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Pro-Mix® Outdoor Growing Media

High performance growing media with Mycoactive Technology.

     Outdoor Soil Mixes

Based on an exclusive technology and high-quality ingredients, PRO-MIX® has provided Canadian consumers with premium soils, garden fertilizers and lawn care products since 1968.

Glen Echo Nurseries stocks a variety of landscape supplies, each with its own characteristics and uses.  Aggregates, mulch and soils are all so important when completing your landscape jobs.  When you notice a well laid out garden or landscape, they often have decorative stone or mulch to complete the look.

But we must literally start at the roots with a quality soil.  Pro-Mix® products with MYCOACTIVE technology will build and maintain plant health, increases its stress resistance and ability to fight off disease.  Thus, MYCOACTIVE technology means bigger, healthier and more prolific plants.  And for gardeners, it means less work and more time to contemplate their dream garden!

Type of benefits brought by the MYCOACTIVE technology:

  • Faster seed germination and establishment
  • Strengthened root system
  • Improved plant survival after planting into gardens and field soil
  • Increased resistance to stress and drought
  • Increased plant vigor, as well as quantity and quality of flowers and fruits
  • Improved uptake of water and nutrients

Each PRO-MIX product contains its own MYCOACTIVE technology.  Refer to each product specifications for additional details on the technology used.


Pro-Mix® Potting Mix

Ready-to-use, this peat-based specially blended, premium potting mix is perfect for all indoor and outdoor container planting. This formulation provides optimum aeration, drainage and nutrients. Features Pro-Mix's own MYCOACTIVE technology to product vigorous growth and healthy plants. Size: 18 L, 28.3 L, 56.6 L, 2 cu ft

Pro-Mix® Organic Vegetable and Herb Mix

OMRI-Listed and ready-to-use, this peat-based PRO-MIX organic vegetable & herb mix is perfect for all your fruit, vegetable, & herb garden needs, whether in-ground or in containers. Contains MYCOACTIVE technology for larger, healthier, stronger plants. Gradually feeds plants for up to 3 months. Sizes: 28.3 L & 2 cu ft

Pro-Mix® Organic Lawn Soil

This PRO-MIX premium organic lawn soil with MYCOACTIVE is a blend of compost/peat/humus that is specially formulated to grow grass seedlings by stimulating their root system which improves lawn establishment and survival. Organic fertilizer that gradually feeds the lawn up to 3 months. Provides optimum aeration, drainage and nutrients. Size: 28.3 L

Pro-Mix® Organic Container Mix

A peat-based product that's perfect for all indoor and outdoor plants in containers and hanging baskets. OMRI-listed and approved for organic use, this high-quality mix is formulated with natural coco fibre to improve water holding capacity and reduce watering frequency. Available in 28.3 L

Pro-Mix® All Purpose Mix

Peat-based All Purpose Mix is perfect for indoor and outdoor planting. Specially formulated for a wide range of plant species with MYCOASCTIVE technology. Offers ideal water holding, nutrient retention, and aeration properties. Light and easy to handle compressed format expands 2X to 4 cubic feet (112 L). Size: 2 cu ft

Pro-Mix® BX Mycorrhizae™

General Purpose Plant Growing Medium is a solution for growers seeking to benefit from both- nutrient retention ability of vermiculite and a perlite content providing limited but proper drainage capacities. Combined with high-quality fibrous peat moss, this formulation is ideal for growers. looking for a well-balanced growing environment. Size: 3.8 cu ft

Pro-Moss Peat Moss

PRO-MOSS TBK is made of select long-fibered blond sphagnum peat moss for general use. It provides a high degree of water retention and air porosity for a wide range of applications. Available in 2.2 cu ft and 3.8 cu ft

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