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Hostas at a Glance: Popular Hostas

Drought-resistant, hostas give your garden lush cover.

Popular hostas are an easy, yet beautiful plant that is hardy and can be the key to a beautiful backyard. Look no further for a low-maintenance, stunning, but super easy plant then the hosta.

Who doesn’t love hostas? They’re big, they’re bold, and they’re pretty easy to grow. Hostas give gardeners in cooler zones the tropical look they long to have from plants. But with popularity comes endless choices, you’re bound to see a sea of hostas, in every conceivable size and color.

Types of Hostas

Not all hostas are green, though. Some lean toward butter-yellow or gold, powder blue, cream or white. Others are variegated or bordered or striped in various hues. Leaf textures, shapes and sizes also vary from plant to plant, making it possible — and fun — to collect dozens of different species or selections. Look for leaf surfaces that are crinkled, smooth, wavy, puckered or concave. The leaves themselves can be heart-shaped or elongated, oval or rounded

Care for Hostas

Most popular hostas need shade, but some will take sun, so read plant labels and choose varieties that like the growing conditions you can offer. The majority of these undemanding plants grow in average soils. Hostas need average water, but most benefit from watering during dry spells. Also water more often if they’re planted underneath trees that may compete for water and nutrients. Be careful not to overwater, which can cause the plants to rot. Suspect crown rot if you see yellow foliage and stunted growth.

Hostas can make a yard look amazing. They are easy to grow and are low-maintenance. The beautiful colors that hostas come in will help to make any yard look great. Let our gardening experts help you create a beautiful landscape. We offer a variety of planting and delivery services that will fit your needs.


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