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Growing Grapes, Raspberries & Strawberries 2023

A Guide to Growing Grapes, Raspberries & Strawberries

Who doesn’t enjoy fresh fruit? Consider growing grapes, raspberries, and strawberries on your own property!

Grapes  –  Imagine picking a huge cluster of juicy grapes from your very own backyard.  Growing grapes is easier than you think.  A few simple steps & once established, your grape vines will produce masses of fruit for years to come.  Add grapes to your edible landscape!

Raspberry  –  Raspberries have been a part of our diet for centuries and are extremely nutritious! High in Vitamin A, C, E, potassium, magnesium, folate, omega-3 fatty acids, manganese & calcium. Vigorous growers & each Raspberry has its own unique characteristics.

Strawberries – Strawberries are the most popular small fruit grown in home gardens for good reason. Few things bring back summer memories like sinking teeth into a fresh and juicy strawberry. Why not have these sweet berries growing in your own garden? They are able to be grown in all the temperate regions of the world!



If you love grape juice, then you love Concords! The fruit makes a tasty table grape, full-bodied juice or your own house wine, jellies, pies, or candies. They are highly aromatic, tangy, and sweet with a unique musky flavor. Medium to large in size, round to oval in shape, they grow in loose clusters on sturdy climbing vines. The thick, tannin-rich skin offers a pleasant chewiness and varies in color from deep blue to purple or almost black.



Known for being one of the hardiest white seedless grapes. Grown for its clusters of small, entirely seedless, crispy sweet, early season fruit that turns golden yellow when fully ripe in summer. Excellent for fresh eating or making wine or juice. This grape can also be dried for tasty raisins.



The fresh grape is large and juicy, round to oval-shaped, pale greenish-white in color and has a sweet, very pleasant aroma. Niagara grapes are a staple for making white grape juice. They also work well for fresh eating and wine. The vines produce bunches of greenish-white grapes with a sweet and tangy flavor that ripen in late August to early September.


Sovereign Coronation

This Canadian grape is a blue, sweet seedless grape. The berries ripen in mid-September & are great for eating fresh, baking or making juices. An exceptionally hardy Canadian introduction. Produces dense clusters of bright blue, seedless grapes with thick skins and mild, sweet flavor. Harvest mid to late season. Especially useful for jams and preserves.


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A unique, graceful, weeping accent tree with long pendulous branches and shiny, dark green leaves. There is a good chance you have seen one in your neighborhood. Edible berries are produced in late June. Useful as a main focal point specimen plant. Good for screening & is an eye catching, talking piece in the landscape. The fruit is sweet and succulent. They can be made into desserts, jams, or jellies, although it is so addictive eaten fresh it might be hard to pick enough for those goodies before eating them all.

Double Gold

How cute are these uniquely blushed colored raspberries? Fruit color ranges from peachy gold to vibrant coral. We are big fans of the mouth watering flavour of the tender juicy berries on this highly productive plant. Double because it produces 2 crops - once in the summer when berries are ready in July and the fall-bearing berries ripen in September through frost.


Fall Gold

Gold raspberries bring a touch of class to the table. They are the same in every way to a red raspberry except for the interesting colour. Brighten your edible garden with large, gold heart-shaped berries. An everbearing compact bush that produces crops of extremely sweet, juicy, golden berries from early summer to early fall.



A favourite for its flavor, firmness and large fruit size. A small shrub with bright berries of luscious flavor and heavy yields of juicy, sweet, dark red fruits. Clusters of this delicious red fruit are usually ready for picking from early summer to early fall. The all-purpose berries can be used for fresh eating, cooking, baking, jams and preserves. It features an abundance of magnificent red berries from early summer to early fall.



Cold hardy and Canadian, this outstanding red raspberry is robust and reliable. A favourite for its flavor, firmness and large fruit size. A small shrub with bright berries of luscious flavor and heavy yields of juicy, sweet, dark red fruits. A mid-season variety with excellent productivity.



An outstanding thimble-shaped variety, perfect for the home garden. Bears abundant crops of large, firm, sweet, richly flavored berries. A tasty berry when eaten fresh or used in baking, freezing, jellies, jams or preserves. This low-maintenance plant has an upright growth habit, and white flowers bloom in May, with fruit ripening in July.



Said to be the best-tasting black raspberry, it has large, black glossy fruit with a rich, sweet flavour. A multi-purpose raspberry that tastes great fresh, but also freezes well and makes an excellent preserve. A vigorous grower on strong upright canes no staking required. Cold-hardy. Mid-summer bearing. Ripens in July. Self-pollinating.



A relative newcomer in the world of strawberries, this one hails from California. Popular for its uniformed conical shape, bright red color, reliable firmness, and surprisingly sweet taste. This strawberry grows quickly to about 12" tall with a spread of 12" to 24". Albion is a fantastic producer and it is everbearing, which means they will flower and fruit continuously from late spring into the fall.



Vigorous and easy to grow, this mouth watering strawberry is a top-performer. Generous crops of large, glossy, firm berries with an exceptionally sweet taste and shaped just perfectly. Multi purpose strawberry is good for all traditional applications. Allstar is disease-resistant, cold hardy, self-pollinating and ripens in June.



An everbearing variety that produces their delectable fruit all through the growing season. It is a small plant growing only 12" to 18" tall, is heat tolerant and yields large, flavourful fruit. Conical in shape, this is a bright red fruit, inside & out. This superbly flavored California berry is great for container growing.



An early variety with very good hardiness and productivity. A flavourful, firm strawberry with bright red colour is ready for picking in early summer. Vigorous and winter hardy, Veestar has very good disease resistance and a spreading habit. This all-purpose strawberry is good for fresh eating, cooking, and preserves.


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