A Guide to Knock Out and Groundcover Roses

The newest trends in Roses.

Knock Out Roses are easy to care for and have a longer blooming season

Knock Out Roses are a family of easy to grow roses requiring no special care for success.  They have stunning flower power and an extended bloom time which continues up to frost.  They are hardy to Zone 5 and are self-cleaning – no deadheading needed.

Groundcover roses are great for covering banks, slopes or rocky areas

Flower Carpet Roses™ – The world’s #1 ground cover rose.  Once established, some varieties can produce an astonishing display of up to 2,000 flowers from spring to fall.  The latest generation of Flower Carpet Roses™ are extraordinarily low maintenance, self-cleaning, disease resistant and when roots are well developed, drought tolerant.

Knock Out Coral

New, unique color addition of bright coral double flowers. The colour does not fade in heat. Compact, upright & rounded.


Knock Out Sunny

One of the most fragrant of the family, this is a bright and cheery rose with bright yellow flowers that fade to a pastel cream.

Knock Out Peachy

Although this is an attractive pink flower, it appears peach in colour due to the yellow centres. Blooms spring thru fall.

Knock Out White

A standout shrub due to the contrast between the pure white flowers and very dark green foliage. Compact & slightly fragrant.


Knock Out Pink

Blooming it’s heart out, this compact shrub produces abundant clusters of single, bright bubble gum pink flowers.

Double Knock Out Pink

A well behaved, compact shrub rose. Abundant clusters of fully double, bright, bubble gum pink flowers.

Knock Out Rainbow

More compact than other Knock Out roses, this uniquely coloured rose has coral-pink blooms with yellow centres.

Double Knock Out Red

The full double flower looks just like a classic rose but requires little care. A very hardy, vigorous repeat bloomer.

Knock Out Red

Abundant & continuous. The bloom cycle produces rich, cherry red blooms until first hard frost with no maintenance required.

Flower Carpet Amber

A surprisingly fragrant soft red rosebuds open to lovely semi-double, peachy amber blooms that fade to seashell pink with age.


Flower Carpet Pink

A non-stop summer show of vibrant hot pink blooms providing stunning colour all summer long. An easy care ground cover with no dead heading required.


Flower Carpet Appleblossom

Aptly named as they do resemble apple blossoms. Abundant clusters of soft pastel pink flowers on a compact dense bush of glossy green foliage.

Flower Carpet Red

Blanketed in stunning lightly scented scarlet red flowers at the ends of the branches from late spring to early fall. Looks fantastic in mass plantings.


Flower Carpet Coral

Stunning and fragrant, these coral pink flowers have creamy white eyes on the ends of branches from spring to late summer. Excellent cut flowers.


Flower Carpet Yellow

An impressive fuss-free groundcover rose which produces large sprays of rich yellow semi-double flowers with darker yellow stamens that will not fade.


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