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A Guide to Hostas

Hostas are hardy perennials that are especially perfect for a shady garden. Hostas grow best in moist, well-drained, organically enriched soil and full to part shade.  They are such a versatile plant that is offered in a myriad of sizes, shapes, textures and colours.  These awesome perennials are inexpensive, long lived, multiply and can flourish in any number of garden situations.  

August Moon

A medium-large, yellow-leaved Hosta that grows in a dense mound to 20" tall & 42" wide. Leaves are heart-shaped. Light lavender to white, flowers bloom in mid-summer.

Empress Wu

The largest known Hosta on the market. Makes a tremendous focal point. Huge, thick, dark green, deeply veined leaves form a massive mound in your shade garden.

Autumn Frost

Its attractive textured oval leaves remain powder blue in colour with distinctive yellow edges and tinges of creamy white throughout the season. In mid-summer lavender flowers rise.

Fire and Ice

Provides excellent contrast in colours with its pure white centers and very dark green margins. Leaves are heavily twisted & form a dense mound of thick foliage.

Big Daddy

A large, blue-leaved Hosta that grows to be 28” tall & 40”wide. Has round, thick, cupped, heart-shaped rich blue leaves that are abruptly pointed. The best blue colour occurs in shade.

Fire Island

Provides brilliant color with its bright yellow leaves accented by deep red stems in spring. New growth fades in intensity as it matures and turns more chartreuse in summer.

Blue Angel

Emerges blue but will be blue-green to green by mid-summer. Plant in very little direct sunlight to hold onto the blue the longest. Very large mound makes a great specimen plant.

First Frost

This medium sized Hosta lives up to its name, providing stunningly colored foliage all season long - right up until the first frost. Intense blue-green leaves with a yellow border.

Blue Mammoth

A fantastic giant, blue-leaved Hosta that grows in a mound to 34" tall and to 48" wide with thick, heavily corrugated, wide-oval, powder blue-green leaves up to 16".


Heart shaped, dark green leaves have narrow white margins - one of the best white margined varieties. It typically matures in a dense, arching mound to 21" tall and to 36" wide.

Blue Mouse Ears

A miniature, clump-forming Hosta produces symmetrical foliage mound only 6” tall x 11” wide. The heart-shaped leaf is curled to resemble the shape of mouse ears.

Frances Williams

A popular cultivar, features attractive, large, textured, heart-shaped leaves that remain bluish-green in colour with distinctive chartreuse edges throughout the season.

Coast to Coast

A giant, solid gold Hosta that makes a striking specimen in the shade garden. Emerges gold in spring & turns lighter gold with a bit more sun exposure during the summer.

Great Expectations

Forms an attractive, dense mound of large, oval, puckered, blue-green leaves with gold centers aging to creamy white. 22-24” tall mound of variegated interest.

Designer Genes

Wonderful in your shade gardens. This selection has red stems which contrast nicely against the narrow golden-yellow foliage. It starts gold & turns to chartreuse in summer.


Soft avocado green and yellow marbled foliage with streaks of slightly darker blue-green. White-lavender, fragrant flower stalks in mid summer. Does well in full shade gardens

Earth Angel

Heart-shaped blue-green leaves are bordered by a creamy white margin. The cream margin gets much wider as it matures and often streaks towards the midrib.

Guardian Angel

Ruffled leaves that emerge blue-green with an ivory center. Leaves turn to almost completely blue-green as summer progresses. It forms a large clump of lovely ruffled foliage.

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