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Bulk Soil

It all begins with a quality soil.

Novice gardeners might think that you can plant in any type of soil, but experience will tell them that the type of soil you choose can set your plants up for great success or failure.  The proper soil type can make the difference of a healthy, well supported garden while using poor soil can cause flowerless plants, failed crops and perhaps nothing growing in your garden at all.  Selecting the right soil is key and luckily there are many to choose from.  If you have a small garden or require specialty soils, then bagged soil may be the best choice.  However, if you have a large area to cover, bulk soils and compost would definitely be the best approach.  Please see below four common soils and compost we find useful in most lawn and garden applications.

Organic Garden Soil

Garden Soil is a blend of soil, peat moss, sand and compost which helps to balance clay or sandy soil, improves drainage, and adds vitamins and other nutrients important to plant health. Ideal for vegetable or flower garden beds and top dressing turf areas.

Triple Mix Soil

It’s all in the name - Triple mix is equal parts of peat moss, compost and screened topsoil. A gardeners preferred soil for its rich, highly nutritional blend. This premium soil mix is ideal for all gardening uses and to amend all types of poor soil conditions.

Top Soil

Top soil is a naturally occurring soil and has not been cultivated for gardening as garden soil or triple mix has been. While it contains some organic material and nutrients, it is not suited for garden beds. Most often used as a base for laying sod & grading.

Mushroom Compost

Mushroom compost is a well balanced, light weight soil with a deep, earthy aroma. Plants grown in compost-rich soil tend to be more resilient to diseases, pests, and fungi. Compost provides nutrient rich, slow release plant fertilizer and can be added to any soil. It improves your soil quality = healthy plants + higher yields. Our Mushroom Compost is composed of Peat Moss, Horse Manure, Cow Manure and a little Chicken Manure.

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