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Popular Daylilies – Hemerocallis

Daylilies are loved by professional and novice gardeners alike since the are amazingly low maintenance – almost no maintenance is required. Daylilies produce large, colorful flowers that will return year after year with minimal care—even in drought conditions.

Daylilies are name appropriately as each flower lasts just one day.  Fortunately, they are prolific bloomers with a mature plant having 4 to 6 scapes (leafless stems) and each scape consisting of 12 to 15 buds.   This gives the Daylily a long bloom time. You can extend the bloom time even further by choosing a combination of early, mid-season, late blossoming varieties, and repeat bloomers to have daylilies in flower from late throughout the season.

They are incredibly easy to grow, are virtually disease and pest free and will survive in even the poorest of conditions.  Of course, with a little ‘tlc’, these flowers will thrive and perform at their best. And they are attractive to pollinators.  Plant en masse for incredible visual impact.

Listed below are popular Daylilies and not all are necessarily available at this time.

Please contact the Nursery for current inventory requests as availability can change frequently.

Adopt Me

Soft peach double blooms rise high above full semi-evergreen foliage. Slow growth rate. Blooms mid to late summer. They open in the morning and wither before the following evening- some to be replaced by another flower on the same scape.

Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine Daylily boasts deep-rose colored flowers, with florescent yellow throats, blooming mid to late summer. It has green, grass-like foliage and enjoys full sun to partial shade. Rebloomer.

Big Blue

Soft and delicate, this lovely daylily features light lavender pink petals with a green throat that rise high above full evergreen foliage. Slow growth rate. Blooms mid summer. Rebloomer.

Big Time Happy

A compact perennial boasting a profusion of fragrant, lemon yellow flowers, 4 in. across, adorned with a glowing yellow-green throat. Blooming in late spring to early summer, and again until frost, the attractive blossoms are held neatly above its compact mound of arching, linear leaves.

Brazilian Orange

Soft orange petals with a lighter hued midrib and a gold-green throat rise high above full evergreen foliage. Blooms mid summer. Rebloomer.

Broadway Pink Slippers

Delicately ruffled blush pink petals and lighter pink sepals with a thin light pink midrib and green throat rise high above full evergreen foliage. Blooms in summer. Rebloomer.

Catharine Woodbury

Elegant soft pink flowers with soft lavender undertones, and a golden yellow throat. The foliage is a light green color and has tall erect stems. Blooms starting mid-to-late season and are repeat bloomers.

Chicago Apache

Stunning bright red petals, a vivid yellow throat, and slightly ruffled edges. Blooms continuously from June through August above clumps of slender, green, grass-like foliage. An easy-care plant with sunfast color.

Chicago Sunrise

A repeat-blooming, semi-evergreen daylily that features orange-yellow flowers (to 6”). Flowers appear on naked stems (scapes) that typically rise to 24-30” tall above a clump of arching, linear, blade-like, green leaves.

China Lake

Plum-rose-lavender blend with a cream throat. Sword-like leaves, arranged in pairs, grow at the base of the plant. Early to mid-summer bloomer. Rebloomer.

Court Magician

An eye-catching purple flower with a lighter lavender center above a yellow throat with slightly wavy edges. Flowers rise high above full green foliage. Blooms mid-summer. Rebloomer.

Cricket Dance

Grape-rose with a magenta-purple eye zone and green throat · Sword-like leaves, arranged in pairs, grow at the base of the plant · Rebloomer · Bloom Time: July

Cute Thing

Double blooms of pale apricot petals and green throat rise high above full green foliage. Slow growth rate. Rebloomer. Blooms mid season - July

Early Snow

Supremely beautiful, the ruffled, shimmering diamond dusted petals open wide and flat, making the flowers appear even larger than its 7 inches. A profusion of huge, fragrant, rich ivory-white flowers, blossom in early summer and then again later in the season.

Elegant Candy

Romantic colour, exquisite rounded form, lovely ruffles, tremendous bud count and outstanding garden performance. An established clump will make a huge and long-lasting show. 4 1/2" blooms in early and midseason, repeat later in the summer on 25"stems.

Frans Hals

Big, bi-colored flowers alternate rich reddish orange petals with pure golden ones, adding a riot of color during the summer months. A profuse, mid-late season bloomer that is easy to grow, hardy and a reliable bloomer. Height 24".


Also known as the Tawny Daylily, Tiger Daylily or Ditch Daylily, it is a vigorous rebloomer and very adaptable. Features tawny orange, trumpet shaped blossoms atop leafless stems of up to 36", surrounded by a mound of arching, light green leaves. Blooms mid to late summer.

Gentle Shepherd

Noted for being one of the best of the white-flowering day lilies. It features 5.5” almost pure white flowers with yellow-green throats. Flowers appear on naked stems (scapes) that typically rise to 30” tall above a clump of arching, linear, blade-like, dark green leaves.

Happy Returns

One of the most popular, it is one of only a small handful of truly everblooming Daylilies available to gardeners in northern regions. This dwarf variety has medium-sized (3 inch) blooms in a lovely soft-yellow shade that blends with anything. Flowering continues constantly from May to frost. Flowers are edible.


A garden classic that has been around since 1925 and is a very fragrant Daylily. It's soft lemon yellow colour on tall 36" scapes is such a great performer, it will fill your gardens in no time. A very hardy summer blooming Daylily will flower in profusion above vigorous clumps of grass-like foliage.

Jersey Spider

Large 8" yellow-orange flowers with a green throat feature curved, spider-like ruffled petals displayed on very tall 40" stems. Sword-like leaves, arranged in pairs, grow at the base of the plant. Bloom time is late summer.

Joan Senior

One of the most popular near whites ever created, it is an early midseason Daylily that produces an abundance of elegant, large 6" creamy white flowers with gently recurved petals and soft lime green throats.


Vibrant blooms cover this intense perennial. Rich deep purple flowers with a black eyezone and contrasting deep green throat blooms in mid summer. Fragrant flowers are surrounded by sword-like leaves, arranged in pairs that grow at the base of this plant. Rebloomer.

Land of Cotton

A semi-evergreen, reblooming, diploid daylily cultivar that features fragrant, cream-colored, double blooms. The flowers reach 6" in diameter and are held on 2.5' tall flowering stalks. The main bloom period is in mid-season with sporadic reblooming through the summer. Mature clumps will reach around 2' tall with an equal spread.

Malmaison Plum

This incredibly vibrant Daylily will brighten up your gardens with vivid royal purple petals, a pale plum watermark and a green throat rise that seems to float high above full green foliage. Slow growth rate. Blooms mid summer. 2 ft tall and 1-2 ft spread. Rebloomer.

Manhattan Night

Very showy, muted plum purple petals with a pale lavender eye and a green throat rise high above on 34" scapes while full green foliage mounds at the base of the plant. 5" blooms appear mid-season. Semi evergreen.

Marque Moon

This Daylily stands out for looks and performance. Extravagant ruffling on the large 5-5½" elegant blossoms are fragrant, cream colored flowers with a yellow throat that radiates softly out onto the petals. This yellow coloring is repeated on the picotee edge around each rounded petal. This is a heavily budded daylily that can produce an incredible 40 buds per scape.


A northern bred Daylily with a superb purple colour. A clump-forming, deciduous perennial with arching, broadly linear, glossy, mid- to dark green leaves and, in summer, sturdy scapes bearing large, fragrant, trumpet-shaped, dark reddish-purple flowers with slightly recurved petals and bright green throats.

Mini Stella

A cute little mini version of the very popular Stella D'Oro growing just 8-10 iches tall. They form dense clumps of grassy foliage, with upright stems of trumpet flowers. This miniature selection features tiny yellow flowers with a green throat. Early/Midseason. Repeat blooming. Fragrant.

Mynelle's Starfish

A hardy but slow to establish giant ivory-cream variant. Its form is like a wide, ripply-edged "starfish". The flower always opens flat to show off their unique shaped petals.

New Tangerine Twist

Meet 'New Tangerine Twist' - an extraordinary Daylily! 'Twisted' pie-crust-edged, very long petals forming a triangular shape make this is a very unique Daylily. The exquisite, light tangerine orange flowers have a slight rose tone overall and a faint rose halo with a golden orange throat.

Old King Cole

This mid-summer bloomer arrives with a vibrant red-purple and ivory bicolour bloom with a lemon-yellow to green throat on 32" scapes. Sword-like leaves, arranged in pairs, grow at the base of the plant creating a stunning backdrop. Rebloomer.

Pandora's Box

Said to be one of the sweetest tasting of all the edible daylilies, this highly fragrant variety is vigorous and reblooming - a great combination. At 20", it is a mid sized daylily, with fragrant creamy-yellow to ivory flowers featuring a bright lavender-purple eyezone. Early/Midseason.

Paper Butterfly

Soft pastel makes a fantastic backdrop to the vibrant centre. Creamy orchid-peach petals feature a broad, shaded blue eyezone and a pastel yellow throat. A very interesting colour combination. Strong rebloomer. Very early bloom.

Pardon Me

This charming miniature daylily grows to just 18" tall. An abundance of small, fragrant, ruffled cranberry red blooms with a narrow yellow watermark and bright green throat cover this plant as it is considered one of the best reblooming reds ever. Mid summer to late season bloomer.

Peach Magnolia

This Daylily is just peachy! Fully double peach 5.5" flowers make this daylily look incredibly bountiful. Each bloom sports a green throat though barely visible through the full, ruffled petals. Peach Magnolia stands tall at 32". It is a strong rebloomer and blooms late season.

Purple De Oro

The purple version of the ever-popular Stella D'Oro, it blooms all summer, just like its namesake. A miniature Daylily that stands 12" to 14" tall with medium sized blooms of 3". Bloom-packed Daylily with lavender-purple flowers that will please even the most discriminating gardener all summer long, then finish the season strong with a second wave of blooms come fall.

Pygmy Plum

The large, luscious, deep coloured blooms of burgundy-purple with a lemon-green throat will appear not once, but twice in a season. An extremely easy to grow Daylily that is both heat and drought tolerant once established. In the medium range in terms of height at 20", it is a full plant with a 22" spread.

Red Hot Returns

A true everblooming Daylily that produces an abundance of large (5"), ruffled, vibrant crimson-red flowers have a brightly contrasting yellow halo and an apple green throat over an extremely long blooming period. This vigorous daylily begins blooming in early midseason and repeats bloom all the way into fall.

Rocket City

The best way to show off the sensational colour of this daylily, is to plant it en masses. You will not be disappointed in the sea of large, bittersweet orange flowers with a darker coppery bronze eye and lighter orange-yellow mid-ribs. This daylily grows up to 36" and blooms early to mid-season.

Rosy Returns

A charming favourite for its compact size, fragrance and blooming power. This Daylily enjoys profuse blooms over an extremely long blooming period. It produces attractive rose-pink blossoms with a darker rose eye and a golden throat, atop mounds of arching, blade-like leaves.

Ruby Stella

Ruby Stella - the sister of Stella D'Oro - is a very popular, compact, ruby-red selection boasting a profusion of slightly fragrant, vibrant, ruby-red 3" flowers, adorned with a small yellow throat. This easy going reliable bloomer flowers early summer through frost with no need to dead head.

Stella D'Oro

Stella D'Oro, aka Stella De Oro, one of the all time most popular Daylilies, is a classic. It is compact, vigorous, fragrant, and enjoys profuse blooms over an extremely long blooming period. This Miniature Daylily produces masses of rich, golden yellow trumpets on a compact plant in early to mid summer, and a reblooming habit brings them on again later in the season. Fragrant.

Stella Supreme

This daylily is similar in blooming behavior as the ever-popular ‘Stella de Oro (Stella D'Oro)’, but the flower shape and colour is different. Features bold lightly-scented buttery yellow trumpet-shaped flowers with yellow throats at the ends of the stems in early summer. Reblooming.

Sunday Gloves

Highly fragrant, white ruffled, trumpet shaped blooms with lemon yellow eyes and light celery green throats at the ends of stems from early to late summer. Low growing mounds of slender, arching green foliage; an elegant way to add softness to borders and beds. Very easy to grow. Midseason bloomer. Rebloomer.


A handsome leading man with bold, bright scarlet red petals, a darker red eye and green throat. Very popular! Some call it the best performing red flowered daylily ever! Blooms begin in the early season with repeat blooms occurring through the late season! Fragrant.

Tall and Proud

Standing Tall and Proud at 36" in height, with a 1' to 2' spread. 7" double blooms of light shell pink petals with a green throat rise high above full green foliage. Slow growth rate. Blooms mid to late summer. Rebloomer.


Such a vivid colour, you can't miss it in the garden. Striking tangerine petals with a raspberry-red eye and a green throat rise high above full green sword-like foliage arranged in pairs that grow at the base of the plant. Blooms mid summer. Rebloomer. Grows to 2' in height with a flower size of 4 inches.

Uncharted Waters

Strikingly bold, ruffled, rose-violet trumpet-shaped flowers with violet overtones, chartreuse throats and creamy white streaks appear at the ends of the stems in mid summer. The flowers are excellent for cutting. Its grassy leaves remain green in colour throughout the season.

Vanilla Fluff

Not only is she the prettiest thing you ever did see, she smells divine! Big, creamy 6″ double blooms have a deeper-hued halo and a green throat on scapes nearly 3' tall. The colour pops even more against the very green sword-like foliage. Super fragrant, this mid season bloomer should be included somewhere in your garden.

Wedding in White

Perhaps this Daylily should be called 'Wedding in not quite White', as it features creamy, ivory ruffled petals with a green throat rise high. The beautiful soft coloured 6.5" blooms appear mid to late season. They rise to about 3.5 ft tall with a 1-2 ft spread above full green foliage. Slow growth rate.

White Crinoline

Presents itself as a very romantic Daylily with crisp white to near white ruffled petals with a green throat. The 6" blooms emerge mid-season and atop 21" leafless stems. They are surrounded by sword-like foliage at the base of the plant that gives it extended interest in the garden. Showy and fragrant.

White Perfection

A bright white Daylily with ruffled edges that appear to be dusted with diamonds. A stunning white variety has a yellow-green throat that adds to the interest. The blooms pop against the deep green foliage and rise high above at 30". Mid to late season bloomer.

White Tuxedo

Another excellent near white variety. This charming Daylily has soft, creamy white, ruffled 5" petals with a pale citron green throat atop 29" scapes. At the base of the plant, full green foliage with sword-like leaves arching gently to complete the look. Mid-season bloom time.

Zona Rosa

This unforgettable Daylily will tickle you pink. It features a double cerise-rose blend and adds another dimension with the incredible green throat. A ruffled Daylily that produces masses of 5.5" blooms on 27" scapes surrounded by arching sword-like leaves at the base of the plant.

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