Grandiflora Roses 2024

Classic large, showy blooms that grow more upright than hybrid tea roses.

Grandiflora Roses combine the vigor & blooming ability of Floribundas with the beautiful blooms and long stems of the Hybrid Tea roses. The bushes can often reach heights of five feet or more. Shades and colours go from soft pastels to deep purples and to top it off, they are sweetly fragrant.

All Dressed Up™

Grandiflora roses are spectacular and All Dressed Up™ is ready for special occasion. Every day is a special occasion with this old fashioned English type variety. Large, blooms of soft pink give this rose a very full appearance. They produce in abundance throughout the long growing season and have a uniquely crisp, green apple fragrance.


Dream Come True™

Dreams will come true when you plant this absolutely flawless Grandiflora rose. The impressive large yellow blossoms are accented with ruby-red at the tips of her 40+ petals. She is a continual blooming rose, yielding long-stemmed, long-lived blooms against matte green foliage. This rose gracefully ages to all ruby-red while emitting a gentle, tea fragrance.


Happy Go Lucky™

No wonder she is Happy-go-lucky - she is a rose with many assets! A very disease-resistant rose that will continually bloom all season long, showing off with large, very double, pure yellow blooms. This vigorous, bushy plant has large, glossy, medium green foliage and grows to about 3' tall and 4' wide. Enjoy this remarkable rose with the pleasant, fruity fragrance. You will be Happy you did!


John S. Armstrong

This award winning, beauty is one for the ages. Full sun to partial shade, this handsome rose blooms May to October. Named for the renowned rose enthusiast, John S. Armstrong, it was introduced in 1960 and features dark red blooms grown freely against leathery foliage on strong, tall canes. This rose makes an excellent cut flower that outlasts other blooms in the vase and on the plant.



You will fall in LOVE with this exquisite rose! A uniquely coloured rose that has one side that's fiery hot red and another side that's cool clear white. A super productive, compact shrub with shapely blooms that hold their colour. Very dark green resistant foliage starts with reddened new growth. Love this rose!


Mount Hood

Ivory to snowy white ruffled blooms make this rose a standout in any landscape. White, shading to cream at the centre, Mt. Hood comes with a moderate, old rose fragrance. The tall and stately bush is disease resistant with dark green foliage from base to summit. Hardy for a white rose, it blooms in flushes throughout the season.


Peach Glory

Created by Brad Jalbert - rose breeder extraoridnaire - this shrub rose will produce orange to deep apricot blooms and a light fruity fragrance. The flowers are in the classic English style with cupped, ruffled petals similar to David Austin roses. Will rebloom throughout the season on long stems that make excellent cut flowers. Disease resistant, this shrub boasts deep bronze autumn foliage which is a final bonus to the season.


Pink Parfait

This lightly scented, bi-colour beauty boasts a unique colour combination with outer petals of medium pink, centre blended to pale orange. She produces medium to large, cupped, double flowers in small clusters on a bushy, upright shrub. Semi-glossy, leathery foliage show nicely on this compact shrub (3' x 3'), making it this Pink Parfait perfect!


Queen Elizabeth

A rose fit for a queen! With a name like that, this regal rose would have to be spectacular. The 2nd most widely grown rose in the world. Show this rose bush off as a specimen shrub as it can grow 6 or even up to 10 feet tall showered in 3” – 4” beautifully soft pink, cupped, single blooms. Bred specifically to mark the Queen's Coronation in 1953, we know this rose has staying power.


Radiant Perfume

Stop and smell this rose! Aptly named - Radiant for the bold very large, 5 in. across (12 cm), double, golden-yellow flowers and Perfume because this garden rose exudes a strong, citrus perfumed fragrance. The best of both world's. The hearty, upright plant features glossy, dark-green foliage that acts as a stirring contrast to the bright blooms, which arrive in flushes in the summer.


Twilight Zone

Big fat buds open to very double old-fashioned flowers of deep velvet purple overlaid with a wisp of smoke…a purple haze for the garden. Strongly scented with a combination of clove & lemony citrus blossom. Deep green leaves cover the plant & compliment the remarkably-colored flowers. Tempting mysterious tones, seductive fragrance and old-fashioned form…it's a winner!


Wild Blue Yonder

This is a gorgeous rose that is Camellia-like in form. The blooms are ruby-red and purple with lavender eyes whose deep green leaves contrast beautifully to the lavender toned rose. A rose that is simply drenched with fragrance of citrus blossom & traditional rose. Wild Blue Yonder adds a pop of colour and thrives in every garden!


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