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A Guide to Hostas – Part 2

Hostas are so diverse in size, shape, colour and texture, that they are an inspiration in the shade garden.   For the most part, Hosta’s are very easy to care for and grow so well in shady conditions where other plants struggle.  Although they flower in late spring or summer, the real attraction is the outstanding foliage.


Sturdy & compact, this Hosta performs superbly in the shade garden with its heart-shaped blue leaves. Forms a perfect mound of thick, slug resistant blue foliage that looks good all season.

Mini Skirt

Regarded as one of the most popular white margined Hostas. A divinely eye-catching mound of large, ovate-shaped, satiny, dark green leaves adorned with wide, pure white margins.

Island Breeze

Wide, dark green margins stand in sharp contrast to the bright yellow centers in early spring. Bold, bright attractive leaves are held on pretty red petioles.

Minute Man

Regarded as one of the most popular white margined hostas. A divinely eye-catching mound of large, ovate-shaped, satiny, dark green leaves adorned with wide, pure white margins.


Lovely, compact & variegated, it is a great addition to shady areas where it forms an attractive, dense mound of smooth, heart-shaped, blue-green leaves splashed with yellow in the centres.


This fast grower forms an attractive, dense mound of thick, widely oval, highly seer suckered and puckered, chartreuse green leaves turning golden yellow as the season progresses.

June Fever

A relatively compact, sturdy mound with shiny, green & light green variegated leaf color. The bright golden yellow turning chartreuse by mid-summer with blue-green margins.


A traditional Hosta is one of the most recognized hostas on the market. Leaves emerge dark green in spring with creamy yellow margins. Margins quickly become pure white by late spring.

June Spirit

A distinctive mound of shiny leaves with wide, deep green margin and chartreuse centers that turn yellow in summer if planted in part sun. Lavender blue flowers mid-summer.

Praying Hands

Unique, narrow, tightly folded foliage that resembles hands folded in prayer. Thick, dark green leaves are heavily rippled with very narrow gold margins with matte tops.

Lakeside Paisley Print

This stunning Hosta of the year 2019, produces heart-shaped leaves with very wide, wavy, green margins. Creamy white centres in a feathery pattern! Fantastic!

Rainbow’s End

This small selection features shiny, yellow leaves with dark green margins & green streaking. The centre of the leaves brighten to creamy-white in summer. Low maintenance.


A large Hosta that grows in an upright vase-shape up to 24” tall. Thick, wide oval leaves are 12” long x 10” wide with a short, sharp point. Matte green with a streaky yellow border.

Rainforest Sunrise

Beautiful heart-shaped, puckered leaves are dark green with a margin that emerges chartreuse & brightens to yellow in summer. Sturdy leaves have very good slug resistance.


Gorgeous deep, green-edged leaves with nearly white centers hold their color all season. Thick, resilient, slug resistant foliage forms a substantial clump topped with flowers mid summer.

Stained Glass

Bright golden leaves with wide, deep green margins and prominent veining provide the appearance of stained glass. Large, fragrant, pale lavender flowers.

Mighty Mouse

The rounded leaves of heavy substance emerge blue-green with a bright creamy yellow margin. By summer, the leaves transition to grey-green with a creamy white margin.

Sum and Substance

An immense Hosta growing to 30” high & 60” wide. This dependable Hosta features large, heart-shaped, thick textured, glossy, yellow leaves which turn golden with sun


This stand-out variety produces dazzling white leaves with blue-green edges and chartreuse-gold variegation. Beautiful tall, white scapes with lavender flowers in mid to late summer complete the look.

Wiggles & Squiggles

This unique Hosta lives up to its name. It forms a low, wide habit that really highlights the wiggly edges. Thin, bright yellow, incredibly wavy leaves grow best in morning sun and afternoon shade.

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