A Guide to Growing Elderberries, Gooseberries and Honeyberries


True currants are small berries that grow on shrubs & are more like gooseberries.  Black currants have a sweet tart flavour and can be eaten fresh, though they are quite often cooked or sweetened in various ways.   Currants are renowned for their very high Vitamin C content.   When not in flower, the leaves are highly aromatic and this plant prefers to be grown in full sun and well drained soil.


Elderberry has been used for its reputed health benefits since ancient times.  It is extremely easy to grow and care for.   It will grow in full sun or partial shade and tolerates a variety of soil conditions.   The beneficial blue or purple berries can be made into wine, jam, syrup or pies.


Gooseberries are a low maintenance, versatile & handsome berry that can be planted almost anywhere and happily grow in part shade.   This is another nutritious berry that is easy to grow & revered for its tropical-like flavour.  As beautiful as they are tasty – they boast a tart ambrosia.

Haskap Berry – Honeyberry

Native to Canada, this little-known berry is remarkably cold hardy.  It is in the same family as the honeysuckle but produces uniquely shaped edible fruit.  The most common description of the flavour would be a cross between blueberries and raspberries.  A special treat you won’t want to miss.

American Black

An enjoyable sour berry all on its own, it is also used from baked goods to glazes & more. A nutrient rich berry with many health benefits.


A handsome fruiting hedge that produces medium sized berries in clusters on this compact upright bush. Can be eaten fresh or for preserves, jams etc.

Ben Nevis

Commonly grown for its edible qualities. It produces clusters of black round berries with a tart tase and a juicy texture. Ready mid to late summer.

Black Wellington

Large hanging clusters of lovely black currants decorate this compact shrub. Vigorous bushes are very hardy & heavy producers of tart fruit.


Produces more fruits and earlier than other varieties. Very large clusters of medium size berries. This hardy shrub is especially good for jelly & elderberry elixir.


An excellent elderberry with a short stature, grows 5-6’ tall so the berries are easily harvested. An excellent sweet-tart taste when cooked in jams, syrups etc.

Black Velvet

Produces massive crops of sweet, reddish-black fruit with a delicious complex flavour of dessert quality fruit. Vigorous & disease resistant.


A small, productive shrub that bears heavy crops of sweet dark red/purple berries. Skin is a bit velvety. Sweet with a slight tartness and very fruity

Hinnonmaki Red

It is the best flavoured & sweetest red gooseberry – sweet enough to eat right off the bush. Makes excellent jams & jellies.

Little Ben

Productive compact, bushy shrub has small, sweet, flavorful berries with tart skins. One mature plant will produce approx. 8-9 lbs. Extremely hardy.

Hinnonmaki Yellow

Grown as much for its edible qualities as it is for its ornamental merits. Produces clusters of tart, juicy round berries mid summer.

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One of the tastiest Honeyberries, the sweet, elongated berries usually bear fruit in late June. A compact bush known for even ripening.

Honey Bee

An extremely hardy variety bred in Saskatchewan, it has a decent slightly tart flavour with a fleshy texture. Makes a great pollinizer for other varieties.

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