A Guide to Herbaceous Peonies

Herbaceous Peonies, the most well-known type of peony, produce some of the best cut flowers available.

Herbaceous or Chinese Peony, Common Garden Peonies (Paeonia lactiflora) – This ancient Chinese Peony is the most popular peony of all. A garden simply is not complete without at least one type of Peony in it. Peonies do take some time to get established, but once they are they do not disappoint. They are surprisingly easy to care for, requiring just the odd pruning and fall clean up. Once established they only need watering during a drought as they do not like wet soil. Peonies generally do not require fertilizing unless the quality of the soil is poor. With just a little attention, Peonies will reward you with large showy blooms, heady aromas and lots of attitude!
Some of the Herbaceous Peonies you may find in the Garden Centre. Please contact us for current inventory.

Best Man

This rare peony is not always easy to find. Fragrant double flowers of cerise - deep red with pink overtones over lush green foliage

Big Ben

An heirloom, very rounded with enormous cherry red globes with bluish undertones. This vigorous plant has an incredibly rosy scent.

Bowl of Beauty

A very different looking peony is magnificent when in bloom. Bright pink outer petals with frilly yellow centres makes it stand out

Bowl of Love

A fragrant bowl of outer rose-red petals surrounds a center filled with densely packed, soft yellow strap-like petals. The lacy middle and anemone-shaped blossoms add texture & style.

Bunker Hill

A luscious heirloom has been gracing gardens for over 100 years. Every bright rose pink petal of this splendid bloom is edged in silver.

Coral Charm

This early bloomer is exceptionally beautiful with large, semi double blossoms of deep coral buds that open to coral peach fading to ivory

Coral Sunset

While not quite as cupped as Coral Charm, it is a stunning peony. Elegantly ruffled coral petals, rose overtones & deep yellow centres.

Dr. Alexander Fleming

A long lasting Peony with large deep rose to salmon-pink double blooms known for its ambrosial scent, strong stems and many side buds that foster a long bloom season. Blooms late mid-season.

Duchess De Nemours

This very old Duchess is an heirloom white variety with fragrant full double flowers 5″-6″ across and have a soft classic, fluffy appearance. Blooms late mid-season. The bright white colour makes this regal old lady very popular for bridal bouquets and gardens.

Felix Crousse

Quickly reaches 3 ft. tall, 2 ft. wide., A true garden classic, loved by American gardeners for well over a century, with its large, crimson double blooms that provide stunning seasonal color.

Festiva Maxima

One of the most fragrant & stunning Peonies out there, this remarkable flower assaults your senses in the best possible way!


One of the best double red peonies with exceptionally strong stems. Blooms of very large, rose shaped watermelon red to fuchsia.

Karl Rosenfield

Another fabulous double, deep red to magenta peony that produces an astonishing number of flowers on reddish-bronze foliage. Large 6" to 7", fluffy double blooms, these hardy perennial plants grow to be 32″-38″ tall with glossy green foliage.

Lady Alexandra Duff

More than a century old, this lovely lady is delicately fragrant. Pink buds open to large, rose shaped pale pink ruffled blossoms on strong stems. Borne in profusion in late spring - early summer.

Madame Calot

An heirloom with a unique colour combination of light old-rose pink with creamy-yellow tints in the collar & crimson flaked centres.

Marie Lemoine

Introduced in 1869, this richly fragrant heirloom variety features bold fragrant very large white flowers with lemon yellow overtones, yellow eyes and red streaks at the ends of the stems when they open in early summer. They then change to pure white.

Mme Emile Debatene

Charming, sophisticated with a luxurious scent, she explodes into frilly deep pink blooms with a hint of salmon.


Plump, heavily petaled blooms 6-8 in. of double pearly-white petals surround a fluffy canary-yellow center. Exceedingly fragrant.

Purple Spider

This striking peony definitely stands out amongst the rest with its unusual form & colour. Vivid violet pink petals tipped with whit.

Sarah Bernhardt

This beloved, world famous Peony is swathed in very large, double, 8” blooms of fresh pastel pink framed by emerald green foliage.

Shirley Temple

Blousy blooms of loosely packed ruffled petals put on a show in subtle blush pink aging to a creamy ivory. Classically romantic.


Very unusual anemone type flowers are incredibly beautiful in bloom and erupt with flouncy layers of pink and pinkish-ivory petals.

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