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A Guide to Indoor Tropical Plants – Part 1

A Guide to Indoor Tropical Plants - Part 1

Indoor tropical plants can bring exotic flair to your home. While some are best known for there eye-popping flowers, others are loved for their large, unusually patterned leaves.

Exotic houseplants are a very common sight in nearly every home.  They brighten your living space, help improve indoor air quality, add life … plus caring for plants can be therapeutic.  Many indoor plants also provide beautiful splashes of color to compliment your décor & can lift our spirits.  These low-maintenance indoor tropical houseplants add lushness & color to any home without needing much from you other than an occasional watering. 

** Please be aware that some houseplants can be toxic to children and animals when ingested.

Aglaonema Jubilee

An attractive, easy to care for plant that are on many best house plant lists. Used often in homes and commercial applications as they require little light & maintenance.

Aglaonema Maria

It performs quite well in darker spaces as with most Aglaoenema. The minty green stripes on its dark green leaves make it a dynamic accent plant. Very low maintenance.

Aglaonema Silver Bay

aka Chinese Evergreen, it is know for the striking variegation on it’s leaves. The plant is extremely easy to care for, making it the perfect houseplant for beginners.

Aloe barbadensis miller

Aloe vera is a succulent with a distinct appearance. It will typically have thick, fleshy leaves. leaves. Quite common in homes due to its many healing benefits.

Arboricola Braided

A superb, long-lasting, low maintenance houseplant. Offered here with an braided stem. The leaves form in clusters of 7 to 9 leaflets resembling an elegant umbrella.

Arboricola Trinette Bush

An easy-care variegated variety of the popular umbrella plant with large patches of creamy yellow lighting up its foliage. Perfect for brightening up any space in your house.

Bromeliad Guzmania

Guzmania are impressive blooms in clusters of long lasting, showy, red orange, yellow, purple or white flowers. Their height varies by species, but they get as tall as 2 feet.

Bromeliad Neoregelia Franca

A medium to large sized tropical and is green with bright pink banding. Color increases with high light & diminishes with lower light conditions. They average 14-16” diameter.

Cactus - Assorted

Our garden centre is overflowing with a variety of unique and interesting cacti in 2.5” pots of many colors, shapes, sizes and textures. They are easy care, low maintenance plants.

Calthea - Assorted

Calathea plants come from a species of flowering plants native to tropical Africa. Famous for their wide, colorful leaves. A great choice as they do very well in low light areas.

Calathea - Orbifolia

A South American prayer plant kept for its clean, designer quality foliage. One of the larger Oribolia, it has bold oval leaves that can grow over a foot across. It can be a bit of a fussy plant.

Cat Palm

Also called Cascade or Cataract Palm, it is native to Mexico. Resembles the pricey Kentia Palm. This beautiful houseplant grows slowly but eventually reaches a height of 4 - 6ft.

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