A Guide to Pond Kits, Water Features & Lighting

Turn your backyard into a beautiful, serene retreat.

Ecosystem ponds work with Mother Nature to provide food, shelter, and safety to the wildlife around it. It also provides an all-natural, low-maintenance piece of paradise. Every piece of the ecosystem puzzle must be present in order for a true ecosystem to be in place. Eliminate one of these elements and you’ve got an unbalanced ecosystem.

The Aquascape Pond or Waterfall Kits come complete with everything you need to build a beautiful waterfall or ecosystem pond in any space, eliminating the guesswork and calculations when purchasing individual components. A Pondless Waterfall is simply a recirculating waterfall or stream without the presence of a pond. Backyard ecosystem ponds come in a wide variety so you can make your backyard as unique as you are. Or you may want to install one fountain, or group several together for a truly unique water feature. Just add plants, flowers, decorative rock, or mulch to complete your project. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the soothing sights and sounds of running water in the garden. You’ll enjoy seeing the birds and butterflies that come to visit your new decorative water feature.

Pond and Landscape Lighting

Add a new dimension to your water feature by bringing it to life at night. Aquascape lighting makes enjoying your garden easy, day or night.
No matter what type of water feature you have, you can enhance its beauty well into the evening hours with the addition of Aquascape’s LED lighting.
Add an impressive range of high impact colour options, or a more natural warm light strategically placed to enhance the pond and the water as it gently cascades over an edge.


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