists of finely dissected, glossy, dark green leaves, and combined with the loose, arching sprays of airy, pale pink flowers, it is a winning combination.

Dwarf Star Astilbe Sprite

(Astilbe simplicifolia Sprite) A slightly smaller version of 'Hennie Graafland' but with darker green foliage. Produces airy, light pink star-like flowers presented in open, slightly drooping panicles. They are borne on stiff, wiry stems above a compact, dense mound of finely textured, glossy, mid-green leaves that looks good even without the flowers. The rust-colored seed heads are particularly outstanding, provide a few additional months of interest and a favourite amongst gardeners.

Hybrid Astilbe Bridal Veil

(Astilbe x ardensii Bridal Veil) Light up the night! Astilbe is a clump forming perennial and this variety boast luminous, ivory white pyramidal plumes that seem to glow in the evening garden. Reliable and free flowering, the impressive white blossoms are held above vivid green foliage. Use for contrast against darker foliaged plants and to accent other Astilbe colors. We recommend planting in partially shaded gardens, en masse for the perfect moonlit gardens.

Hybrid Astilbe Delft Lace

(Astilbe x ardensii Delft Lace) The lacey foliage of this charming Astilbe adds texture and long lasting interest. Deep blue-green lacy fern-like leaves with a light silver overlay and notable red highlights remains attractive all season. Soft apricot pink plumes are accented with dark pink buds on glowing red stems. Compact mounds give way to stem of up to 24-36 in. tall (60-90 cm) and spreads 18-20 in. (45-50 cm).

Hybrid Astilbe Fanal

(Astilbe x ardensii Fanal) An award winning Astilbe with masses of beautiful plumes of the darkest ruby-red flowers of all the Astilbes at the ends of the stems from late spring to mid-summer. This perennial really makes a statement when planted in groupings. The flowers are excellent for cutting. Its ferny compound leaves remain emerald green in colour throughout the season.

Hybrid Astilbe Fireberry

(Astilbe x ardensii Fireberry) Fireberry is part of the Short and Sweet® series, a group of dwarf Astilbe from hybridizer Jan Verschoor, this astilbe was bred to reach a maximum height of just 16 inches tall. Masses of raspberry-pink torch-like panicles bloom early to mid-summer. When these petite Astilbes are planted en masse, the effect is show stopping. And of course the lush green foliage looks splendid against the vibrant diamond-shaped plumes. Added bonus - they are very low maintenance.

Hybrid Astilbe Freya

(Astilbe x ardensii Freya) This medium tall, astilbe with a compact growth habit, produces dense masses of vivid pink flowers in late spring. Astilbe selection are a popular choice for shade gardens, and will thrive in part sun when soil is moist and well-drained. Suitable for use in beds and borders.

Hybrid Astilbe Glow

(Astilbe x ardensii Glow) This Astilbe is Hot, Hot, Hot! They are appropriately named as they truly seem to Glow. Very dark red buds open to reveal striking, deep red flowers with rose highlights. Flower plumes are narrowly triangular and are held upright on sturdy stems over leaves that emerge bronze-red in spring, turning mid green by summer. Blooms in midsummer.

Hybrid Astilbe Look at Me

(Astilbe x ardensii Look at Me) This compact variety is perfect for small gardens, it has striking red stems bear rich bubble-gum pink blooms and grow to a height of 20". Each gorgeous plume consists of hundreds of tiny flowers, each opening in succession, to provide a very long season of blooms. This showstopping variety received the prestigious Plantarium Award in 2013 as the best new perennial of the year.

Hybrid Astilbe Snowdrift

(Astilbe x ardensii Snowdrift) The foliage on Astilbes are quite beautiful but when the feathery panicles of pure white flowers are standing tall on erect 24" stems, it is a site to behold. 18” tall of deeply-cut, medium green leaves form fern-like mounds below the impressive flower plumes. Snowdrift blooms in early to mid-summer.

Hybrid Astilbe Sugarberry

(Astilbe x ardensii Sugarberry) Another fantastic offering from the Short 'n' Sweet Series from hybridizer Jan Verschoor. At just under a foot tall, this is an excellent dwarf selection - perfect for the front of a border. Sugarberry Astilbe is floriferous, soft pink with triangular-shaped plumes. In early to midsummer, the flowers are presented just above the very compact, full clump of small, dark green leaves.

Ostrich Plume Astilbe Chocolate Shogun­­®

(Astilbe thunbergii Chocolate Shogun) The glossy eye-catching foliage really stands out with on this new Astilbe. Lush, deeply cut chocolate-bronze foliage makes an amazing backdrop to the pink-blushed flower panicles in early summer. Although this variety can tolerate more sun, it still requires adequate moisture.

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