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One of the easiest plants to grow, Weigela's are best for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies.

You say it like this “Why-gee-luh”. It is actually a member of the honeysuckle family and this old-fashioned beauty has been around for a very long time. It bursts into spring with very pretty tubular shaped flowers in varying shades of pink, burgundy, red or white – sometimes more than one colour on the same plant. Weigelas then flower sporadically throughout the summer. And with that trumpet shaped flower, you will be sure to attract hummingbirds. A beautifully ornamental flowering shrub that is both hardy & easy to grow. This undemanding shrub prefers full sun but will grow with some afternoon shade as well. Weigela come in many sizes suitable for small or larger spaces. Some of the dwarf varieties could be used as edging plants while the larger one for stand-alone or hedging. We know we have one that would fit perfectly in your landscape.

Czechmark® Trilogy

An absolute dazzler that blooms in late spring with 3 colours at once – white, pink & red. This handsome new shrub has incredible flower power with very little effort.

Date Night™ Electric Love

Bright electric red trumpet shaped flowers, each with a white eye on contrasting olive green-burgundy foliage. This tiny weigela – 12-24” tall-will be your next love interest.


Noted for its dwarf size, Minuet is dense and grows only 2’ tall & 3’ wide. Clothed in beautiful reddish-pink trumpet flowers against green foliage tinged with purple perfect for mass plantings.

My Monet

This shrub is interesting even without the lovely pink flowers. The variegated, fine textured foliage of sage green, flushed with pink and white edging makes a statement.

My Monet Purple Effects

Brings new colour, more flowers & better adaptability while sharing all the charm and beauty of the original My Monet with the foliage taking on purple tones instead of pink.

Red Prince

A prince among shrubs, this regal shrub displays profuse, showy, rich red trumpet flowers in May and June. A dense, shapely shrub with dark green foliage. Will grow to a height of 3’.

Sonic Bloom® Ghost

Anything but ghostly, this vibrant rebloomer is loved for its bright pink-red flowers. Unique foliage starts lime green then an unusual bright golden glow though the summer.

Sonic Bloom® Pink

A striking shrub known for its long blooming. From spring until frost, hot pink flowers, adored by hummingbirds, are produced in great quantities and literally cover the foliage.

Sonic Bloom® Red

Another amazing addition to the reblooming series Sonic Bloom. This variety features lipstick-red flowers that repeats until frost without having to deadhead.

Spilled Wine®

A compact version of Wine & Roses, it has fabulous deep purple foliage with bright pink flowers. Grows 24-36” tall & wide. It is a very colourful shrub, even when not in bloom.


This pollinator's dream is known for its bright pink flowers from spring until fall. The foliage is green in spring - summer, turns orange in fall, with a red farewell before falling off.

Very Fine Wine

This very fine shrub ads glamour and drama with the contrasting vibrant pink trumpets beloved by hummingbirds against the nearly black plum-tinted foliage. Gardeners find this shrub extremely easy, adaptable and low maintenance.

Wine & Roses®

The classic in the ‘Wine series’ and is the largest at 3-4’ in height. A spring bloomer with charming pink flowers and the signature deep purple foliage noted in the Wine series.

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