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Organic Vegetables and Herbs

Leave chemicals off your plate.

More and more people are concerned with what they are putting into their bodies and choosing Organic just makes sense.  Organic fruits, veggies and herbs not only benefit the health of your family, but support local organic suppliers, benefit the environment and public health in general.

Studies show that organically grown food has higher amounts of Vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorous, and iron – all nutrients vital for healthy functioning of our bodies.     Organic herbs, fruits and vegetables are high in nutrients and antioxidants, which provide energy & keep you looking young.


Picolino Cucumber

Mini English Cucumbers are half the length of a traditional one so they are the perfect one meal size. An all female flowering variety with tender, thin skin & a crisp sweet taste. Pick frequently for long harvest.



The eggplant is a nightshade vegetable, like potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers. It originally comes from India & Asia, where it still grows wild. Low in calories & high in antioxidants & vitamins, you will want plant this one.

Lettuce Mix

A bold combination of your favorite lettuces. The textures and tastes are perfect for those who love variety, color and great taste. Pair this with a host of fruits, veggies and cheeses for a new salad every night.


Mesclun refers to mixture of young lettuces. It's the basic mix of greens found in many restaurants or grocery stores. The mix varies, but it's always composed of the most tender leaves. And you can grow it in your yard.

Pak Choi

or Bok Choy. It is a type of non-heading cabbage, cultivated for its tender stalks and flavorful leaves.  It is tasty, nutritious, versatile, and easy to grow. A fantastic Asian vegetable for beginners and expert gardeners.

Romaine Lettuce

The upper part of the leaves is a deeper green color and more flimsy than the lower leaves. Bottom leaves become sturdier and have thick, white ribs that contain a slightly bitter fluid, giving its distinctive taste.

Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard is a leafy green belonging to the same family as beets & spinach. As nutritionally impressive as kale, this versatile veggie is prized for its ability to grow in poor soils & its low need for water and light.


They are sweet, tart, subtly fruity, a bit earthy - and not a tomato. It is actually a small, green spherical fruit. When raw, they're quite acidic. Cooked tomatillos are milder in flavor. Most often associated with salsa verde.


Zucchini - Zucchini is generally an easy plant to grow with a little attention. They like full sun and well drained, warm soil - keep it organic for these zucchini - and you will be rewarded with a bumper crop of this healthy, versatile veggie.

Genovese Basil

A variety of sweet basil that originated in Italy but is used in many cultures. Its vigorous, large leaves have a sweet, slightly spicy flavour. They are bright green & slightly crinkled. Excellent for pesto, caprese etc.



Chives - Related to onions and garlic, but unlike onions and garlic, they don’t have an edible bulb. Instead, the entire long strand of chive is edible. Chives have a very mild, oniony flavor which can be compared to that of leeks.


Cilantro refers to the leaves of the coriander plant. It is a fragrant, citrusy flavoured herb to some. Many people enjoy its refreshing taste and aroma, but others can’t stand it which seems to be a genetic trait.


Known as the dill weed herb, while dill seed is used as a spice.  The dill plant provides feathery green leaves, while the flat, oval fruits make the dill seed spice. Dill seeds are used in many seasonings, known best as pickles.


A well-loved cooking herb used by many cultures- most notably by Italians where most children call it the Pizza spice. A strongly aromatic herb with a slightly bitter, pungent flavour - stronger in the dried leaves.

Italian Parsley

Also known as flat leaf parsley has a robust, peppery flavour. It has a much higher concentration of essential oils, which gives it a distinctive taste.  It is easy to grow and will do well even in your kitchen windowsill.


A very aromatic herb known for its distinctive taste and intense aroma. It imparts a peppery and woodsy flavour with hints of citrus and pine notes.  It has been used for centuries, both in medical & culinary applications.


Or common mint, is the most popular mint grown today. Used for medicinal & culinary uses - in both sweet & savoury dishes. It has narrow and green leaves with a pleasing scent, milder than peppermint.

Beefsteak Tomato

The largest variety often weighing a pound or more. They have a pink to red ribbed exterior at maturity. A large, meaty, solid fruit with a mild, flavorful taste.


Brandywine Tomato

The largest variety often weighing a pound or more. They have a pink to red ribbed exterior at maturity. A large, meaty, solid fruit with a mild, flavorful taste.

Black Krim Tomato

Native to Russia, it is a beef-steak type tomato with a unique dark violet coloration when given plenty of sun. It is renowned for their great, mild-tart taste.

Cherry Tomato

Cherry - Cherry tomatoes taste similar to other fresh tomatoes, but because of their small size, the flavor can be a little more concentrated. Bright and sweet, they have a thin, snappy peel and a very juicy center.

Early Girl Tomato

Large clusters of 5 oz. fruits are borne extremely early, continues longer than most varieties. Bright red and meaty with a lot of flavor and aroma. A prodigious producer. Harvest - 59 days from transplant

Grape Tomato

Perfect sugar to acid balance for a rich, sweet taste. Meaty & crunchy with a classic 'Tomato' taste, like you just picked it from the garden. Full-sized tomato plants, so be prepared to grow them as such.

Taxi Heirloom Tomato

Medium-large, bright yellow 4 to 6 oz. fruits are smooth & blemish free. Flavourful flesh is meaty, mild and acid free. Excellent fresh for salads, sandwiches or adds a nice splash of color to salsas.


Thought of as very spicy, but the jalapeño is merely mild to moderate. Its bright, grassy flavor makes it king in the kitchen – perfect for everything from salads to stuffed peppers. SHU: 2,500 to 8,000


Peter Pepper

This one may have the neighbours talking but this odd little pepper is worth a closer look. Comparable to a jalapeno in flavour, though they can be fruitier and up to 9x’s hotter. Great for salsa. SHU 10,000 to 23,000

Thai Dragon

An heirloom chili pepper dating from the nineteenth century. With this attractive pepper plant, you get some solid heat- extra hot spiciness and a fruity, lightly earthy flavour. SHU 50,000 to 100,000


Unripe habaneros are green, and they color as they mature to mostly orange and red. They have a tropical fruity flavour but they are hot. Typically, they are 2-6 cm long.  Scoville Scale: 100,000–350,000

Ghost Pepper - Bhut Jolokia

Ghost Pepper - Legend has it that this pepper also received its ghoulish name from the delayed spiciness that sneaks up and surprises with its powerful heat, sometimes lingering in the throat. SHU 855,000 to 1,041, 427

Carolina Reaper

It has a distinct and sweet flavor before the heat kicks in, so it is important to be extra careful when eating them. The spicy heat will come down on you like no other pepper. SHU 1,500,000 to 2,2200,000

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