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Pest Control

Products to protect your lawns, trees, vegetable gardens and flower beds.

Gardens are home to many creatures – some are beneficial while others are not.

To maintain a healthy garden, gardeners must be on the lookout for three types of pests – weeds, insects and diseases.  As the garden grows, it also attracts pests, insects being the biggest nuisance.  Although some insects are beneficial, many are very destructive and must be addressed to keep your gardens safe from these predators.  At the garden centre, we are all for natural methods of eradicating these culprits, however, sometimes you have to resort to chemical warfare.  Unwanted weeds deplete nutrients from soil besides being an eyesore in your beautiful garden.  Insects and disease can wipe out a plant or an entire crop if the problem is not addressed.

Luckily, Glen Echo Nurseries stocks a number of products to thwart these pesky creatures and effectively control your weed, disease and insect issues.


Bug-Tek Insecticide

A completely new formula that is still effective for killing a wide variety of insects, but the toxicity has been greatly reduced to make is safe on skin and to use around pets. It disintegrates quickly when it meets living organisms, but is very resistant when applied to inorganic surfaces, holding its exterminating properties for 4-6 weeks. For use on cold blooded insects including Ants, Aphids, Boxwood Caterpillars, Japanese Beetles, Rose Slugs, Squash Beetles, Ticks and more.

Bug X Insect Spray

Tough on insects but mild on your plants and you! Controls many destructive insects on fruits, vegetables, flowers, ornamentals, trees and shrubs. For use indoors and outdoors.

Bug X Japanese Beetle Trap

Tough on insects but mild on your plants and you! Controls many destructive insects on fruits, vegetables, flowers, ornamentals, trees and shrubs. For use indoors and outdoors.

Bug X Nematodes

Designed to attack and kill chinch bugs in lawns and gardens. Naturally occurring microscopic organisms present in the soil and are totally harmless to non-targeted insects, humans, plants, and the environment.

Bug X Out Malthion

A popular, versatile broad-spectrum insecticide/miticide for use on flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, shrubs and trees with low toxicity. Economical for mosquito control & good for aphid control.

Ortho® Animal B Gon™

Despite having no unpleasant odour, this effective, long-lasting repellent is enough to send skunks, raccoons, and other critters onto their next destination, leaving you to enjoy your outdoor space.

Ortho® Wasp & Hornet

Take control of problem wasps, including hornets and yellow jackets. This foam formula features a strong jet stream so you can spray wasp and hornet nests from a safe distance over the entire nest.

Scotts Grub B Gon®

Left untreated, Grubs can weaken & destroy your lawn. Grub BGon® effectively kills grubs! It helps prevent grass damage and root destruction caused by grubs. Easy to apply spring, summer or fall.

Scotts Slug B Gon®

Win the fight against slugs and snails. Decreases damage & leaves the plants protected by controlling slugs and snails. Kills within 3-6 days & is suitable for use in vegetable & flower gardens.

Wilson AntOut® Spray

Ready-To-Use spray controls ants indoors & outdoors. Targeted, fast acting formula that is easy to use. Very effective and lasts up to three weeks indoors. Spray directly onto hills and runways.

Wilson AntOut® Trap

Place traps in house where ants are running and outside where ants enter dwelling. Replace with new traps as needed. Ants enter traps and carry bait back to their nest; usually kills entire colony.

Wilson One Shot Wasp & Hornet

Wilson 1 Shot Jet Wasp & Hornet Foam Spray features a unique foam spray that works to blanket hornet and wasp nests. Long jet spray allows operation from a safe distance and is very effective for nests and cracks.

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