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Garden Pro Fertilizers

Professional grade supplements for home gardeners.

Proudly Canadian for over 40 years TerraLink Horticulture has been manufacturing professional quality goods for the horticulture industry in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Terralink offers a complete line of lawn and garden products for the Canadian gardener, utilizing unique and cutting-edge ingredients.  Brands include GardenPro and certified organic Orgunique fertilizers.

Seaweed, or kelp, is one of the most valuable soil conditioners in the world.  Kelp commonly known as seaweed, concentrates elements in its tissues and provides plants with more than 70 minerals, vitamins and enzymes and are included in these blended fertilizers & additives.

All liquid concentrates with Ascophyllum nodosum kelp extract to stimulate root growth and enhance resistance to pests and disease.                                                   • Makes 4 L with only 1 tbsp.    • No more messy mixing

Garden Pro General Purpose Plant Food 10-10-10

Fast acting all purpose fertilizer for use on ornamentals, bedding plants, hanging baskets, containers, perennials, vegetables and house plants.

Garden Pro Rose Food 5-17-12

Specially formulated fertilizer to promote healthy roses with more vibrant colour and vigorous flowering in rose beds and container roses.

Garden Pro Tomato Food 9-11-11

A top seller! With kelp extract to stimulate root growth and enhance resistance to stress and disease resulting in big, beautiful, bountiful tomatoes.

Garden Pro Quick Green with Iron 5-0-0+7.2 Fe

Get darker, greener foliage on houseplants, annuals, perennials, shrubs, leafy green and vegetables. Helps to correct chlorosis (leaf yellowing).

Garden Pro Transplanter with I.B.A and Kelp

Ideal for planting ornamentals, trees, shrubs, roses, perennials, bedding plants and vegetable gardens. Reduce transplant shock.

Garden Pro Epsom Salts

Magnesium sulphate. A vital secondary nutrient often lacking in soils. Aids in absorption of nitrogen & phosphorus. Helps to produce chlorophyll for bushier plants and more flowers.

Garden Pro Granular Kelp

Kelp (seaweed) concentrates natural elements in its tissues and provides plants with more than 70 minerals, vitamins, amino acids and natural plant growth regulators.

Garden Pro Muriate of Potash Potassium Chloride 0-0-60

Plant fortifier and anti-stress agent. Increases disease resistance and aids in winter hardiness. Use as is or dissolve in water.

Garden Pro Aluminium Sulphate

An excellent soil acidifier that lowers soil pH for acid loving plants. A great additive to turn the flowers of big-leaf hydrangeas to blue in colour.

Garden Pro Super Phosphate 0-45-0

A readily available source of phosphorus. The ideal product for stimulating strong root growth in all your outdoor plants.

Garden Pro Tomato Food 5-10-5

Tomato with added granular kelp and calcium to prevent blossom end rot. An important nutrient required by tomatoes to aid in photosynthesis and enhance fruit firmness.

Garden Pro Rose Food 8-14-12

Has added sulphur, magnesium and iron to help produce greener leaves and brighter flowers. Contains kelp for root growth plus stabilized nitrogen to improve nitrogen efficiency.

Garden Pro Perennial & Vine 8-12-16

Excellent nutrition for all herbaceous perennials and vines. This formula contains sulphur, iron, zinc and granular kelp that will help grow, larger, healthier and stronger plants.

Garden Pro Rhododendron & Azalea 6-12-12

Nutritionally balanced, slow release with kelp and essential micronutrients for rhododendrons, azaleas and most acid loving plants such as holly, hydrangeas, heathers, magnolia, calla lilies, etc.

Garden Pro Palm & Tropical 9-3-9

For maintaining health and vigor in indoor and outdoor tropical plants including windmill and other hardy palms, bananas, cannas, bamboo, hibiscus etc. Contains stabilized nitrogen for slow release, long term feeding.

Garden Pro Berry & Tree Fruit 10-6-9

Contains slow release, stabilized nitrogen for consistent long term feeding. Keeps excessive leaf growth in check. Important micronutrients such as boron aid in fruit set to prevent premature fruit drop.

Garden Pro Evergreen & Broadleaf 14-7-14

Contains essential nutrients to promote bushy, deep green growth in conifers, broadleaf evergreens and deciduous trees & shrubs. Contains stabilized nitrogen for slow release, long term feeding.

Garden Pro Veggie & Flower 10-15-19

With micronutrients. For vegetables, shrub beds and flower gardens. Contains Ascophyllum nodosum kelp to help stimulate root growth and enhance resistance to disease, plus stabilized nitrogen.

Garden Pro Bone Meal 2-11-0

An organic, long-term source of phosphorus to promote sturdy root systems and fruit and flower formation. Use bonemeal when transplanting all but acid-loving plants. Good for root vegetables, peas, beans, sweet peas, bulbs.

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