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Groundcover Roses 2024

The newest trends in Roses.

Groundcover roses are great for covering banks, slopes or rocky areas.

Flower Carpet Roses™ – The world’s #1 ground cover rose.  A low growing bush, it will reach heights of 12 to 24″.  Once established, some varieties can produce an astonishing display of up to 2,000 flowers from spring to fall. 

The latest generation of Flower Carpet Roses™ are extraordinarily low maintenance, self-cleaning, disease resistant and when roots are well developed, drought tolerant.  Surface roots take up available surface water while deeper roots access lower level water in drought conditions.

Pruning is optional: once a year, usually in very early spring. Don’t want to prune, no worries either, Flower Carpet ground cover roses will still flower prolifically on a slightly larger bush.  If you would like to prune to maintain control over the bush, spring is the time to do it.  It doesn’t have to be too precise but is recommended that you remove about two-thirds of the plant for the bushiest results.  For the most prolific blooms, you will want to fertilize the plant twice with a slow release fertilizer.  Once in spring and once in the middle of the summer.  To protect those roots, mulch is recommended.  Plus it helps keep the weeds down and generally just looks better.

This is the rose that just blooms, no guessing, no worrying.   A ground cover rose that really performs.


Flower Carpet® Mini Cherry

Recently released, the newest edition of the world’s number one ground cover rose. This fantastic mini version of the famed Flower Carpet® Rose is the size of a cherry on a shorter bush and outstanding in a cherry red colour. Makes a perfect hedge, is great for edging and or massed for colour. Almost non-stop flowering from spring until fall.

Flower Carpet® Peach

An easy care groundcover with peachy, single to semi-double flowers. A stunning colour combination with a flame centre and touch of yellow surrounded by the softest peach shades. Self-cleaning flowers bloom continuously all season with no need to deadhead! Resistant to mildew and black spot, and tolerant of drought once established. Ideal in borders and pots. Deciduous.

Flower Carpet® Pink Supreme

A non-stop summer show of vibrant hot pink blooms providing stunning colour all summer long. An easy care ground cover with no dead heading required. Winner of world's top honor for disease resistant roses. Heat and humidity tolerant, fuss-free, low growing shrub in the landscape, on a gentle slope, or as groundcover.

Flower Carpet® Red

An incredibly prolific bloomer that provides vivid color from spring until winter. Forms a low mound, covered with velvety, carmine red flowers with bright yellow centers. Highly disease resistant foliage emerges with a red tinge and matures to dark green with burgundy edges.

Flower Carpet® Scarlet

The newest Flower Carpet® Rose is a very easy rose to grow with incredible impact. Blanketed in stunning, lightly scented, semi-double scarlet red flowers at the ends of the branches from late spring to early fall. Looks fantastic in mass plantings. Disease resistant shiny dark green foliage is dense and bushy.

Flower Carpet® Yellow

An impressive fuss-free groundcover rose which produces large sprays of rich yellow semi-double flowers with darker yellow stamens that will not fade. The sunny yellow blooms are brilliantly contrasted by glossy, apple green foliage. A mid-season bloomer that repeats throughout the season.

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