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A Guide to Perennial Fountain Grass

A warm-season grass grows in wonderfully.

Perennial Fountain Grass (Pennisetum alopecuroides)
Fountain Grass is known by many names and this perennial version of Fountain Grass should not be confused with the Annual varieties (Pennisetum setaceum). Among the most beautiful of Ornamental Grasses, this warm season grass grows in wonderfully, cascading clumps of narrow leaves changing to wonderful colours in fall. These grasses tolerate shade but perform best in sun. There are a number of different sizes to choose from including dwarf varieties. Easy to grow requiring very little maintenance.

Burgundy Bunny

A lovely miniature version growing 12-16” tall. An upright clump of narrow, green leaves bearing cream flower plumes in late summer. Leaves show red colour in summer but by fall are completely red, until frost.

Little Bunny

Masses of beautiful bottle brush type plumes rise above this finely textured dwarf grass – 18” tall. Bright green foliage changes to a gorgeous coppery bronze in fall. Works very well massed in borders.


One of the strongest and largest of the fountain grasses growing to 4’ in height. Everything about this plant billows in the breeze from the flowing foliage to the arching pink to maroon tinged plumes. Exceptional.


This cute little Piglet grows just 18” high and looks very impressive massed planted as borders or in a special little spot in your garden. In mid to late summer, full tawny plumes over finely textured green foliage.

Ginger Love

A medium sized fountain grass growing 2’-3’ tall & wide. A relatively new Fountain Grass with thick dark red plumes over green mounding foliage. The foliage turns a fantastic orange red in fall.

Red Head

Deep purple buds mature to smoky purple bottlebrush plumes in mid to late summer. These large, impressive plumes can be 3” wide by 10” long making quite an impact. Fall brings gold tones to the green foliage.


The oldest fountain grass, it is a fine textured dwarf grass up to 28” in height. Graceful bright green linear leaves in summer turning to a golden yellow. Large foxtail like silvery white flower spikes in mid to late summer.

Karley Rose

Actually an Oriental Fountain Grass, it encompasses many of the same attributes. Considered a dwarf at 18” tall, it has showy, fluffy smoky rose purple spikes reaching 3’ resembling sprays of a fountain.

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