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The Knock-Out®Family 2024

Known as “self-cleaning” roses - no need to deadhead!

Knock Out Roses are easy to care for and have a longer blooming season

Knock Out Roses are a family of easy to grow roses requiring no special care for success.  They have stunning flower power and an extended bloom time which continues up to frost.  They are hardy to Zone 5 and are self-cleaning – no deadheading needed.


Knock Out® Coral

New, unique color addition of bright coral, double flowers. Abundant clusters of flowers 2.5" across have excellent colour retention - the colour does not fade in the heat. It blooms from spring through fall and the compact shrub maintains an upright to rounded habit.


Knock Out® Peachy

Blooms from spring through fall with attractive pink flowers. The overall color effect is peach, achieved with the combination of pink petals that become yellow in the center. The color will be much more intense with the cooler temperatures in the spring and fall.

Not available in 2024

Knock Out® Petite Red

The first ever miniature KNOCK OUT Rose. Now, there's a compact version: the Petite Knock Out. It's every bit as easy-care and gorgeous as its larger kin, but you can fit this miniature rose almost anywhere to enjoy its vibrant red blooms. Adorable petite size with all the amazing attributes of standard Knock Out Roses.


Knock Out® Sunny

One of the most fragrant of the family, this is a bright and cheery rose with luminescent yellow single flowers that fade to a pastel cream. A profuse bloomer, this shrub produces continuously. Extraordinary resistance to common rust, mildew and black spot foliage diseases. Makes a superb low hedge.


Knock Out® Rainbow

A hardy, compact mounding shrub rose boasting masses of coral pink flowers with yellow centers. Typically grows to 3-4’ tall and as wide, blooms continuously with excellent disease resistance. It is particularly noted for its ability to bloom in as little as 3 hours per day of direct sun.

Not Available in 2024

Knock Out® Red

Abundant & continuous, you will bring outstanding color to your garden with this Knockout Red Rose Bush. These roses are easy to grow and will bloom from spring until frost with no maintenance required. Resistant to black spot and downy mildew, this shrub rose is perfect for landscapes as a hedge or an accent.


Knock Out® White

When you think of flower power, this rose comes to mind with almost non-stop blooming during the season. A compact shrub rose which produces abundant clusters of slightly fragrant, pure white, single flowers, up to 3.5 in. across (9 cm). The blossoms stand out against the disease-resistant, dark green, almost black foliage.


Double Knock Out® Pink

A well behaved, compact shrub rose. Abundant clusters of fully double, bright, bubble gum pink flowers. Known for their compact size, long bloom season, bright color, profuse flowering, exceptional resistance to blackspot and winter hardiness. Grows in a rounded, bushy and well-behaved shrub, up to 3-4 ft. tall and wide.


Double Knock Out® Red

The full double flower looks just like a classic rose but requires little care. A very hardy, vigorous repeat bloomer. An excellent shrub rose that stands out in the landscape due to the contrast between cherry red blooms and very dark green foliage. It blooms from spring through fall, maintaining a compact habit.


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