Floribunda Roses 2023

Hardier, easier to care for, and more reliable in wet weather than other rose varieties.

floribunda rose iceberg rose

Floribunda Roses is a cross between the Hybrid Teas rose and the lesser-known Polyantha rose. Actually, when it was first recognized they were called Hybrid Polyanthas, now known as Floribunda Roses. They are smaller and bushier than Hybrid Tea roses and feature prolific blooms though smaller in size, have a tremendous impact in your garden. A hardy rose with minimal upkeep, the Floribunda roses will flourish in your garden and with so many choices, our knowledgeable Glen Echo Nurseries staff will help find the one that is perfect for that special place in your garden.

At Last®

The one we have all been waiting for! A splendid combination with all the romance of a fragrant, fully-petaled tea rose and the practicality of a disease resistant landscape rose. Enjoy a non-stop display of large, sweetly perfumed sunset-orange blossoms from late spring through frost. Handsome, glossy foliage and a vigorous, rounded habit makes it ideal.


This award winning, hall-of-famer should be in everyone's garden. Large clusters of 2 1/2" soft candy-pink, fully double blooms are produced on arching canes. This continual blooming Floribunda shrub rose is an irresistible variety which produces generous sprays of lightly scented, shell-pink flowers nicely complimented by the dark, glossy foliage.


Kordes roses are said to be the most beautiful roses in the world. We would like to introduce the new addition. It is a compact (2' to 3') bushy shrub with cupped, rich wine-red double flowers that grow in clusters. This new introduction is extremely floriferous and repeats well. Very heat tolerant and disease resistant. Welcome Bordeaux™.

Brilliant Pink Iceberg

This brilliant rose has been years in the making. A color mutation of the renowned Iceberg has finally occurred from the far reaches of Tasmania. The plant is exactly like its parent in every way but color–same great landscape value, same free flowering habit, same foliage, same flower form & showy clusters. It's just that the color has been kicked up a notch to a bright cerise pink painted onto cream. Color intensifies in cooler conditions.

Burgundy Iceberg

Painted colors of deep purple-red burgundy & cream, terrific flower production, bushy habit, lovely buds, showy clusters, glossy green foliage and nearly thornless stems. Seems to always be in bloom. Perfect for the landscape—either in mass, standing alone or atop a beautiful tree rose. Darkest color in cooler temps. Super flowerful.

Canadian Shield®

The first in a new series of easy-to-grow roses called the 49th Parallel Collection being developed at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, right here in Ontario. Canadian Shield is a mildly fragrant, highly ornamental Floribunda with glossy green foliage. Vivid red, large double flowers bloom from summer to fall. Bred to be winter hardy, meaning that it will survive across Canada during harsh winters and it is also resistant to black spot.

Cinderella™ Fairy Tale™

A reblooming Kordes shrub rose with delicate pink blooms and strong fragrance. Kordes roses are bred in Germany and are highly sought after by rose collectors for their vigour, disease resistance, and their gorgeous blooms that rebloom throughout the season. It forms clusters of old-fashioned, English style, cupped and ruffled flowers reminiscent of David Austin roses. It can be used as a cut flower and has glossy dark green foliage.

Easy Going™

Easy Going says it all. An easy to grow Floribunda rose with glossy foliage, excellent flower power, bushy habit, and great disease resistance. Bright green foliage against a delectable peachy golden yellow color that holds to the very end. An awesome colour combination that just pops! Consistent in every climate. Great in mass plantings.

Easy to Please™

This fabulous addition to the award-winning Easy-To-Love® collection – certainly lives up to it's name. With this splendid variety you are getting a high performing rose with a multitude of classic spiraled flowers on a bush for which the disease resistance surpasses many landscape shrubs. A super flowerful, upright and vigorous plant with a moderate clove fragrance in a gorgeous fuchsia pink.

Ebb Tide™

A modern rose resembling the traditional English rose. Dusky deep purple buds swirl open to very double old-fashioned flowers of velvet plum washed with a haze of sultry smoke. The intense clove fragrance can nearly bowl you over. Shorter than a traditional floribunda at about 30" with beautiful deep, green foliage. Gets all the better with establishment.


Early flowering, popular floribunda for many reasons, with the first being its intoxicating scent. A complex mix of sensual flowers begins the bewitching, ending with a citrus fragrance that is more prominent in the evenings. Produces an abundance of deep yellow blooms that fade slightly to a lighter lemon tone as they age. A floriferous, hardy, frost-resistant shrub.

Hot Cocoa™

There is no other rose colour quite like this one. Pointed buds of deep rust unfurl to reveal a chocolate haze of velvety smoked tones that can even take on a purply cast. Set against gobs of glossy foliage, the ruffled fragrant flowers are mirrored by super-green leaves. Lightly scented, easy vigor and natural disease-resistance make it a must for every garden. Blooms mid-spring to fall. Keeps on smokin' even when the weather turns warm.


One of the best Floribunda roses, one of the most popular and one of the most recognized of all roses. A free flowering shrub rose that has double, bright white flowers, held in large clusters. The blooms are medium sized, open wide and then fall cleanly from the plant. Very vigorous variety with glossy rich green foliage & is disease resistant.

Julia Child®

Just before the icon left us, she selected this exceptional rose to bear her name. Seems fitting that Julia loved the butter gold colour & the licorice scent. As if the wonderful colour and exhilarating fragrance weren't enough, this rose offers an abundance of clustered, fully double, cupped, buttery-yellow flowers, 4 in. across, blooming continually from late spring into fall.

Kosmos® Fairy Tale

A reblooming Kordes shrub rose with creamy ivory blooms with a yellow glow at the centres and a medium fragrance. The flowers are packed with 40 or more petals and form small clusters with ruffled petals that are often cupped like a David Austin rose. Another in the highly sought after Kordes roses. Renowned for their vigour, disease resistance and gorgeous blooms that rebloom throughout the season.

Life of the Party™

This floribunda has a seemingly endless production of petal-packed, fruit-scented flowers that will perfume your garden and please your senses for months on end. Two or three days after opening, Life of the Party™ Rose bush's clusters of old-fashioned double blooms will proceed to add a blush of pink to their yellow hue. The dark, dense foliage , with its rounded, compact, and upright form, adds life to small spaces and makes a great low hedge.

Lili Marlene

Elegant and robust. Healthy & vigorous. 'Lilli Marlene' is a compact, upright, bushy, deciduous shrub with ovate, glossy, dark green leaves on thorny stems. Large clusters of cup-shaped, semi-double, vivid dark red blooms flower from late spring into autumn. A remarkable re-bloomer in a traditional, classic style rose - fit for any garden.

Marmalade Skies™

This rose will not stop blooming! Bright and vibrant tangerine-orange blooms are produced in abundance from the beginning to end of the season on a healthy plant having medium olive green satiny foliage. One stem can produce clusters of 5-8 bloom on a strong stem. This blooming machine is re-flowers quite quickly and is disease resistant.

Summer Romance™ Parfuma®

Love is in the air with this intensely fragrant Floribunda! This rose will kiss you with a strong anise, apple, fruity, spicy, rose fragrance. Aside from the incredible scent, you can appreciate the deep pink blooms that are fully cupped and quartered and produced in flushes throughout the season. A delightful addition to any garden!

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