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Heuchera – Coral Bells (A to G)

There are so many Heuchera to choose from, we have split them up.  Here you will find Heuchera with names that start from “A” to “G”.

Heuchera, also commonly known as Coral Bells, is a very versatile, carefree plant that is noted for it’s array of attractive foliage.  Heuchera comes in a plethora of colours, shapes and textures and displays multi-seasonal interest. Foliage comes in nearly every color imaginable, from silver to nearly black. Leaves are patterned, ruffled, wavy or smooth. Tiny bell shaped flowers come in hues of coral, red, white or pink and offer varying bloom times.  Plus, most love the shade which is not always easy to find in a perennial.

Shade-loving plants are convenient because they can be planted under trees or in places where other plants cannot survive. Heuchera can do well in partial sun as well, though if they get too much sun, their colour may fade.  As a general rule, the darker the leaf, the more sun tolerant the plant tends to be. Coral Bells with very light leaves do not fair well in the sun but you could plant dark leaved varieties such as Black Pearl in direct sunlight.  In fact, the colour is enhanced to a rich black in full sun as opposed to a dark brown colour in half shade.  Another variety that does well in the sun is Obsidian. It also has large, textured, dark maroon-colored leaves. When planted in full sun it is almost black. Adds quite a bit of interest in the garden.

Coral Bells whose leaves are red or crimson are more sensitive to the sun. This type of Coral Bell is best planted where it will receive morning sun but shade in the afternoon when the sun can be quite damaging.  Heucheras adore a garden on the east side of the house.

The light green and yellow heucheras are the ones that thrive in shade.  They can tolerate only a couple of hours of sunlight, and many do very well in full shade.  A great way to brighten up a shade garden.  These Heuchera enjoy being planted under a large tree or on the north side of the house.

Planting & Care of  Easy to Grow Coral Bells

~  Pick your location and plant the Coral Bell that will be best suited for the light conditions in that area – from full sun to shade.  A Glen Echo associate will be happy to assist you with this.

~  Plant coral bells in spring or fall. Space plants 1-2 feet apart.

~  Coral Bells like a well drained soil with a pH of 5.5-7.0

~  It is best to fertilize Coral Bells in early Spring – March or April – use a slow release fertilizer or a thin layer of compost

~  Also in spring remove any dead leaves, trim back dilapidated foliage and general cleanup ~  Keep soil evenly moist but not soggy. Heuchera is somewhat drought-tolerant once established. Provide extra water during hot spells.

~  If you experience any fungal disease, they can be sprayed with a fungicide

~  Remove dead leaves in spring

~  Use horticultural oil to protect the plant from pests

Pots: Coral bells grow beautifully in containers. Just make sure there is a hole in the bottom where the excess water can drain from. Transplant into the landscape in early fall if you’d like them to come back again next year.

Glen Echo’s inventory changes quickly.  Please check to see what Heuchera varieties are currently available.

Autumn Glow

Mounding, evergreen perennials that is attractive year round and makes this an excellent groundcover. Rounded, ruffled, lobed, deep orange-red leaves that turn yellow-orange with age. Small white flowers appear on slender stalks. Attracts butterflies. Will tolerate full sun in more Northern areas as long as adequate moisture is provided.

Beth's Fairy Dust

Not always readily available, Fairy Dust should be snapped up when you see it. It is a very dainty and unusual compact plant with free flowering blush pink and white flowers which will attract hummingbirds and butterflies when in bloom. The foliage features small pale green leaves in a mounding clump, perfect for rock gardens. Grows to a height of about 12 inches. Plant in part sun to shade.

Black Forest Cake

This is a sweet flower to plant. Just looking at the smooth, dark chocolatey foliage topped with bright, showy cherry-red flowers, has your mouth watering. Black Forest Cake is a reliable, hardy and low maintenance which makes it all very easy to grow. Size is 6″ to 12" High and wide. It will grow in full sun to part shade and blooms in May - June.

Black Taffeta

So chic it could be just off the runway, the Black Taffeta Heuchera adds a touch of class to the garden. The impact is with the large, glossy, heavily ruffled, silky black leaves. In late spring to early summer, small bell-shaped pink flowers bloom on slender stalks 21" in height high above the evergreen foliage. Best in part shade but if kept in full sun, just make sure the soil is kept moist.

Blackberry Crisp

The contrast is incredible with the short white flowers in spring against the deep rich foliage. The new ruffled foliage starts as burgundy and turns to deep purple as it ages during the summer. Sprays of white flowers appear from late spring through summer. Foliage reaches 18 in. tall, 16 in. wide; flowers reach 17 in. tall.


Back to their roots, these are an old-fashioned style of Coral Bells. Bressingham forms a low mound of rounded deep-green leaves, bearing upright spikes with loads of small bells in a range of shades from white through to pink, coral and scarlet red. They appear in early summer and are very attractive to hummingbirds.


A gorgeous variety with a unique foliage of lobed, rounded leaves. When it first emerges in spring, it is a greyish red colour. That changes to a wonder apricot-caramel with burgundy red undersides by the summer time. It has a fabulous compact habit and by early summer it produces lovely panicles of small, bell shaped, creamy-pink flowers.


A unique coloured Heuchera that starts off peach to gold and ages to a rich champagne gold. In spring to late summer, 14" stems will rise up from this fantastic golden foliage. Panicles of small, bell shaped, pale peach flowers complete the look. If you looking for something a little different, this is the one!

Cherry Cola

Another great colour combination, this Heuchera features rust-red leaves with cherry red flowers. The Cherry Cola Heuchera is a compact evergreen perennial forming a dense mound of gently lobed leaves. Blooming from mid-spring to early summer, tall stems of cherry-red to salmon bell flowers appear. Very unique.

Dark Storm

Heavily ruffled leaves are sensational in a deep purple-bronze with a slight silver sheen. An mounding perennial that is evergreen, giving it four season interest. Small, creamy flowers appear on slender stalks early to mid summer and attracts butterflies. An excellent groundcover for dry shade.

Delta Dawn

Large, round leaves with red centers in the spring and fall. In summer its red veins are prominent. The gorgeous gold to lime leaf color highlights the venation. A reliable plant that is very showy year-round. A strong, vigorous habit. Best in filtered light or part sun.

Dolce­® Blackberry Ice PW

Part of the Proven Winners Dolce® Series, this Heuchera produces a showy foliage mound 10-12” tall of rounded, lobed leaves which emerge iridescent purple with distinctive black veining in spring and retain good color throughout the growing season. Open, airy panicles of tiny bell-shaped creamy white flowers on thin red stems bloom in late spring to early summer with repeat bloom throughout summer to early fall.

Dolce­® Brazen Raisin PW

Dolce® Brazen Raisin will surely add drama to the garden with its attractive crinkled lobed leaves. They emerge dark red in spring then turn a rich deep purple-black. The flower buds start off hot pink then transform into dainty spikes of white bell-shaped flowers with shell pink overtones rising above the foliage in mid summer. A great selection from Proven Winners.

Dolce­® Cherry Truffles PW

Proven Winners Dolce® Chocolate Ruffles is a contrast in colour - In early-mid summer, masses of small, bell-shaped, purplish flowers bloom on strong purple spikes rising up to 30 in. (75 cm) above the semi-evergreen foliage. Heat and humidity tolerant Heuchera thrives in gardens across the country and has become a landscaper's staple.

Dolce­® Cinnamon Curls PW

You simply must try this new Heuchera from the Proven Winners Dolce® Series. This new variety is prized for its foliage and is a unique blend of coppery orange, red, and purple tones on the top and brilliant magenta red on the undersides of the leaves. This variety forms a tidy, compact, rounded mound of glossy, leathery, dissected leaves with ruffled edges.

Dolce­® Silver Gumdrops PW

This silvery beauty will brighten up your shade garden! Another interesting shade of foliage from the Proven Winners Dolce® Series. Semi-glossy, iridescent silver leaves are topped with vibrant pink flowers. The leaves of this compact, evergreen perennial take on a rosy blush overtone later in the season. This plant partners well with most others in the garden.

Dolce­® Wildberry PW

You can spot this purple leafed perennial from a mile away! And it contrasts exceptionally well with all colours. Large, scalloped, incredibly glossy leaves are a bold shade of purple. Charcoal veins accent the leaves while the dark stems hold rosy pink calyxes and white flowers. Another fantastic selection from the Proven Winners Dolce® Collection.

Dressed Up™ Evening Gown®

This Heuchera would stand out even at a black tie event! Proven Winners is known for the ruffled foliage of their Heucheras, and this one does not disappoint. From the new 'Dressed Up' collection, Evening Gown® features huge 6" glossy black leaves that are incredibly ruffled and form a substantial mounded habit. Large flower scapes hold pink buds that open to white flowers.

Electric Plum

The breathtaking purple colour is truly electric in the garden. The dark purple, near-black new growth emerges then the drama continues with the leaves maturing to bright plum-purple leaves with purple-black veins. Tall, wiry near black stems with dainty, bell-shaped, fuchsia pink flowers rise above foliage in summer. This large, late bloomer tolerates heat and humidity.

Fire Alarm

The colour range of Heuchera is impressive and Fire Alarm is here to impress. The leaves are thick, leathery and bright red in spring and fall. In the summer the foliage darkens to a brown-red and forms a delightful medium size mound. Though 'Fire Alarm' complements almost every section of the color palette, it can stand on its own without question.

Fire Chief

Fire Chief is a super Heuchera to have in the garden for many reasons. The most noticeable is its amazing colour which stays throughout the season. The next would be its incredible ability to continuously bloom. These features alone allow this fantastic Heuchera a very long season of interest. The lobed, rounded mid-sized leaves emerge a glowing wine red in spring and mature to deeper crimson shades.

Forever® Purple

Another fantastic Heuchera from Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc., Oregon. From the FOREVER® series, Forever® ‘Purple’ is a knockout featuring mounds of ultra-purple glossy leaves with fluted edges. Provides four seasons of purple and in summer very short spikes of purple-pink flowers appear. It is a vigorous grower and a real show stopper.

Forever® Red

The rich red colour of this Forever® series Heuchera is astounding. Smoky burgundy-red ruffled foliage keeps its colour all season but deepens to its darkest hues in spring and fall. Red stems that echo the foliage color support the tiny, dainty, creamy-white flowers that open from pink buds. These neat clumps of evergreen foliage are quite vigorous.

Frosted Violet

Fall is when these leaves really standout, when the colours intensify. Rounded leaves of pinky-purple mature to a more silvery-purple and even a plum-purple with dark purple veining. The frosted appearance comes from the tiny hairs on the leaves that seem to glow in the sunlight. Masses of tiny pale pink flowers on tall stems of about 30" rise above the briliiant evergreen foliage.


A Heuchera that is out of this world! Big, leathery leaves emerge bright red and turn much darker as they age. They are heavily variegated and display rose pink spots that dissipate over the season. In late spring to mid-summer, panicles of small bell-shaped creamy white flowers rise up to 14" on slender white stems. An impressive contrast.

Georgia Peach

Terra Nova does it again! Bred for heat and humidity tolerance. In spring, large peach colored leaves with a showy silver overlay accent the lush habit. Foliage color intensifies to rose purple with a decorative frosted veil in fall and winter. Bred for heat and humidity, this Heuchera is a great landscape specimen for anywhere in North America.


Add some garden bling! There truly is nothing else like it. Not only does it have mirror-bright silver foliage, but it has contrasting black veins that really sparkle. The soft violet leaf back is as pretty as the top, but is rarely seen due to the ultra-neat habit of the plant. To top off this Hollywood Glam introduction, it has fantastic bouquet-type flowers of exotic fuchsia-pink. Terra Nova - breeding the best in Heucheras.

Grape Expectations

Grape Expectations stands out from the rest. New foliage emerges vibrant grape purple with black veins in spring. The broad, thick and durable, somewhat fuzzy leaves form a dense, upright mound. As the temperatures rise, the leaves develop a bright silver coating and then turn back to very deep purple in late fall. Creamy white flowers are produced on dark purple stems in midsummer.

Green Spice

Terra Nova's top-seller around the world and great in the shade! Much more color contrast and more vigorous than Heuchera 'Beauty Color'. Its dark gray-edged silver leaves with red venation are smoother and brighter, bigger, and better. Exceptional fall color, which we label as “pumpkin, neon orange.” A very unique leaf combination that will have your visitors in awe.

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