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CIL Garden Fertilizers

Keep it simple with C-I-L® lawn and garden products.

Spring is the best time to start feeding your plants as the ground is still holding onto the moisture from the spring thaw and from spring showers.  This is important because the fertilizer will sink into the soil easily and this will create an excellent condition for your plants to start growing.  There are an abundance of plant food and additives to promote healthy roots and give your plants the optimal beginning.  Many plants benefit from feeding throughout the season as well.  You need to check on the fertilizer package for instructions on application and frequency.

CIL Organic-based All Purpose Plant Food 10-10-10

This all-purpose plant food is enriched with organic matter and is designed to optimize the development of all plants. Your flowering plants will have more big, beautiful blooms, while vegetables will offer greater yields. Promotes sturdy growth and strong foliage. 1.5 kg bag

CIL All Purpose Water Soluble Plant Food 20-20-20

An organic-based fertilizer , ideal for use with all indoor plants or in the garden and you can expect your plants to be 2X larger than plants that have not been fed. Your flowers will become prolific bloomers and it will reward you with large, tasty vegetables. 1kg

CIL Organic-based Tree & Shrub Food 18-8-8

This fertilizer is enriched with organic matter to provide essential nutrients and maximize plant development. This tree and shrub food is designed to grow sturdy trees, lush evergreens and healthy shrubs. Feed your trees and shrubs every 4 weeks for a better result! 5-kg bag

CIL Organic-Flower and Bloom WS Plant Food 15-30-15

This flower and bloom plant food by C-I-L is a water soluble formula enriched with organic matter to help you grow beautiful, bigger flowers. Contains 30% of the vital nutrient phosphorus, which will help plants grow faster and last longer. It will create a more fertile soil resulting in durable, colourful flowers. 1kg

CIL Bone Meal 4-10-0

This bone meal is a mixture entirely made of crushed bones. It helps promote strong root development and contributes to soil growth. It's ideal for annuals, perennials, houseplants, or even vegetables, as well as bulb planting and roses. It encourages bigger blooms & vibrant foliage. 1.2 kg

CIL Blood Meal 12-0-0

This is a great organic option for plants that require nitrogen. It is a natural, long-lasting, water-soluble and slow-release nitrogen fertilizer that will give your vegetable gardens a boost. Boosts roots, stems & foliage. And as a bonus, it will repel those pesky squirrels & protect your bulbs. 1.3 kg

CIL Dolomitic Lime

Dolomite lime is a specific type of limestone that can be used to supply necessary nutrients to plants and to raise the pH of the soil. A great product for buffering soil pH as it neutralizes acidic soil. Optimal pH is 6.0-7.4, use if below 5.9. This garden fertilizer naturally conditions the soil and provides available calcium and magnesium for optimal results. 2kg

CIL Aluminum Sulphate

A product designed to help acid-loving plants develop in an optimal way. It will create better growing conditions, improve plant health by acidifying the soil, and boost the colour of all acidophile plants as well. It is ideal for plants such as blueberries, dogwood, hydrangeas, magnolias, and begonias. This will help change the colour on your big-leaf hydrangeas. 1.7 kg bag.

CIL Starter Lawn Food 10-20-5

Designed to help with new seed planting, overseeding and sodding. It will promote fast and vigorous root and grass blade development by slowly delivering vital nutrients over time. Its effects include increased resistance to diseases, drought, and cold conditions. Apply in early spring & re-apply every 4-6 weeks. 7kg bag (will cover 1,833 square feet)

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