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A Guide for Growing Herbs

A Guide for Growing Herbs

To support the successful growth of herbs, proper maintenance is essential. Here’s a quick guide to growing herbs.

People have been using herbs for food preparation and medicinal properties for centuries. They are vigorous growers, bountiful producers, have a multitude of uses and most are low maintenance making them perfect for beginner gardeners.  Many herbs are easy to grow even if you don’t have a dedicated garden space.  You can plant them in a garden, raised bed or even in a pot on a patio or balcony.  Glen Echo has many different herbs sold individually to suit your palate or in convenient containers already planted for you.  Take them home and let them inspire your next meal.

Some herbs you might enjoy:



Originally used as a medicinal herb, it is quite popular in Italian dishes and around the world. It has an earthy, peppery flavour & is enjoyed raw or cooked.

Lemon Balm

An herb from the mint family is considered a calming herb. The leaves, which have a mild lemon aroma, are used to make medicine, teas and flavor foods.


Basil is one of the most popular herbs grown and eaten today. The flavour depends on the variety - Large Leaf, Small Leaf, Lemon, Genovese, Red, Sweet, Thai

Lemon Grass

This herb is used in many popular cuisines for its edible, aromatic leaves and stalks. Both have a strong citrus scent and a flavor reminiscent of lemon.

Bee Balm

Also called wild bergamot, it is part of the mint family. The foliage has a strong aroma & is used in herbal teas, salads & as garnishes. The flowers are also edible.


All parts of the herb are useable. The leaves are added to salads, the root is dug up at the end of the season & used as a vegetable and the stems can replace celery.


It is an easy, fast-growing, annual herb with vivid blue flowers with the flavor and scent of cucumbers. A good companion plant for tomatoes, squash & strawberries.


Multifunctional mint plants are vigorous growers and should be contained. They are highly aromatic, have square stems & the young leaves are more flavourful.


A member of the mint family, it is both minty and lemony and cats love it. Effects from catnip affect 1 out of 2 cats & lasts about 10 min - nonaddictive & safe.


It is bold, zesty and a signature flavour in Italian, Mexican & Spanish dishes. This sun lovers most flavor-filled leaves are found right before the flowers bloom.


A multitherapeutic flowering plant in the daisy family, the herb smells slightly like an apple, which may explain its name - chamomile is Greek for Earth apple.


There are 2 popular types of parsley - Curley Parsley and Flat Italian Parsley. Though they are interchangeable, the flat leaf Italian parsley is milder.


Whether you choose common Chives or Garlic Chives, Chive stems are long, very skinny, solid green and tender. When chopped they have an oniony flavour.


It is an aromatic and distinctive herb with a sweet, pepper, woodsy flavor - some say with hint of lemon - which is very popular in European dishes.


In Canada, we refer to Coriander as the seed pods of this plant. The leaves are known as cilantro - a two for 1 plant. It is also known as Chinese parsley.


One of the easiest perennial herbs to grow. It loves the sun & well drained soil. The leaves are commonly used fresh or dried and add an earthy and slightly peppery flavor.


The dill plant provides feathery green leaves for the dill weed herb, while the flat, oval fruits make the dill seed spice. Grow Dill and Cucumbers & make dill pickles!


It is a leafy green vegetable grown for its pleasantly tart, lemony flavor. The plants have smooth to crinkled, arrow-shaped leaves that grow from a center rosette.


It is very underrated with a fresh, aromatic anise flavor and every part of it can be eaten raw, sautéed, roasted, or even added to soups and sauces.


While not the prettiest plant, it is called ‘the chef’s best friend’. Licorice like taste due to the presence of estragole, that gives fennel, anise & tarragon its flavour.


This highly scented herb can be used for many applications and has been used for centuries as a versatile, unexpected flavoring in both sweet & savory foods.


Low-growing, woody perennial that performs especially well in somewhat dry, sunny conditions. A beloved Mediterranean herb, it holds its taste in many dishes.

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