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Bulk Mulch

Mulch has many beneficial uses and will enhance your landscape.

Ground covering enhances the appearance of flower beds while controlling weed growth and preserving the soil’s freshness.  Gro-Bark’s Mulch can be used with a variety of plants including trees, shrubs and perennials and in a variety of applications including garden beds and containers.  If using Mulch for weed control, it should be applied at least 4” deep, but away from the trunk or base of the plant, to be effective.  In subsequent years, you just need to top up with an inch or two.

Gro-Bark® Coloured Mulch

Gro-Bark’s Coloured Mulch is created from freshly ground softwood and has all the same benefits of Canada Red SPM® (Shredded Pine Mulch) but includes the aesthetic appeal of colour enhancement. The colourant used is derived from natural iron oxide, is safe to handle and non-toxic.

Gro-Bark Enhanced® Mulch

Gro-Bark’s Enhanced® Bark Mulch is a blend of hardwood bark fibers and mixed species wood that has been ground and aged for stability. It contains a uniform, fibrous texture that has been coloured using a certifiably safe, natural pigment. Increases soil moisture retention & root cooling. It is available in both Black and Brown.

Natural Mulch

Decorative Natural Mulch is a blend of finely ground woody substrates and softwood barks to create a beautifully natural ground cover under trees and in garden beds. This attractive natural looking mulch is an earthy mixture of pale brown to tan in colour. Natural mulch is a popular choice for all applications.

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