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A Guide to Carex Ornamental Grass

Carex (Sedge) are top-notch foliage perennials belonging to a vast genus of over 1,500 species.

Sedge (Carex)

Sedge is a mostly evergreen shade ornamental clump grass valued for its stunning appeal.  These highly decorative, small ornamental grasses enjoy sun but will thrive in shady, moist areas of the garden.


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Bowles Golden

A striking golden Sedge with shimmering yellow blades of grass with fine green edges curling towards the ground. A small, dense fountain like clump about 12”–18” tall.

Japanese Sedge Ice Cream

Creamy white blades striped with green are a lovely contrast and the exact opposite of Ice Dance. A hardy cool season grass, it is very easy to maintain.

Japanese Sedge Evergold

Possibly the most distinctive sedge, it has creamy yellow leaves with fine dark green edges. A highly decorative evergreen adds contrast in the garden.

Japanese Sedge Ice Dance

A semi evergreen will brighten up your shade garden featuring a low, tufted mound of narrow, arching, shiny dark green leaves with bright white edges.

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