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A cold tolerant vegetable.

Potatoes are important to the self-sufficient gardener as well as the gourmet gardener.  Potatoes are tolerant of cool soils, moderate frosts and will emerge about 2-3 weeks after planting.  Potatoes are super easy to grow, highly nutritious and there is a variety available at Glen Echo.  We have listed some examples you may find at the Garden Centre below.


A small to medium sized fingerling potato averaging 6-7 cm in length. The skin is khaki-colored with many light brown spots freckled across the surface. The skin is also waxy, exceptionally smooth, and so thin that it is rarely peeled.

Huckleberry Gold

This exciting new variety is the First Low Glycemic Potato! It has a creamy, buttery texture with rich flavor. Small, purple skinned, yellow fleshed & is exceptionally high in antioxidants - lower glycemic index than other potatoes.


An early fingerling potato and small in size. Produces very high tuber numbers. They are consistent in shape, have an attractive yellow skin and pale-yellow flesh color. A firm potato with an excellent taste makes it great for salads.


A very popular all-purpose potato with smooth skin and texture, white flesh and shallow eyes. It is a medium to late-maturing white potato that yields heavily at mid-season. The balance of tastes makes this the perfect potato.


The eye-catching blue potato traces its roots back 8,000 years. A wonderfully flavorful potato with meaty flesh that's great mashed. Skin is rich purple skin & a purple flesh streaked with white. Turns pale when cooked. Lots of medium spuds.

La Ratte

A specialty, gourmet fingerling potato with a unique nutty flavor and smooth, buttery texture. This potato is a small to medium size with an ovate shape, often with a slight curve and golden speckled skin. A favourite of French Chefs!


Always popular, this early-to-midseason red-skinned - white fleshed variety offers high yields & good eating qualities. Expect a large set of round, bright red tubers with nice, crisp, white flesh. Great for all applications. Stores well.


Beautiful smooth, red skin, medium oblong with shallow eyes and white flesh. Early maturing potato. Commonly sold as “baby reds”. This attractive red skinned potato is firm lending itself very well to boiling; often used in potato salads.


A fantastic Irish heirloom potato that has been a popular favourite since being released in 1876. Round to oblong shaped, it has white skin, flesh and deep eyes. Deliciously meaty & makes the greatest potato dishes especially mashed.


A widely grown, popular variety over the last 70 years. Round to oblong tubers, buff-colored, lightly flaky skin, and firm white flesh. An all-purpose potato that is suitable for baking, mashing, boiling, or frying. Stores well. (80-90 Days)


The starchy, crisp white flesh of this Russet potato is high in starch & low in moisture making it a great boiling, baking or frying potato with French fries taking on a superb golden colour. It has a fluffy, creamy and soft texture.


The first potato bred in Canada. The flesh is yellow to gold, firm, moist, & waxy. When cooked, Yukon Gold potatoes take on a creamy & tender consistency with a rich, very buttery, earthy flavor. It can stand up to most cooking methods.

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