NEW ROSE VARIETY! – Stunning Showpiece® ROSES

NEW from the world famous breeder of the Flower Carpet® ground cover roses comes a whole new series of fabulous roses – the Showpiece™ FRAGRANT SHRUB rose series.

In full sun, these Showpiece shrub roses will produce masses of large, classic, fragrant rose blooms. From early spring through to the first frosts, you’ll have many rose blooms either to enjoy in the garden or pick for a vase indoors. The foliage is mid green, lush and robust.


These Showpiece fragrant shrub roses thrive in most climates and soils but perform best in well-drained crumbly garden soil with added organic matter. They will become tolerant to dryer conditions once established by routine watering.


Plant Showpiece fragrant shrub roses: into mixed garden beds to create some garden romance; massed in bold wedges for contemporary colour punch; near a bench or along a path where the perfume can be better enjoyed.


These Showpiece roses are drought tolerant but need thorough watering when first planted, then regularly until established. For blooming good health, feed with a controlled-release rose fertilizer in early spring and late summer: one to two handfuls gently tossed into the surface soil around the base of the plant.


Happily, a rose as lovely as the Rosa Showpiece series is also tolerant to disease. It doesn’t require routine chemical spraying: apply only if necessary. As for insect pests, since infestations are rare, treat plants only if they’re affected.


Each year in winter or early spring, prune the Showpiece fragrant shrub roses back hard to 25-30cm off the ground to produce maximum flowers in late spring and summer.

• Create a traditional rose sampler garden and start by filling each bed with massed Showpiece roses. Under-plant with bulbs  or annuals and you’ll have a fragrant place to wander and look great for many months of the year.
• Place a garden bench permanently at the end of a garden path then surround it with a bed of Showpiece roses for months of blooms and heady perfume.
• Set against contemporary architecture, massed geometric plantings of Showpiece fragrant shrub roses make a striking and complementary contrast.
• To dress a space for a celebration, fill large containers with Showpiece shrub roses and position them at entrances, on patios, across plazas where everyone can enjoy their beautiful fragrance and beautiful colour.  Then plant them in a garden to over winter. Win win!

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