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Colourful combinations of flowers and foliage.

Spireas are favourites of gardeners for their ease of care, hardy disposition, fast growth rate and eye-popping beauty.  They are available in a myriad of colours with lacy flowers of white, pink, lavender or red.  The foliage also comes in a spectacular array from brights to blues.  They do tolerant many growing conditions but prefer a sunny to light shady spot in the garden.  And you will be pleased to know they attract pollinators to the garden.

Anthony Waterer

(Spirea alba) - The foliage changes colours with the seasons from yellows in spring to red-purple in fall. Domes of rosy pink flowers contrast to the green summer foliage.

Double Play® Big Bang

(Spirea japonica)- A compact plant that grows just 2’-3’ tall & wide with spectacular colour. Leaves range from orange to yellow with vivid pink flowers from spring through to fall.

Double Play® Red

(Spirea japonica) - The double play of color takes place as rich burgundy foliage emerges in spring, followed by a stunning explosion of crimson-red blooms.

Little Princess

(Spirea japonica) - This regal shrub boasts dainty clusters of rose-pink blooms late spring to early summer against emerald green foliage that emerges chartreuse in spring.

Magic Carpet

(Spirea japonica) - A magical compact, rounded shrub with fantastic colour. Spring & fall bring a rich red to the foliage while clusters of pink flowers pop against golden summer leaves.

Neon Flash

(Spirea japonica) - A fast growing shrub to 3’ tall & wide, this stand out spirea features brilliant neon red flowers late spring through to fall. Rich green foliage turns burgundy in autumn.


(Spirea japonica) - Packed with colour, this unique mounding shrub offers 3 different shades on one plant - pastel pink, bubble-gum pink and white blooms from spring to autumn.


(Spirea nipponica) - A stunning specimen shrub absolutely smothered in snow-white flowers in late spring held along gracefully arching branches with attractive foliage.


(Spirea x bumalda) - The rosy pink flowers are lovely and the colourful foliage is spectacular. Bronze tinged in spring, it matures to a soft yellow all summer then ages to coppery orange.


(Spirea x bumalda) - A constant display of colour, the foliage starts out a golden yellow, changing to a brighter yellow as it ages. Clusters of deep pink flowers accent the plant in summer.


(Spirea x vanhouttei) - or Bridal Wreath spirea is a lovely vase-shaped flowering shrub with gracefully arching branches. Showers of showy white flower clusters cover it in spring.

White Meadowsweet

(Spirea alba) - Dense pyramidal clusters of tiny white to pale pink flowers appear at the tips of the branches in early summer to early fall. Enjoys full sun and wet feet.

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