A Guide to Hybrid Itoh Peonies

Large blooms and a sweet fragrance make these peonies a showstopper!

Also called intersectional peonies, Itoh peonies have large, long-lasting blooms and strong stems that do not require stalking.

It would be very surprising if you haven’t noticed the gigantic blooms of a peony. The large, layered flowers bring you in and the sweet fragrance keeps you there. Saying Peonies are long-lived is an understatement as they can live up to 100 years! Rooted in mythology & symbolism, Peonies date back to at least 7th century BC. Incredibly, there are over 6,500 varieties in 3 main categories – Herbaceous, Tree Peonies and Itoh. Glen Echo stocks only the best of these varieties including the newest hybrid – the Itoh Peony. Here are examples of what you may find on your next visit.

Itoh Hybrid Peonies
An Itoh Peony is the cross between the common or herbaceous garden peony and the striking tree peony. Though not an easy task, this successful hybrid has all the finest attributes of the tree peony but behaves like a perennial. When Itoh Peonies were first introduced, they were well over $1,000.00 each. That has drastically changed. An Itoh peony’s flower buds open to reveal large, tree peony-type blooms in many different hues, including golds and yellows, colors not readily available among the herbaceous peony types.


This award winner features very large, luminous golden yellow, semi to fully double, 6”-8” flowers with scarlet centres. Prolific bloomer.


Gorgeous silky semi-double flowers are rosy pink that fade to near ivory. Perfectly upright with fabulous, lush and lacy dark green leaves

Callie’s Memory

Fragrant creamy-yellow to peachy-pink semi-double flower with a dark red centre and slightly darker edges on long stems.

Julia Rose

A good example of why Itoh Peonies ae so special. Colours change from dark salmon to light orange with pink and red stripes.

Cora Louise

Very large, semi-double billowy flowers that are pure white with mauve pink centres and sunny yellow stamens. A profuse bloomer.

Morning Lila

Floriferous & eye-catching, this Peony produces masses of 6” vibrant fuchsia-purple blooms with darker purple & white stripes.

Dark Eyes

This award winner features very unusual large, luminous lemony scented deep purple-red, almost black single flowers with a yellow centre and dark green divided foliage. It is a vigorous grower that will present you with copious amounts of beautiful big blooms.


Large fluffy flowers are creamy white to blushing pink with delicate pink edging. Fragrant & very heavy flowering

First Arrival

One of the earliest to bloom & some say the best – it boasts 8” lavender pink semi-double blossoms and heavily flushed with magenta. The pretty blooms sit at the ends of the stems from late spring to early summer. The flowers are excellent for cutting. Its compound leaves remain green in colour throughout the season.

Yellow Crown

This rare beauty is a unique yellow peony showcased against the lush green foliage. Fully double flowers are very fragrant

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