A Guide to Indoor Tropical Plants – Part 3

Ficus Retusa Bonsai

One of the rare tree species that grows as well indoors as out, makes this a most Bonsai. It’s often shaped with a thick s-curved trunk and has dark green oval leaves making it a very unique and decorative plant.

Ficus Starlight

A new variegated form of durable green Weeping Fig. This multi stemmed shrub has lovely, slender-pointed, ovate leaves broadly margined with creamy-white.

Ivy - English

This plant does well inside or out. It is a vigorous grower and looks great hanging or climbing. Bright light is a must for this plant to thrive and can be planted in most soils.


A popular succulent that adapts well to warm, dry conditions found in most homes. Fleshy, oval shaped leaves with thick, woody stems that resemble tiny tree trunks.


Known for their "Swiss cheese" look, they are delightfully low maintenance. Just water them when their soil is dry to the touch, about once a week, and give them plenty of sunshine.

Neantha Bella Palm

One of the most sought after indoor palms, it thrives in our homes and workplaces where other species may struggle, even in artificial light conditions.

Peace Lily

A hardy houseplant that will let you know when its thirsty with droopy glossy leaves. Attractive flowers rise up creamy to pure white twice a year (spring & fall) on healthy plants.

Peperomia Obtusa

The Baby Rubber plant loves humidity but loathes the cold. A self-sufficient plant, it has slender stems supporting fleshy, almost succulent looking leathery, glossy leaves.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Often called Moth Orchids or the beginners Orchid due to its easy-going manner. This orchid with leafy stems and long-lasting flowers does best a bright, warm, humid spot.

Pilea Aluminium

An easy-going house plant that is generally simple to please. With proper water and sunlight it will continue to be a stunning addition to your indoor garden for years.

Ponytail Palm

Not a palm, but part of the Agave family, this delightful plant is easy to grow but loves bright sushine. The leaves grow long, green and curly, giving the plant it’s ponytail appearance.

Pothos - Golden

It is perhaps one of the easiest house plants to care for but careful not over water. This golden variety is known for its heart-shaped leaves of green with a variegation in yellow.

Pothos - Golden Totem

A striking combination of both a trailing vine & a plant with structure. It has shiny, lush heart shaped, variegated, stand out foliage. Thrives in bright indirect light & household temps.

Rex Begonia

An attractive houseplant with bright, jaw-dropping leaf coloration in various shades of green, red, silver & purple. Sometimes called painted leaf or fancy-leaf begonias.

Sambac Jasmine

This exquisite plant produces blooms that are highly fragrant. All you need is bright light, proper soil rich in nutrients, average watering, & overall good care.

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