Azaleas have been referred to as the “Royalty of the Garden” for their intensely coloured flowers, overall shape and finely textured foliage.  When in bloom they are definite show stoppers.

It is often difficult to tell the difference between Azaleas and Rhododendron.   All Azaleas are rhododendrons but not all rhododendrons are azaleas which is why they do look similar.  The best way to determine which one you are looking at is to remember that Azalea flowers have just 5 stamens while rhododendrons flowers can have 10 or more in each of their blossoms.

Glen Echo Nurseries stocks Deciduous Azaleas which are very hardy and easy to care for, once established, in our area.  The bloom time for these stunning shrubs can vary greatly by variety.  There are a few rules of thumb to follow to be a successful Azalea grower.  First, they do love sun – at least 6 hours a day.  Second, you cannot let them dry out.  They like to be kept moist without being too wet.  Applying a decent amount of mulch can keep the soil moist in summer and also protect the plant during the winter months.  Mulch will also provide all of the nutrients that azaleas need while the mulch decays.  Mulch will have to be topped up and most gardeners like to do this every spring.  And third, they do their absolute best in an acidic soil, as do their companions rhododendrons and blueberries.  Please Note: To promote flowering for the following season, any pruning should be done soon after blooming, to leave enough time for the buds to reset.

Don’t be afraid to grow these tough, easy to grow, incredible shrubs – the rewards are worth it!

Candy Lights Azalea

Add some outdoor décor with this sweetly fragrant accent shrub. Clusters of trumpet-shaped light pink blooms with yellow streaks cover the plant. Medium green leaves appear after flowering and turn burgundy in fall.

Fireball Azalea

This striking Azalea is bathed in medium-sized, trumpet-shaped, bright orange-red flowers with a delicate fragrance. They first appear as red buds in late spring. Its leaves emerge bronze-red, maturing to mid green, and then develop incredible autumn colour.

Golden Lights Azalea

A member of the Northern Light, these Azaleas are exceptionally cold hardy. This fragrant Azalea opens with red-orange buds in late spring to early summer and transforms into these amazing buttery golden blooms with salmon to orange highlights. Quite spectacular!

Lemon Lights

Lemon Lights puts on a stunning display with blooms of lemon-yellow ranging from a pale, almost translucent yellow at the tips to a more vibrant shade in the trumpet. A unique Azalea that is often considered bi-colored. Part of the Northern Lights series makes this dazzling Azalea super hardy.

Mandarin Lights Azalea

A gardener's dream! This compact, flashy shrub is positively covered in ruffled, bright red-orange flowers with a wonderfully light scent. Light up your garden day or night with this vivid performer, a member of the hardy Northern Lights series.

Northern Lights

Orchid Lights

Rosy Lights


White Lights

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