Climbing Roses 2023

Is there anything more enchanting than a backdrop of climbing roses?

The sweet fragrance that draws you in for a closer look. A variety of charming climbers do very well in our region and it may surprise you to know that climbing roses are easy to grow. From single to double blooms, pastel to brights, climbers can be prolific rebloomers. We can help you find the one that is right for you.

Above All™

Increased petal and flower count compared to its parent Westerland. Gorgeous salmon-orange flowers that bloom continuously throughout the season & have a nice fruity scent. It has good disease resistance and excellent vigor making it a great choice for a trellis or growing along a fence.

All Ablaze

A hardy, vigorous climber. Large clusters of sensational cherry red, ruffled, double flowers that will engulf a trellis or wall. Spicy scent.


This vigorous climber has dark green leathery leaves with fully double, lovely salmon-pink blooms. It blooms reliably from late spring to early fall singly or in small clusters and has a spicy clove fragrance.


Soft clusters of delicate cupped blooms smother the branches of this floriferous climber. Medium green foliage, slightly fragrant, these flowers do not crumble or fade in the warm climate.


One of the finest and most popular red climbers. Bright scarlet, 3” semi-double, cupped blooms produced in clusters with a light fragrance.

Carefree Sunshine

Carefree for its easy going attitude and Sunshine for its cheery semi-double, fragrant yellow flowers. Glossy medium green foliage and excellent resistance to black spot.

Cherry Frost

HARDY CLIMBER ALERT! Perfect for our climate. Superior disease and weather resistance, growing to 6' tall. From spring until frost, she puts on a stunning display with flushes of beautiful clusters of 2” cherry red blooms.

Climbing Iceberg

Very floriferous throughout the season, this quick growing variety produces large clusters of medium-sized, lightly double, white flowers, sometimes tinged with pink. Glossy leaves are held on smooth, easy to train stems.

Coral Dawn

A very large climber, it can grow to 12’ tall and 8’ wide. A rich pink coral colour that gets lighter at the edges & ages to a lovely soft pink.

Crimson Cascade

Everything you want in a climbing rose. Great form, vigorous growth and exceptionally dark red blooms with excellent disease resistance & dense glossy foliage.

Don Juan

Rich of a strong rose scent, it has very large, full, cupped-to-flat, dark velvety red flowers. Makes an impressive display through the season.

Eden Climber® Romantica

Old-fashioned blooms in the classic rose form - deep, cup-shaped blooms with many, tightly packed petals cover this vigorous climber throughout the season. The fragrant, creamy-white to pink with hints of apricot blooms are large & produced in masses.


Golden Showers

This gorgeous & vigorous award winner produces many clusters of lush, large, semi-double ruffled flowers that open pure yellow and then turn a creamy shade of the colour as they mature. Sweetly fragrant, the flowers emerge on both new & old wood with almost no thorns.

Ilse Krohn Superior

Showy fragrant white flowers with creamy white centers along the branches from late spring to mid fall, which emerge from distinctive rose flower buds. The flowers are excellent for cutting. It has dark green deciduous foliage.

Kiss Me Kate™

Incredibly fragrant, beautiful and healthy climber renown for breeding roses of superb health and hardiness. This climber doesn’t fail to impress. The blooms are large, very double and look like the popular English style flowers.


Lady in Red™

Lady in Red is well contained and more compact than many Climbers. The vigorous plant generates bounteous flowers. The lady was born and raised in the USA, with her flowers bearing the true classic AMERICAN red coloration - hues of pink or blue. The large ruffled old-fashioned blossoms will take your breath away and falling in love with this lady is the only possible outcome.

New Dawn

Considered by many as one of the best repeating climbers. Blooms from early summer to fall. Clusters of sweetly fragrant silvery soft pink flowers.

Pearly Gates™

A hard-to-come-by hue in climbing roses…pure pastel pink. She's got big gorgeous well-formed flowers saturated with sweet spicy perfume. Same growth habit, too. But the difference is the angelic soft pink color. Blooms on new and old wood. Free-flowering. A little late to bloom in spring.

Pink Showers

A vigorous rambler with masses of bright pink double flowers produced throughout the summer. Despite it’s name, it loves a sunny location.

Tropical Lightning™

There is really no other rose in the world that comes close to this extraordinary color blend. The tropical warmth comes in the form of rich sunset-like orange while the dazzling lightning is generated by bright cream stipes. The effect is accentuated by a layer of purple smoke creating a burnt orange combo set against some of the glossiest of all leaves. Prolific and vigorous, this plant will only slow down the flowering as it transitions into winter.


Small clusters of deliciously scented, cupped, ruffled double flowers in the most attractive shades of bright copper-orange and apricot. Vigorous, hardy climber

William Baffin

This is a kordesii rose, which produces some of the most beautiful roses in the world. This climbing or pillar rose typically grows 8-10' tall. It can also be grown as a 5-8' tall free-standing shrub. Features clusters of fragrant, deep pink, semi-double flowers (to 2.5" across) from late spring to frost. Glossy, dark green foliage. One of the Canadian-developed Explorer Series and is hardy, vigorous, and pest-free.

Zephirine Drouhin

Rosa 'Zephirine Drouhin' is a cherry-pink Bourbon rose, famous for being completely thornless. Noted for its shade and poor soils tolerance, this rose is a vigorous climbing rose with masses of highly fragrant, semi-double, carmine flowers, 3 in. across produced almost continuously from late spring to frost. Perfectly displayed against the semi-glossy rich green foliage which emerges copper red.

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