A Guide to Floribunda Roses

Hardier, easier to care for, and more reliable in wet weather than other rose varieties.

floribunda rose iceberg rose

Floribunda Roses is a cross between the Hybrid Teas rose and the lesser-known Polyantha rose. Actually, when it was first recognized they were called Hybrid Polyanthas, now known as Floribunda Roses. They are smaller and bushier than Hybrid Tea roses and feature prolific blooms though smaller in size, have a tremendous impact in your garden. A hardy rose with minimal upkeep, the Floribunda roses will flourish in your garden and with so many choices, our knowledgeable Glen Echo Nurseries staff will help find the one that is perfect for that special place in your garden.

Anglia Love

A compact plant with double deep peach-pink English style rose that is not only hardy, but a prolific producer with super glossy foliage.



Deep yellow blooms fade slightly to a lighter lemon tone as they age. It has an exquisite citrus fragrance that is more prominent in the evenings.


At Last

Combines all the romance of a fragrant, fully-petaled tea rose with the practicality of a disease resistant landscape rose. Stunning peachy salmon


Hot Cocoa

A very interesting coloured red rose with chocolatey-orange overtones and a coppery-bronze reverse at the end. Lightly scented, blooms mid spring to fall


A striking, compact floribunda shrub with an abundance of deep wine-red fluttery flowers. Light raspberry-rose scent & is heat tolerant.



produces clusters of pure white semi-double blooms. The plant is 3' - 4' tall and has been used as an exhibition rose. Simply beautiful elegance

Brilliant Pink Iceberg

Features showy, intense hot pink flowers with white centers at the ends of the branches from early summer to mid fall.

Julia Child

Just before the icon left us, she selected this exceptional rose to bear her name. Seems fitting that Julia loved the butter gold colour & the licorice scent.


Burgundy Iceberg

The unusual continually blooming purple-red burgundy with cream reverse will be darkest in cooler temperatures.


Lili Marlene

Elegant and robust. Healthy & vigorous. A nice deep red with an even formation of petals, especially when fully open. Blooms June to Sept.


Double Ambre

Glowing amber-orange, fully double English style rose on a compact plant has excellent foliage. Highly polished, healthy foliage.


Marmalade Skies

Brilliant tangerine blooms cover this compact, ever blooming rose bush all season long. Flowers pop against the olive-green satiny foliage.


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