Felco Premium Swiss Made Garden Tools

The perpetual quest for excellence FELCO’s aim has always been, and always will be, to offer innovative and durable solutions to commercial pruning and cutting markets. Even though our business strategy is very much oriented towards the professional market, domestic users are not left out: those who enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done […]

Corona Garden Tools

  Founded in the early 1920s, Corona is a leader in the marketing and manufacturing of professional and consumer tools for the lawn and garden, landscape, irrigation, construction and agriculture markets. With a retail and distribution network that extends throughout the United States and Canada, Corona’s proven designs, quality manufacturing processes and unparalleled customer service […]

New-Line Garden Connectors & Accessories

  New-Line was established in 1972 as a specialized distributor of hose, fittings and accessories. Their products and specialized services are directed to an extensive customer base throughout North America. They represent one of the most extensive hose & fitting inventories available in North America and offer many value-added services. Their products are sourced from […]

Gardena Tools

Gardena products are intelligently designed, dependable and easy-to-use so you can spend less time taking care of your lawn and garden, and more time enjoying the beauty you’ve helped create. Gardena’s  aim is to provide a simple and convenient solution to all of your watering, soil and lawn care problems. They manufacture reliable, quality gardening […]


Glen Echo has quite an array of pots from around the world – classic urn styles to the sassy, vibrant Caribbean coloured pots. HANDCRAFTED & REFINED FROST RESISTANT. HANDMADE BY SKILLED ARTISANS – Artistic Designs: From Vietnam Caribbean, Midwood, Regal II, Royden and Tahitian ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ CLASSIC & POLISHED LUSTROUS GLAZES. TRADITIONAL SHAPES. INTRICATE DESIGNS  –  […]

Understanding Lawn & Garden Fertilizer Numbers

If you’ve shopped for lawn food, you might have noticed a numbers on the label that looks something like this: 32-0-4. Most people ignore it, but this code tells you a lot about the lawn food you’re about to buy. The numbers stand for Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium (N-P-K) and they tell you the percentage […]