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Bright blooming bushes all summer long.

A very hardy and widely used flowering shrub by home gardeners and landscape professionals.  Popular for its floral display throughout most of the summer season and general low maintenance makes it a sensible choice.


It is a compact broadly spreading shrub with showy bright yellow flowers from June until frost and fine textured dark green foliage.


A beautiful display of showy golden yellow blooms that cover the rich deep green leaves all summer long. Forms a low spreading shrub.

Happy Face® Pink Paradise

The clear pink, semi-doubled flowers hold their color longer than other pink potentillas. Low maintenance flowers all summer long.

Happy Face® White

One of the longest blooming, hardy, low maintenance shrubs available with pretty, extra-large bright white flowers.

Happy Face® Yellow

Blooming non-stop spring until frost, this super durable shrub offers extra-large, bright yellow flowers on a low maintenance plant.

Mango Tango

Masses of vibrant colour, the rich orange-red radiates from the center of deep yellow flowers creating a striking bicolor effect on this dwarf shrub.

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