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A Guide to Aquatic Plants – Part 2

Aquatic plants are essential to the health and balance of your pond ecosystem.  They filter and remove unwanted minerals that can affect the ponds water conditions while providing shelter and shade for your aquatic creatures.  Aquatic plants are extremely beautiful and add soft, natural look to the environment.

Water Lily Comanche

The fragrant flowers change colors as it matures from orange to yellow. Flowers are held above the water. Long bloom season from spring through summer.

Water Lily Pink Sensation (Nymphaea x)

Considered one of the best hardy pink water lilies. Blooms are held above the waterline, stay open later in the day, are free-flowering and have a slight fragrance.

Water Lily Denver (Nymphaea x)

Boasts floating rounded green leaves with a red tint at the edges creating a lovely backdrop for the ivory white, peony shaped4 in luminous flowers.

Water Lily Rembrandt (Nymphaea x)

Beautiful pink flowers with red inner petals and a rose red colour on the outer petals float gracefully on the surface on green leaves with a hint of fragrance.

Water Lily Hardy White (Nymphaea odorata)

Large, fragrant, white flowers and flat, round, floating leaves. The leaves have long stems and are bright green above and reddish or purplish underneath.

Water Lily Robinsoniana (Nymphaea x)

This variety has orange-red flowers and lighter sepals with greenish cream tips. It as light purple leaves with purple blotches & red undersides with purple specks.

Water Lily Indiana (Nymphaea x)

Small & very hardy, the flower changes colour daily from apricot and darkens to apricot-orange and then orange-red as it ages. Flowers float on the waters surface.

Water Lily Sioux (Nymphaea x)

Changing color blooms from yellow to apricot are held just above the water & stay open later in the day. Very free-flowering & can be used in medium or large water gardens.

Water Lily Norma Gedye (Nymphaea x)

Features large pink flowers that sit flat on the surface of the pond. A free flowering variety, this classic is well suited to medium and large water features.

Water Lily Sunrise (Nymphaea x)

The long, narrow petals on the large blooms are like rays of sunlight. The flowers are held magnificently, 6” above the large, green pads & the surface of the water.

Water Lily Peach Glow (Nymphaea x)

A prolific bloomer producing a profusion of blossoms, the young plants are yellow in colour and will only produce the peach glow colour when it has matured.

Water Lily Wanvisa (Nymphaea x)

It has an overall pink-salmon coloured flower with pale-yellow to ivory speckles on the petals. However, if you look closely, it also has tones of orange, peach and deep pink.

Water Lily Peaches and Cream (Nymphaea x)

Fragrant water lily that blooms in a beautiful color gradient. Its peony-like peachy pink outer petals open to creamy yellow centers.

Zebra Rush (Scirpus tabernaemontani zebrinus)

Also known as the banded bulrush, it is a very popular pond plant due to its attractive, striped stems & ability to adeptly filter water. Adds a vertical accent.

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