A Guide to Pond Kits, Water Features & Lighting

Turn your backyard into a beautiful, serene retreat. Ecosystem ponds work with Mother Nature to provide food, shelter, and safety to the wildlife around it. It also provides an all-natural, low-maintenance piece of paradise. Every piece of the ecosystem puzzle must be present in order for a true ecosystem to be in place. Eliminate one […]

A Guide to Aquatic Plants – Part 1

Aquatic plants are plants that have adapted to living in aquatic environments (saltwater or freshwater).  Situate your pond where it will get at least 6 hours of sun daily.  Pond plants flower better in full sun.  Choose plants with a variety of textures and forms. There are 5 basic categories of Pond Plants ∙ Deep-Water Plants: […]

A Guide to Aquatic Plants – Part 2

Aquatic plants are essential to the health and balance of your pond ecosystem.  They filter and remove unwanted minerals that can affect the ponds water conditions while providing shelter and shade for your aquatic creatures.  Aquatic plants are extremely beautiful and add soft, natural look to the environment.