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What Kind of Fruit Trees Should I Grow on my Property?

Fruit trees and fruit bushes can live a very long time and are easy to care for.

What Kind of Fruit Trees Should I Grow on my Property?

If you find yourself asking “What kind of fruit trees should I grow?”, let our gardening experts help you decide.

The benefits of fruit trees and fruit bushes are that they can live a very long time, are surprisingly easy to care for and the flavour & freshness just can’t be beat.

There is nothing more splendid than a fruit tree in full spring bloom. Once established, fruit bearing trees & bushes will give you a bumper crop of delicious fruits and berries. Did you know a dwarf apple tree can produce over 500 apples in a single season?  We are fortunate to have a climate that is conducive to growing all kinds of fruits and berries.

We offer a variety of fruit trees and fruit bushes that will be successful in your own yard:

  • Apple:  Braeburn, Cortland, Empire, Gala, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Honey Crisp, 

                     MacIntosh, Mutsu, Northern Spy, Red Delicious, Royal Gala, Spartan, Combination

  • Apricots:  Blenheim, Tilton
  • Blackberry:  Black Satin, Navaho, Triple Crown
  • Blueberry:  Bluecrop, Bluejay, Blueray, Chippewa, Duke, Patriot, Razz, Saint Cloud, Spartan,


  • CherrySweet – Bing, Cavalier, Compact Stella, Hedelfingen, Lapins, Rainier, Sandra Rose,

                      Skeena, Stella, Sweetheart, Ulster, Van, Combination

                       Tart:  Meteor, Montmorency               

  • Currant:  Black Currants:  American Black, Ben Nevis, Consort, Wellington                  
  • Elderberry:  Johns, Ranch
  • Gooseberry:  Black Velvet, Hinnonmaki Red, Hinnonmaki Yellow, Jeanne, Little Ben Pixwell
  • Grape:  Baco Noir, Concord, Frotenac, Himrod, Seyval Blanc, Sovereign Coronation
  • Haskap BerryAurora, Honey Bee
  • Hardy Kiwi:  Hardy Kiwi Male & Female,  Self-Pollinating – Issai
  • Mulberry:  Weeping Fruiting
  • Nectarine:  Hardired, Harovin Nova, Harovin Rouge
  • Peach:  Coralstar, Early Elberta, Redhaven, Redstar, Reliance
  • PearAnjou, Bartlett, Bartlett Red, Bosc, Clapp, Flemish Beauty, Combination
  • Plum:  Italian, Mount Royal, 4 in 1, Combination

                   Japanese Plum:  Santa Rosa, Shiro

  • Raspberry:  Boyne, Fall Gold, Heritage, Meeker

Strawberry:  Everbearing, Galore White, Seascape, Veestar

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